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  1. nvsmom

    Can you work as both? Nurse and...

    Wow, thanks so much for your replies everyone! I will definitely continue to think about Pharmacy school and probably even law (have been interested in a while). I think the possibilities are endless! Dream_Nurse2B, I would like more information about how your friend established a home health agency. But for now, I will try to Google some information. Thanks for the insight. Any more information will be appreciated.
  2. nvsmom

    Can you work as both? Nurse and...

    so one couldn't work both as a nurse and a pharmacist?
  3. Can you become a nurse and pharmacist AND work both jobs? Different times, of course!
  4. I've spoken to my advisor several times, but the best way I am able to reach her is through email. She always responds to my email within 72 hours, but mainly within 24 hours.
  5. http://www.cnn.com/2011/WORLD/asiapcf/03/28/japan.tsunami.hospital/index.html?iref=obinsite what would you do in this situation?
  6. I've applied to many schools since 2008 (for other degrees besides nursing) and to being my nursing prerequisites. I have a Bachelor's and each time I've applied for financial aid, they told me I do not qualify for a Pell Grant because I have a Bachelors. On the official ed.gov website, it states: "Pell Grants are awarded usually only to students who have not earned a bachelor's or a professional degree." Source: http://www2.ed.gov/programs/fpg/eligibility.html And there's only one exemption I've heard about, if you're enrolled in a post-baccalaureate teacher certification or licensing program. Your friend might want to check with your financial aid office, because if the gov finds out, they will make her pay all of it back! I was also told by a financial aid officer who almost gave me a Pell Grant even though I wasn't eligible. I told him I already have a Bachelors. He then stated he's glad he told me because if my application was to be requested for verification or they found out, I would have to pay all of it back.
  7. Someone who goes to this school told me you don't have a choice on what days and times your clinicals are, but they are 2x a week. The only weekend program I know about is TWU...which you have clinicals on Sat and Sun. It's a 2 year program though, not accelerated. You can try working...I have kids, worked full time and went to school full time taking prereqs. My parents watched my kids the entire time, and I still had a hard time working full-time AND going to school full-time. I wasn't getting enough sleep and I was getting sick a lot. Keep in mind, this is also an accelerated program, not your basic 2 year. Someone emailed me about the program, they were in the middle of it and he said it's insane how much info you have to learn in a short period of time PLUS you have something due everyday. He didn't work, but he even said he was thinking about continuing with the program b/c of the intensity. Cramming all that in 15 mos is intense. You just don't want to pass with the minimum, either. You want to do your best since you will be taking care of people and their lives!
  8. Of course I am not going to go on with admissions process. But I am curious to find out what current students think of the program and how they are doing.
  9. There are only several ABSN in the UC and CSU systems. And if you don't get in, you have to wait yet another whole year to reapply, instead of the next term/session. I think the nursing job crisis would only apply to southern cali to the bay area. Northern Cali, such as anything past Sacramento doesn't have a lot of hiring issues.
  10. Again, I live in CA and unless you live in CA..you don't know the crisis going on here regarding nursing schools! WHich is why so many Californians are willing to pay this much and/or go out-of-state.
  11. I am a second bachelors degree seeking student. Some schools won't even accept because of that. Many schools here have 2-3 year waiting lists, especially the public ones. There's an educational crisis going on in California, and it's not going to get better anytime soon.
  12. yeah I thought it was a bit crazy, too. I don't doubt my abilities and skills to be a great nurse, but I also do not want to go crazy about meeting a 90% or better with the idea of potentially not passing and failing..therefore having 70k or more go "down the drain" . I was just a little surprised because she responded to me as if it was nothing...but it feels like I would focus on trying to get a 90% or better than actually being a nurse..if you know what I mean. The school is University of Southern Nevada. I would've considered going through the process if it was not for that requirement.
  13. Currently I'm looking into and spoke with an admissions counselor about an accelerated BSN program that requires students to pass with a 90% or better on each exam. I found out you get only one chance to "fail" and the second time around will cause you to be kicked out of the program. The admissions counselor made it seem like it wasn't a huge deal..but is it? She told me many students get through it, the professors are accessible and really helpful and students form study groups since there is a less competitive advantage because everyone has to get at least a 90% to pass. The classes are also taught in a "block format" . The program is 14 mos long and costs 50k plus living expenses. What do you think about this? Not too bad or a gamble? I researched this school on this forum and found there are many students from CA who applied but haven't found a lot of posts about the program itself. I'm interested to find out what you think.
  14. nvsmom

    Single mom going to nursing school. Is it possble?

    You can do it! You just have to spend some time researching all of your options. There are many single parents out here who have used government aid to help them. It really depends on the state you live in on how well that works. Here in CA, the government makes many grants, scholarships, and fee waivers available to students with low incomes in addition to WIC, aid with food, and reduced or free childcare. There are also some weekend programs around the country, so you should check that out too. You can get a loan from the bank to cover the costs of school and your living expenses...though I don't think you would also qualify for a lot of government aid. I am saying that because I worked with an income of almost $2800 a month and once that happened, I was placed on transitional government assistance for 3 months, then I was off of government aid. The only thing I was able to get was reduced child care. I would find a weekend program in your state, or relocate to one if you can.
  15. I've been researching this school for a while and reading posts here on AN. I know the program (ABSN) is still kind of new,I am really interested in reading about the experiences of students so far. Is it true that you need 90% on EVERYTHING you turn in and take to pass? On the 'net, I came across these reviews: http://maps.google.com/maps/place?hl=en&sugexp=ldymls&xhr=t&cp=38&rls=com.microsoft:en-us:IE-SearchBox&rlz=1I7GPEA_en&wrapid=tljp1297771053875010&um=1&ie=UTF-8&q=university+of+southern+nevada+nursing&fb=1&gl=us&hq=university+of+southern+nevada+nursing&cid=419295879775461241&dtab=2&ei=NWpaTef2N4G0lQex0cT_DA&sa=X&oi=local_result&ct=result&resnum=2&sqi=2&ved=0CCsQqgUwAQ Are they true? I wouldn't want to spend a whole lot of $ and time if many students are not satisfied.