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What has happened to common sense in the hospital? I had a patient who had a hysterectomy (TAH and BSO) Tuesday morning. This young lady was only back her room for about 20 minutes when she had... Read More

  1. by   kahann
    I had a pt. scheduled for a cardiac cath the next morning. We usually do the teaching the eve before, including watching the cath video, and answereing questions. Pts family hovered over her, every time I came in the room family members were sitting on the bed, on both sides. Repeatedly had to ask family members to move to get access to IV site and give meds. Then family member comes out-he accidentally bumped her salilne lock and knocked it out! (perhaps if we weren't smothering this poor lady this may not of happened!) Of course, pt is a difficult stick and terrified of needles to boot! When I started the video, the daughter asks "Do you really want to see this? Does she really have to watch this video?" I explained that it was advantageous for her to know what to expect and to be informed before signing the consest. It took an ex-IV therapy nurse to restart this IV on the 3rd attempt. Pt. went home the next day after cath with no major issues found.
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    I guess that is one of the few things I can say about my last assignment. NO ONE came into the hopital after hours...without going thru the ER! If you were a family member and wanted to visit after hours...or anyone for that would call the unit and ASK if it was ok for so and so to come up. If you said no....they didn't come up! If you ordered food to be delivered you had to go down to the ER and go outside the door to get it! They could NOT come inside after hours EVER!
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    I think that's really how it should be for so many reasons.
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    I used to have a dragon lady last year. And I don't like the name because, She scared the Visitors which is good but she scared the nurses as well. She has fire coming outta her mouth at all times. I can't stand this dragon lady.
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    Originally posted by JBudd
    I very quickly got dubbed 'The Dragon Lady at the front desk' when I ran off an unruly group of young men who were gallivanting around our unit reeking of booze and disturbing everyone. The nickname stuck---all 7 years at that hospital I was 'The Dragon Lady' to the nursing and medical staff.

    Well, this is somewhat better than "machete woman". When I was on federal jury duty, the Public Defender was going through questioning everyone on their gun ownership. I told him I preferred archery, so he snickered that if someone came after my kids would I go get my little bow and arrow? I (being under oath) replied, no I'd just use my machete. They put me on the (murder trial) jury ANYWAY! and I was the Machete Woman from then on.


    BWAAAAHAHAHAHA!!! That's precious!!
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    lol, we have teachers like that, we face everyday! I can't imagine working with one!!!!
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    My favorite visitor was the granddaughter of one of our mrsa pts. She would come up to visit with her two y/o. One morning she asks if I will go and get some diapers for her son. I tell that we do not have them available for him. She says yes you do he was a pt her last month and hospital supplied them ( I work on a combined medical adult/peds floor) I explained that all of our stock comes from a pyxis system and has to be charged to somebody. She tells me just to charge it to grandpa. My reply was that I had strong feeling his insurance would not cover pampers. Also that I have a child the same age as your son and when I leave with him I always take a diaper bag with me. Well that pissed her off and she stormed off saying that she would go to Dr so and so's office he will give me one. They are nice over there (ped's Dr on hospital camppus)
  9. by   Brownms46
    Good one...and I like the female visitors who asked if you have any sanitary pads...:chuckle Saying...I just started my period, and I don't have any with me! My thought... GO HOME!!:chuckle
  10. by   Furball
    Tell her to go to the BR, MAKE a pad out of toilet paper and then GO HOME!! (been there...done that):imbar
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    ...thought about that...but figured it was much too much like right for her to have even considered that before asking for a freebie...:chuckle
  12. by   Aussienurse2
    I work in aged care and I would love to have the problem of having too many visitors. The residents I look after often have no family left except their chilren who are often too busy or too far away to visit their reles. I often spend time after hours just sitting and chatting with these lonely people who, after all, built the foundations of the society we live in. They fought in wars to keep us safe, they burned their bras to gives us our pay checks. They deserve our very best. And a visitor or twenty wouldn't go astray either
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    Making the sign of the cross....Forgive her Lord...for she knows what she says...sssssshh...maybe they didn' hears..wiping sweat from see em????