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OK y'all. What COLOR was your student uniform? My first was blue :eek: , my second yellow :) and my third was a green and white pinstripe :D...all were dresses. How about you ? What... Read More

  1. by   davisll
    I wore a white dress with a blue pinstripe apron that buttoned to the front of the dress and a white cap, when I was in school. Yesterday I wore all purple including lab coat.
  2. by   canna42
    we had grey dress uniform with white pintuck bib. Last night that I worked I wore pale pink scrub ( called cotton candy ha ha). Never wear white anymore...except for occasionally wear white lab coat.
  3. by   cluckie
    My student uniform is grey trousers with a white tunic top, on the sleeves we have a stripe for each year. We could also wear white dresses, but trousers are much more practical. Especially when trying to do things on the floor and trying to keep your dignity!!
  4. by   kaycee
    Clinic's that was it. Uglllly shoes!
  5. by   mcg02
    I am currently a senior in nurisng school and our uniform is white pants with a white top or royal blue top. White shoes to open-toed or heel out and a patch on the left sleeve. It is okay, but I really prefer non white pants.
  6. by   OntRPN
    Student white it was a dress have not worn white or dress style in 10 years of nursing

    now i wear a print scrub top usually pertaining to the season or a cartoon character and maching pants
  7. by   P_RN
    Were those shoes CLINICs? I still want a pair of the lace up ones with the boxy cuban heels.

    Last day I worked it was ROCKPORT ProWalkers! They ROCK!
  8. by   CindyJRN
    OK current students, find out if there is a bargain discount on the blue and white pinstripe things for LPN schools, because yes folks, even in Louisiana we were stuck with those bib thingys! The students I've seen recently have a white uniform with a larger bib with the blue pinstripe on the edges. RN school wore all white; of course, I should have bought stock in the RIT dye company because thanks to our water system, everything is usually beige or tan. Nowadays, I wear all Navy--we can only wear white or navy.
  9. by   spudflake
    We had those ugly shoes too!! We called them Buster Browns. My first uniform (diploma school) was light green thin pin striped dress with studs for buttons, covereed by a white skirt and white bib - also with studs. We had to wer white stockings and those ugly shoes. Our caps were white - simple - like you see in all the nurse pictures or figurines. As we progressed thru the program you strped. First we lost the bib and then we lost the skirt. In the final year we wore just that green pin striped dress but our hat changed to the school cap. Looked like a bird landed on your head. We also had capes and green sweaters for the winter.
    When I went back for my ADN and BSN we wore white. Any white uniform with any white shoes or sneakers...we could even wear PANTS! and no more studs!!
  10. by   night owl
    back in the day when the caveman and student nurses wore uniforms, we wore light blue dresses with a white bib thingy, they had snaps instead of buttons and once i got the front of my dress hooked on the handle of the refrig in the med room so that when i walked away, the whole dress came unsnapped. boy, was i ever embarrassed!!! everyone laughed and i turned a pretty shade of crimson.
  11. by   Sonja
    My current school uniform is any color as long as it is solid colors. Scrubs or dressier uniforms are acceptable. Need white dress Uniform for Graduation. Okay to wear white if we want to but isn't recommended as they are harder to keep looking white, especially if you get a patient that decides to spew blood or other body fluids on your uniform. Last one I wore was pastel pink. (I don't plan to wear white unless I absolutely have to.)

    Considering what the rest of you had to or have to wear, I now consider myself lucky that although limited, at least I have a choice.
  12. by   nograd
    At my nursing school we are required to wear all white scrubs with a huge white apron/vest like thing that is navy blue with gargantuan pockets...

    Where I work as an OB tech we are issued surgical pale blue scrubs, but often by the time I get there at 2300, they are out of my size and I end up going in the doc's lounge and getting the lovely seagreen surgical scrubs with NO POCKETS...
  13. by   lvnmom
    Boring and hard to keep clean! white with a school patch on the left sleeve..