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Greetings, All I'm currently working with a traveler who stipulated in contract that she will not work Fridays. This makes our Fridays awful as she is a specialized nurse and there is no... Read More

  1. by   MollyMo
    I've never heard of an arrangement like that. The only thing I stipulate in my contract is time off for a specific reason. Usually I take time off in between contracts. I also set it up so my contract ends before Christmas so I can go home. That ticks some of the staff off but too bad. My family is in Ohio. That's where I'm going to be also. The nurse shouldn't brag about what she's doing. She might not get her way with the next contract, if there is one.
  2. by   Brownms46
    As a traveler...I agree with others who say this nurse is within her right to negotiate whatever is best for her! If there is a problem with another contract, because of your unit's needs...then so be it. Also she isn't there to make friends, ...she is there to work and meet her goals...whatever those are.

    I worked with a traveler who would only work part time hours, and had to leave every day at 1630pm d/t to her going to school. As this was a specialty unit, and the unit was in dire need, they agreed to it. I also got a 32 hr week contract, which the unit also agreed to! If you can get what you wanted...wouldn't you go for it??

    Although I do find fault with her bragging to staff members about this matter, I do say...more power to her. And since she is new to travel...evidently she had some good advice prior to traveling. I see too many who start to travel, and get screwed by the hospital and the agency!
  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Her prerogative. And it is *Your manager's* prerogative to find another person to COVER it if and when this one's contract is up. You really have no leverage to complain here. I know how Fridays are on L and D; I work EVERY single one. But as a traveler, it is up to her when to work and under what conditions. Not much you can do; don't blame her. She did this for a reason. Anyone else can do the same, from what I can see.
  4. by   finallyRN
    I think a travel nurse has the right t ask for anything specific in her contract, a week off in the middle of the contract or even specific days off each week. It is management's decision to accept the contract with the travelers demands or to not hire here. It is management's problem then when they hire her with those demands. She has done nothing wrong.
  5. by   fedupnurse
    We have contracted agency staff who pick what shifts they want. Caveat is that they have to sign up on the OT list and regular staff can bump them with >24 hrs notice. If there is nowhere to send the agency person they get paid to stay home. Thta's never hapened, but we are protected because we have a Union to protect us. The suits where I work have always treated the Agency/Travellars better than their regular staff. I don't get their mentality and I also don't blame the agency/travellars. But without a contract we wouldn't have a leg to stand on!
  6. by   Rustyhammer
    Sometimes people dont work on Fridays because of religion.
    I am not sure but it may be the jewish faith or the 7th day guys.
  7. by   DelGR
    I think it is great that she knows how to make a schedule that is conducive to her life-style. More power to her.
    Anyone else could do the same thing. I'm with the traveling nurse on this one.
    I wish I had more confidence to do the same.
    The travel nurse did nothing wrong . Infact she has wonderful contract negotiation skills, excellent for her first contract , in my opinion. It is the choice of the Traveler to dictate their schedules, and it is the choice of the person she is in negotiations with to agree or disagree with the stipulations.. I as a traveler also dictate my contracts and I work when I want to and how I want to and I choose to take as much call as I wish , It is not controlled by anyone else but me. I also take in consideration the facitlity I will be working at and what thier needs are at the time of negotiations... I also add time when the staffing is low. I was a OR nurse in a regular staffing position and I do know how it is when it gets bad its bad, but as a traveler its my decision to stay or not to help out . Which I usually do because the usual staff are gone , and I dont like to see the next shift screwed over with the workload. That is me , I hear Im rare, but as I look around on the majority of times that I have stayed , I also see the other travelers.
    As far as the bragging , well she is young... the more she travels the less she will speak about her perks.. shes probably so proud of her accomplishments , as she should be.
    This is part of the Traveling that moves many to do it, You are the one that makes the decisions , not CEO's , not Suits, only you.
  9. by   nightingale
    Nice... Fridays off... I am happy for the savy traveler to be up front with her priorities.

    I have heard some travelers complain because they had to work every other weekend. Well, if you do not negotiate particulars "before contract signing" you may not get it.

    Now, I have heard of some "staff" who have made stipulations too; good fortune comes to those who ask for what they want.

  10. by   James Huffman
    I'm wondering about religious issues, too, Rusty. Is it possible the nurse is Muslim? Friday is their day of worship. I'm just throwing this open as a possibility.

    Jim Huffman, RN
  11. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Who cares why she wants Fridays off? I would not. She is a traveler and can make her own schedule and issues w/this should be hammered out ahead of time. I am perdiem.....receive none of the regular bennies of the FTE staff. Oh well that goes w/the territory, but hey, no one is telling me when I must work either. I work when I want and don't feel I must explain why I will not work Saturday nights to anyone. they just have to find someone who WILL work then. It's what I want to do.....

    Give and take.......if you don't make an agreement ahead of time for her NOT to be off Fridays, then you have to find someone else who will work then. She did nothing wrong here.
  12. by   caroladybelle
    She could also be Jewish.

    Shabbat starts at 30 minutes prior to Sundown Friday.
  13. by   OrthoNutter
    I don't see what the big deal is here. Sheesh....part of the appeal of doing travel work or agency, per diem, casual pool whatever...part of that is because no one tells you what to do. I'll be switching to that next year myself and if I find anyone telling me "oh no you can't have every friday off because nobody on the FTE staff does", then they can just kiss my sweet (_|_) !!! lol

    I agree with fault here...except with management as per usual!