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the other "things you'd like to tell" threads have been so great -- how about one more? to the daughter of today's patient: i understand back pain, believe me. i've had the surgery and was off... Read More

  1. by   oslogirl
    To the male visitor: When I squeeze past your chair which is inches from the bedside and say excuse me, I need to do such and such, I expect you to have enough common sense and decency to move, yes get up and please get out of my way. I would go to the other side of the bed to provide care, but I cannot, as I need this side. I don't appreciate your insistence of sitting there like a dumb lump staring at my a-- while I am bending over.

    This irritates me to no end!

    To all the splitters: Oh, so you don't like so and so? I'm so much better, nicer, kinder, whatever than so and so?
    Just cut the crap already. I'm on to your manipulative little game. Don't even THINK about manipulating me, and we'll get on just fine.
  2. by   talaxandra
    "I'm so sorry, your mother/brother/aunt's dead. What? Your name's Brown? Oh, I'm sorry - we have so many mothers/brothers/aunts here. Your mother/brother/aunt is in bed 6. If you tell me their name next time it will save you going through having such a nasty shock. Bye!"
  3. by   catshowlady
    That desk with the locked drawers and the tower with the other supplies - that's my workspace, which you have seen me using all day. When I leave the room and come back to find you in that space "looking around," you bet your bippy I am going to ask you what you are doing. Don't you dare get huffy because I called you on being nosy at best and looking to steal supplies at the worst.

    My name badge says RN, not waitress. What's more, I am the patient's RN, not yours. Do you really want me fetching Sprite for you, rather than taking care of your loved one? And why the h-e-double hockey sticks I am responsible to feed you and get you pop? You're not the patient, and it's not the hospital's responsibility to see that you eat or pay for your food!!!!

    Your family member's blood pressure and oxygenation levels are in the crapper. I don't care if his feet are cold. His feet are cold because he has no blood pressure! When I fix his blood pressure, then I'll consider Daddy's cold feet more of a priority.

    Yeah, I'm just a lazy excuse for an RN. That's why I haven't eaten, drank, sat down, or peed in 8 hours because I have been caring for your loved one. If the care is not to your liking, why don't you go have a talk with hospital administration and tell them we need more help here. Because I'm doing all I possibly can.

    And I will echo the rest of you with what I would really like to say: GET OUT! I don't even care if you go home or not. Just leave. Please.
  4. by   Virgo_RN
    Don't let the door hit you on the @$$ on your way out.
  5. by   Virgo_RN
    Uh, gee, I've never taken care of any grumpy old curmudgeons before. I don't think I can handle Daddy...NOT! Truth be told, once you are gone, me and Daddy will get along just fine. Curmudgeons like me. Buh-bye now!
  6. by   CheyRN
    Quote from JB2007
    Oh dang my butt just started hurting. Sure enough I look up and there you stand.
    Yes, I laughed out loud when I read that.
  7. by   CanuckStudent
    Quote from GooeyRN
    No, I can't give him a shot to make his heart stop beating and cause him to die. I can give him a shot of Morphine to make him more comfortable, but no, I can not kill him for you.
    Don't MDs prescribe morphine 'off label' as a respiratory depressant for already compromised terminal patients to hasten death? They will increase the amount if the patient is 'restless'.

    Or am I misunderstanding?

    I'm sure lots of people request extra morphine for their in-laws.
  8. by   ShayRN
    Quote from CanuckStudent
    Don't MDs prescribe morphine 'off label' as a respiratory depressant for already compromised terminal patients to hasten death? They will increase the amount if the patient is 'restless'.

    Ummm, no that would be murder, not too many nurses willing to participate in that extra curricular activity. Morphine will help terminal patients that are experiencing air hunger and take away that "can't breath" feeling.

  9. by   talaxandra
    Quote from CanuckStudent
    Don't MDs prescribe morphine 'off label' as a respiratory depressant for already compromised terminal patients to hasten death? They will increase the amount if the patient is 'restless'.
    Though usually not explicit, most legal systems have a principle consistent with the Doctrine of Double Effect. You can give a potentially lethal dose of narcotic of your intent is to relieve pain, distress etc, even if death is a foreseeable consequence. You can not give a potentially lethal dose of narcotic to kill someone. even in palliative care the concept is symptom relief. If the intent was speeding up death we would just give potassium.
  10. by   CseMgr1
    Don't berate me, as I am trying to complete central line care on your loved one, who is terminally ill. I am just trying to do my job.

    And, don't get an attitude, when I honestly tell you that I do not know the answer to every question you ask me about her condition.

    And, if you want to report me for telling you that I am not a doctor, when you demand to know "why don't I know?",
    be my guest. The phone's right over there. You want my supervisor's phone number?

    Better yet, why don't you just leave? You are not only visibly upsetting the person you "claim" to care so much about, but are also interfering with her care.
  11. by   nerdtonurse?
    I'm sorry, that word on the front of the building says HOSPITAL not HOTEL. They both start with H, sorry you got confused.

    No, you can't take Mom home so she can write checks and go to the bank and then come and "check her back in" -- this is acute care. Go get a job and stop living off of her.

    No, you can't have the room across from the nurse's station. We are not your private tv channel to watch, and we use those rooms by the nurse's station for people who really are sick, not people like you who check in to get more attention from hubby.

    When I ask you if you've done any illegal drugs during your admission, please remember I have access to your drug screen. I know what you've done, I'm now checking your ability to tell me the truth. Which you just failed.
  12. by   SoundofMusic
    Soda machines are DOWN THE HALL, ma'am, sir. And yes, sodas are $1.25.

    Don't have my barmaid hat on today, sorry.

    Also, coffee is just one floor down. It will take you 2 minutes to go down and get a fresh cup. I dont have time to "put on another pot." Got other patients today to take care of.
  13. by   travel50
    And then every now and then, we have a visitor or a family member who just makes our day so much better.
    1. The daughter who is crying b/c her father just passed...and she takes the time to see that we are crying too, and gives hugs all around, thanking us for caring for him for the past 5 yrs. We loved him too.
    2. The Sunday morning visiting church group who stops on the way out to tell us how much they like coming to see us b/c our residents are always clean...then she comes back and leaves a box of chocolates for each shift.
    3. The child who comes with his grandmother to visit his grandfather, who tugs on my jacket and says, "When I get big, I want to do what you do. I want to make people feel better."
    4. Mr. P's daughter who is always laughing, always such a delight...comes up and says, "Well, I hate to make your day worse, but Mr. C's is in the floor...again!" She is never critical, never grouchy...can I clone her???
    5. The daughter, visiting Mom, who says, "Daddy, get up and get out of that nurse's way. Can't you see that she needs room to work on mama?"
    6. That same daughter, who when she sees her drugged up brother coming in, says, "You better get your stupid a** out of here, 'fore I flat tear it up...I ain't playin'!!! These nurses ain't fixin' to deal with you!" That is when I say, Thank you Lord!!!

    I've had all the obnoxious visitors mentioned. They are beyond irritating. But some are so good, that I wanted to share them too.