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  1. by   traumaRUs
    My sons are 21 and 26 and they rode in carseats until they were 6 years old!

    However, I remember to this day, how, when my father purchased a brand-new shiny 1964 Plymouth Valiant - he cut the seat belts out of it, saying "no government was going to tell him what to do in his car!"

    Folks are smarter now - we learn from our mistakes. Well, some of us do anyway!
  2. by   Fuzzy
    Pets also should secured in the car. I know of one wreck where the dog was jumping from seat to seat. The driver was distracted and he pulled out in front of a semi. Seven lives were lost. The youngest was 1 year old. The family was moving to another state to begin a new life.
    Another instance involved a dog riding loose in the back of a pick-up with no tail gate. The driver slammed on the brakes. The dog flew out of the truck and landed on the hood of the vehicle following behind. The lab broke the windshield upon impact. Thankfully no one (including the dog) was hurt.
    There have also been cases where the cat or small dog has gotten tangled up in the gas and/or brake pedal and caused a wreck or a near miss.
    Treat the pets like childern in the car----restrain them.

  3. by   vamedic4
    Having been a field medic for a number of years I learned very quickly just what happened when people refused to buckle themselves / their loved ones up with the seat belts. As much as I love working a good trauma...I hate to see it happen due to absolute stupidity.

    Babies ejected and crushed, teens thrown from the backs of pickups, adults bounced around inside their own cars like pinballs during a collision. And all because their ignorance allowed them to think that they were actually safer without the belt. America, land of the free...home of the .....

    Educate them. Then educate them again.

    Jelli_ Belle I have to disagree with you on your post about requiring adults to be buckled in their seat belts.

    As adults we serve as examples for children and teenagers alike. Seeing our "good" behaviors enforces them and shows the younger generation that it's okay to do them...even if it's not considered "cool".

    The laws are written to protect humans from themselves. Given the choice, most of us wouldn't buckle up if we didn't have hard data in our memories of exactly what could happen if we didn't buckle up. Many people are blessed enough not to have to see the interior of a 26 year old's cranial vault after being ejected from his Camaro. The bottom line is that while many feel this is "threatening" or a "infringement on their rights as citizens"...the fact is that, in this situation anyway, the governmental bodies are trying to protect us from harm.
    Wearing seat belts cuts down on many things, preventing injury means that they don't have to be flown in to a Level I trauma center...they only had to go see a Prompt Care clinic for that leg laceration. It keeps more money in state coffers as well for more funding for other projects...and anything that adds to the state's budget means more money for each person, less taxes, better services for all.

    Disagree if you must, but the facts are that we're all a lot better off with these laws in place.

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  4. by   TazziRN
    VAMedic, you said it way better than I could, thanks.

    My brother would have survived with nothing more than whiplash had he been belted in...not even a bruise. There was absolutely no interior damage to his vehicle....none.
  5. by   vamedic4
    Quote from Angie O'Plasty, RN
    Florida is one of them.

    I try very hard to stay away from motorcycles, especially if the riders are not wearing helmets. I realize that the riders might have the "right" to splatter their brains all over the pavement, I just would rather they didn't do it in front of my car.

    Angie...this bothers me as well. As a motorcyclist from 1990-2003 I was very happy with helmet laws. Virginia has had helmet laws on the books for many , many years so I never could go anywhere without one..until I got here to Texas. Someone was crazy enough to think that giving bikers "freedom" to ride without a helmet was actually a good idea. Makes me wonder what some elected officials are thinking. Anyway...

  6. by   moongirl
    what i dont understand is how people get away with riding in the back of pickup trucks! I have seen so many filled with kids going to the beach etc.. if the driver slams on the brakes, they will all pop outta there like basketballs and land who knows where! why dont people get ticketed for that??
  7. by   clee1
    My family and I are religious r/t the use of safety restraints in a motor vehicle.

    Early on New Year's Day, my wife (ETOH free) and two small children were in a wreck. Her truck, a GMC 4-door Canyon, was totaled.... down to the size of a Civic.

