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Since the patient version is so popular, and I had a bad weekend (and no hope for a better one this weekend....) You've been giving this schizophrenic Alzheimer's pt 10 mg Ambien, plus 50mg... Read More

  1. by   nerdtonurse?
    You make 10x what I do, and every morning, you want to borrow a pen from me that I never see again. GO BUY YOUR OWN PENS.
  2. by   netglow
    "5. Yes, I have boobs. No, I don't want you to see them. That's why I wear something under my scrub top. So, quit hinting about how I should be hot with my undershirt on. You're not getting a view, ever. No, not ever (not the same guy as the one who'se going to get the hemostat poke)." --Spenmom

    Spenmom, just do what I do when that happens, you know the long lingering stares you get. Just sing a few bars of that song, you know the one...

    No, you're never gonna get it (Not this time)
    Never ever gonna get it (My lovin')

    Never gonna get it, never gonna get it
    Never gonna get it, never gonna get it
    Never gonna get it, never gonna get it
    Never gonna get it (whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa)
    Never gonna get it, never gonna get it
    Never gonna get it, never gonna get it
    Never gonna get it, never gonna get it
    Never gonna get it, never get it
  3. by   catshowlady
    Do not get all cold on me because I wanted to do a pause & verify on the pt before you stick a tube in her abdomen. Do not complain that this cannot be done in CT just becaue the pt is too sick with ARDS to go there. I am the person responsible for this pt while you stick said tube in, so do not start quizzing me about my other pt that needs a procedure while I am trying to watch this one. Do NOT question why my ICU pt is going for a modified barium swallow. DO YOU REALLY THINK I AM GOING TO RISK MY NURSING LICENSE AND MY PT'S SAFETY BY SENDING AN UNSTABLE PT OFF THE FLOOR???? And, I'm not the one who ordered the test. Finally, do you see the irony that you are b****ing that you have to do this procedure in ICU, and you are also b****ing that my other pt is leaving ICU for his procedure. STOP YOUR WHINING AND DO YOUR D*** JOB!!!!!:angryfire:angryfire:angryfire:angryfire
  4. by   dunwanna
    "You are concerned that my anatomy needs refreshing when I see you touch a bloody wound with bare hands and they are HIV Positive" Guess what??? I did report him and an inactive nurse right now doing much better in real estate. I am much happier and NEVER want to go back to the way it is now.
  5. by   vsink
    Quote from waitingforthedream
    You do not have to be so fricken ignorant to me at 6:00 in the morning when I get a fingerstick saying "78" and your paremeters say call Doctor if <80. Change the paremeters if you do not want to be bothered by what you claim is a "stupid call, let me speak to the manager" And yes, I did give them OJ. Yes they went up to 96, but I still must call you. I worked to hard for this job, and I am not going to lose it because I did not do what I was told to do when you wrote out the orders!
    This one I love! Oh those parameters!, the patient's always going to be just one number under the "call if < # ", so theres goes more time that I already do not have enough of!
  6. by   Kurious RN
    hahaha hilariuos!!
  7. by   geekgolightly
    You killed two of my patients you ***hole. You don't know jack**** about managing a critical care patient. Go back to your family practice office and stay the **** out of the ICU.
  8. by   RuRnurse?
    We have a doctor who likes to do her physicals in the office. That's right, the office, with the telephones ringing, and the fax machine going, etc. She did it once, when they were waxing the unit floors, now she thinks she can do it all the time. Will actually tell staff to bring her the residents, and have them lined up outside the office, waiting. God, does it irk me! It's also interesting, how she is able to do any kind of physical that how can she possibly see how the stage 3 on their coccyx is while they are sitting, fully dressed, in their wheelchair...
    I have really wanted to tell her to get off her fat keister and GO DOWN TO THAT RESIDENT'S ROOM AND DO A PROPER PHYSICAL, YOU OVER-PAID JERK!
  9. by   netglow
    Wow, and wow.

    (two wows because Allnurses wouldn't let me just do one wow, since one wow is supposedly too short to post)
    --yup feeling a little silly today...
  10. by   Blueorchid
    Please judge the patient and not the conditions surrounding them. Yes I know he's seven. Yes his father has a grill and tattoos, I'll admit he looks a bit scary. But if he doesn't show any signs of abuse and having dad there makes the both of them more comfortable...keep them together dangit...

    Furthermore. If you can hear him wheezing down the hallway, why are you asking me why the triage nurse didn't make him a lower priority? Doesn't the first letter for ABCs stand for airway?

    (I'm not a nurse mind you but as a tech I really got irked today)
  11. by   kadell
    stop telling about your kids 4H projects and actually see some patients today.
  12. by   AllieSparksRN
    thanks for this thread, it's going to be one of my most favorites!!!

    "my instructions to call you if xyz happened. well, xyz happened and so i am calling you. if you don't want me to call you, please give different orders. i worked my butt off for my license and i'm not going to lose it for you! thank you, have a nice night."

    i will say this....

    i work pm's and at on off-site rehab unit (not attached to a hospital) so most of the md's i call are the on-calls who don't really know the the patients. i never know who is going to answer my page when i call and i greatly appreciate the doctos who are nice to me when i call and say "my patient's blood pressure was 186 systolic. i administed her ordered bp meds and she's been in the 130's for the past two hours, which is her norm...but i have to call you because those are her primary doctor's orders....." the doctors who say "ok, thank you, no new orders, good night" instead of being "crabby and *****" are very much appreciated!!!
  13. by   lamazeteacher
    Well I told the docs and the communities in which they're expected to work, by writing an essay that was published in the "Opinion" section of our local newspaper. I told them that their new/current practise of keeping far shorter office hours (10 am - 3:30 pm), referring patients to long waits in ED/ER when their office closes very early and opens very late, with possible exposure to communicable disease(s) (like H1N1) there, and the general pathetic level of cooperation with previous specialists seen out of state, is not tolerated.

    Their use of family practitioners as "hospitalists" when their patients are admitted to hospital, results in lack of continuity of care, as medications used pre-admission, although listed upon admission are not provided there; and hemorrhaging GI patients (me) need to be seen earlier than 2 hours after ambulance drop-off with report given of same to personnel. I have refused to pay for the hospitalists' services as it was quite substandard! Upon (my) discharge, I was told by one, that K would be prescribed, but no prescription could be found, and staff were unwilling to call that doctor (my lab value was 3.3). So I was told to eat bananas and take OTC K. That was obviously insufficient, which was proven on a follow up lab test. Responsibility for patient care, I wrote goes beyond time spent in hospital.

    Well, responses in that newspapers' "Last word" column included one opposing my viewpoint, that described the writer's similar problems during and after his/her hospitalization and ER visit at the same hospital. (?!!?) Another response was a statement that the community was privileged to have ANY doctors to meet peoples' medical needs, at all! (You have to love the south!)
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