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I was just reading through the poll about night shift work load, and it started me thinking as to why everyone here works it and what they love about it? For me, it's a whole bunch of things. I... Read More

    :wink2:...i can stay more organized & focused on my nursing duties. there's a lot that has to be done & i really appreciate the more subdue lighting & quite surroundings. i can deal with one to three residents up wondering around the unit at nights than all 58 residents moving about as they do during days.

    like everyone else, i enjoy not having to deal with the suits & docs constant interruption because of something they want that they could very easily handle without stopping us nurses. for example, once, i was working overtime on the day shift & the medical director who happens to be a physician, walked passed me while i was doing my morning med pass. this man actually stopped me in order to point-out that someone had spilled some coffee on the floor while the breakfast trays were being returned on the carts ( he did this in a demeaning manner, chastising
    me as if i was a child) & he wanted me to clean it up (as if i were a hand maiden or something). i asked him why was it so important to stop me right in the middle of my med pass, opening me up to possible med errors over something that he could or should've very easily handled himself. i mean, what was wrong with him bending over & cleaning the spill up himself :angryfire or telling the house keeping attendant. i mean, if he wanted me to relay the message about being more careful to the cna staff, i could've done so later in a staff meeting... it's stupid stuff like this is why i like working nights.

    i can do my weekly skin assessments & monthly summaries more thoroughly than i could during the days. it seems that i could stick to a routine or system more at nights. there's a level of autonomy & independence while working the 11p-7am shift aside from the teamwork that goes on...one's knowledge & skills are tested all of the time & you're able to prove yourself over & over...thereby gaining the respect of your co-workers...including other the nurses on days, docs, & the suits in the office...i wouldn't have it any other way.:roll i too enjoy being able to administer medication & treatments by the night lights...my residents are disturbed much less this way....i even got so good that i don't even wake them anymore.
  2. by   OrthoNutter
    What do I love about nights? I think everyone else has already mentioned most of them, but this is the main thing I like.

    The ward I work on has a balcony that faces directly east and looks out over a valley. Especially in winter, around 5am, I love to put on my jacket, open up the door and brace myself for the icey blast. There's fog completely surrounding the balcony most of the time and you can barely see a thing except the sun gradually starting to peep over the horizon and you get to see the whole world wake up. It's completely awesome watching a sunrise and I don't have to get up super early to experience it.

    The other thing I love about nights is I can take my dog for a run when I get home and it's safe enough to be out on the streets by yourself. Mischa (my dog) loves it when I work nights because she always gets a decent run. Then there's the stop off at the bakery on the way home for some freshly baked bread and my considerate partner always has a hot chocolate waiting for me when we come through the door. That's the other thing, I actually have quality time with my partner now. When we were both working permanent days, we were always too buggered, too cranky, too something to want to do anything. Nights have definitely been a bonus for me in that department! :chuckle
  3. by   biscuit_007
    I love nights because:
    1. I am a nightowl
    2. Fewer bosses around
    3. Fewer people arond who think they are your boss
    4. Ferer visiters
    5. More time for patient interaction
    6. I get to really look into my patients charts
    7. No case managers, social workers, pt, ot, and such taking my chart and my time
    8. Night shift people are more friendly (in my experience)
  4. by   kahann
    I have to agree with all that say nights rock! I have done night shift for almost 3 years and the team aspect of night nursing is the biggest draw. Nobody ever says "that's not my patient"!. Have had day nurses aides do an occasional night and have been told night nurses are more "hands on" with their patients. I am home when my kids are home, and can take care of all those errands that are easier done during the day. Night nursing hones your clinical and critical thinking skills because you have less resources at night and usually have to make the decision whether a situation is worth waking up the doc (and risking his/her wrath). And, of course, the shift diff is a great bonus! I am thankful for the help and support of my coworkers who make night nursing a true adventure!
  5. by   night owl
    All of the above plus when I want a cigarette I can go out on the patio on a beautiful night. It's so peaceful out there because it's in the middle of a field and you can hear the crickets, and the deer come right up to you and if you have a piece of bread or crackers or a little box of cereal, they'll eat it right out of your hand. Since it's on government property, no one can hunt there so the deer have become very tame and feel very safe living here. It's always nice to see the new members of their families in the springtime. The little fawns are so cute and I love watching them marvel at the new world around them and scamper and play with each other. But then reality sets in and it's time to back inside. It is a wonderful breaktime experience that I truely enjoy.
  6. by   live4today
    all the chiefs -- and 'wanna-be-chiefs' have gone home for the night, the night supervisors remain scarce, and autonomy as a nurse is the name of the game. that's what i luv about nightshift! :chuckle :chuckle
  7. by   KBaldwinLVN
    Working NOC shift....You can make daytime appointments without juggling schedules and minimal lines while shopping am weekdays. O yeah, I can get on the internet during the day without so much $%@% traffic that occurs late day! Ok, the other perks mentioned are cool too....
  8. by   deespoohbear
    What I love about the night shift is when they are clocking in to relieve me! LOL! Seriously, I admire you night people. I did nights for about 6 months and it just about killed me! I always felt like I was in a fog no matter how much sleep I got. Most of the people I know on nights love the shift and would never dream of doing a different shift. My hat is off to you.
  9. by   grneturtle
    You have to say special people work night shift!
    And I concur that the team work is often better on nights, as there are few of you and no one has time to compete.
    I am amazed at how different days are compared to nights and the rivally its a waste. But I am also tired of other shifts complaining that nights are easier, that we sleep etc.
    As I am the only nurse with 2 cna's for 40+ pts I do not have time to read a magazine or sleep. And yes ativan, restoril are my friends if dayshift remembers to get an order upon admission.
    When I work days I find it very easy and I can get more done then my counter parts who are to worried about getting theyre coffee breaks!
  10. by   grneturtle
    What i like about nights are the people no matter where you work we all seem to have some thing in common.
    Excellant management skills, reliability, able to act in a crisis situation and not lose are cool.
    And good assessment skills, how many of us have walked in and the 3-11 nurse, says all well no criticals.
    So then on rounds you find a pt in respiratory distress, cyanotic!
    Or in a coma due to hypogycemia, as they hadnt eaten dinner and the nurse still gave them their routine nph!!!!1
  11. by   JBudd
    Only problem I have with suits on nights, is that when they want to run fire drills, disaster codes etc., they always come at 6 AM (and are proud of themselves for coming in on the night shift). I have never ever had a drill run on nights for the last 17 years, at any other time. Does it matter that 6 A is when people start getting up, having the first round of AM meds, AM VS, and closing charts is all happening between 6 A and 7 A? Why no..........

    On the other hand, suits have shown up on holidays at 1 or 2 to serve meals (no hot food any other time of the year though). Is the only 2 times I ever see them.