    Wife had a broken finger; kids unscratched. The police and rescue folks were astounded that NOBODY was fatally injured

    Moral of the story: proper restraints saved three lives - just like that.
  8. by   prinsessa
    I have seen kids jumping around in the back of cars numerous times. It makes me so mad. I even saw someone driving with their 3-year-old (or around that age) standing in the front seat. My DD just recently got out of her car seat at age 8. And she would have stayed in for longer if the booster seat didn't get too small for her. Many of her classmates ride in the front seat when they aren't supposed to until age 12. My step-dad would have died in a car crash if he wasn't wearing his seatbelt, so I know how important seatbelts are.
  9. by   moongirl
    Quote from clee1
    My family and I are religious r/t the use of safety restraints in a motor vehicle.

    Early on New Year's Day, my wife (ETOH free) and two small children were in a wreck. Her truck, a GMC 4-door Canyon, was totaled.... down to the size of a Civic.

    Wife had a broken finger; kids unscratched. The police and rescue folks were astounded that NOBODY was fatally injured

    Moral of the story: proper restraints saved three lives - just like that.
    those seat belts and that big pickup! I am a pickup girl too, once ran over a very large bear and barely got a bump on the side panel. Love the big heavy vehicles WITH everyone seat belted in. My daughter is almost 8 and still in her booster seat. Might keep her in it till she is 10
  10. by   babynurselsa
    When someone exercises their right to NOT wear their seatbelt, they violate my right for my tax dollars to go to something besides their care as a vegetable in some convelescent center from their brain injury.
    These are public safety laws, same goes for helmets.
    So, yes it goes beyond personal rights. Just like mandatory insurance laws so that if I smash up someones car I SHOULD have insurance in place to cover these losses. How dare them tell me I have to pay All that car insurance every year, after all I am a safe driver.
  11. by   VivaLasViejas
    It amazes me to think of how many ways I could have been killed or mutilated when I was a kid..........people just didn't think much about those things back then. They'd let us sit on the steps of the school bus.........ride in the back of a pickup going 80 MPH.........even lie on the back seat of the car on long road trips, with our feet up in the window! Not only that, we NEVER wore helmets while riding our bikes---I don't think they even made them then---and monkey bars were constructed on blacktop without a single shred of bark dust underneath, so if you fell off, you broke your arm and got all your classmates to sign your cast. ~tsk~those safety rules have taken ALL the fun out of childhood!!!

    Seriously, it's incredible how many stupid things we did a couple of generations ago that are unthinkable now. Not one of my kids has ever, to my knowledge anyway, ridden in a moving vehicle without a seat belt---and the car seat was a non-negotiable issue when they were little. My hubby and I were a bit resistant to donning seat belts ourselves, at least until one beautiful late-summer day in 1990 when we were taking a nice leisurely drive in the country, and only by the narrowest of margins missed being T-boned by some nut in a 3/4 ton truck barrelling out of a side road at probably 50 MPH.

    When we finally got our hearts out of our throats and back down into our chests where they belonged some ten minutes later, we both realized how awful it would've been for the kids---who were safely buckled into their car seats---to survive a crash, only to be orphaned by their stupid parents who thought seat belts were 'too restrictive'.:trout:

    It was the last time either of us ever failed to fasten our seat belts.
  12. by   santhony44
    Quote from mercyteapot
    It is a crime where I live, and many other places as well. I am also a very safe driver, but how does that help me if some idiot decides to crash into me? Believe in your own immortality if you must, but for God's sake, protect your children!
    I worked in PICU years back, and worked in a teaching hospital. Most of the seriously injured folks I saw, including children, were riding with good safe drivers. Unfortunately, these good safe drivers had encountered someone else who was not.

    This is what I point out to people: You may be an excellent driver. However, you have no control over what the next person does. That may include looking down to change a CD, answering their cell phone, spilling hot coffee on themselves, arguing with their spouse, or driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

    It's disheartening and dismaying and all I know to do is to keep educating.
  13. by   Callesgramma
    Well said. Thanks