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  1. Uti Or Not?????

    ant body with any suggestions to tell her
  2. Uti Or Not?????

    I work med/surg and my next door neighbor had a question for me that was kinda out of my field. She has been having mild buring sensation when she urinates for the past month, but not everytime she goes. Back in december she was treated with a 7day a...
  3. What is your biggest nursing pet peeve?

    I totally agree with this. I mean I know this may be your mom, but why do CPR on a 85 pound 90 year old female???????????????
  4. low iron

    Hi to everyone, One quick question does having low iron,rbc's etc.make you irritiable or annoyed?
  5. Anyone Know About Musc, Mcg

    [i went to MCG(Augusta,GA) and recieved my BSN in May 2002. I can tell you all you want/need to know about the program.
  6. uterine fibroid surgery

    the MD stated mines were large to remove that way and would most likely have to do it abdominally.
  7. uterine fibroid surgery

    Just checking to make sure you guys see my post!!!!
  8. uterine fibroid surgery

    I have to have several uterine fibroids removed and the MD told me I would have to be away for 6 weeks. Is this normal or customary? Please get back to me.
  9. Neuro Question???

    Has anyone heard of psedotumor cerebri. If so let me know, MD (neurologist)told me I had this when in ER last month. Is this really bad and how do you get it? I am a relatively healthy 24 yo blacl female with no past medical history, except for fibro...
  10. Quick Question

    Thanks for your reply and no I have never had a shunt. I will follow-up although. I was admitted and kept over nite for one nite by a neurologist. I followed up with him the following week and he started me on a diuretic called Diamox 1 tab BID, and ...
  11. Quick Question

    I was a pt in the ER in the early part of December and they did a spinal tap on me because I was complaing of severe headaches for the past two weeks, extreme nausea and a stiff nech x 2 days. They did a spinal tap and they siad my fluid has high p...
  12. Consents

    I have this happen all the time on my floor as well. Sometimes the MD writes and order to have pt sign consent form and I will go in there and ask if the MD has talked AND explained the procedure or test, if yes I sign on no I do not sign. Most of th...
  13. working three 12's

    I am 24 years old and used to work 3-11 and felt like I was at work all the time and all I did was work. I switched to 7p-7a about 4 months ago and LOVE IT!!!. I wish I had did it sooner, if I do my schedule right I can have 5 days off in a row w/o...
  14. What causes an itch??

    This may sound weird, but I do not remember talking about this in nursing school. What causes an itch like your arm or the weird spot in your back and also what causes, your scalp to itch? Any help is appreciated, just curious!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. nurse-patient ratio

    I work in a hospital in Atlanta (Decatur) Ga and our ratios vary for days anywhere from 5-7 patients with average of six and same for evenings and on nite anywhere from 6-8 with an average of 7. We have techs eacy shift 6-7 on days and evenings and ...