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  1. oslogirl

    Please help me with this paper

    I dont mean to sound snarky, but really. You are in a professional program, and being scared of your professor is childish. You need to speak to her, and if your courage is lacking, just bite the bullet so to speak, and talk with her about this, and get clarification. Dont make this personal with her. Again, please dont take this the wrong way. I had a professor who didnt like me too; she tried to intimidate me, but I stood my ground with her, and she actually ended up treating me with respect.
  2. oslogirl

    Preceptorship in med surg

    Hey. My preceptorship was in cardiac stepdown. I was in a BSN program and this was back in 1997. I asked alot of questions. I had no fear. Said bye bye to fear. If I felt comfortable with a task, I just did it, but anytime I was unsure of anything I asked for clarification. Patient safety is the primary concern. Your instructor, you, and your preceptor should go over what is expected of you during the preceptorship, and what objectives you will be expected to meet. Ask for feedback if you feel you arent getting it. I went in with a positive attitude, expected to do well, and kept a smile on my face. It was actually alot of fun. Yea, I did some stupid things. Nothing major though. I did my job to the best of my ability and it was a tremendous learning experience! Good luck to you, and congratulations on making it to your preceptorship!
  3. oslogirl

    Are these grounds for termination legitimate

    It sounds like you are going through a really tough time. You have been through alot with the illnessess and loss. Unfortunately, as we all know, healthcare is a business, and the bottom line supercedes employee welfare in all too many cases, imo. Check with an atty about the bonus and legitimacy of termination. You WILL find a better job; take god care of yourself, and be happy, ok?
  4. oslogirl

    OK to wear nice pants on interview for staff nurse?

    I would recommend a suit. Choose a conservative color, preferably grey or navy blue. Get a suit you feel confident in. A pump with a low heel . Hair should be very neat. Get a haircut if you need one. Keep the jewelry to a minimum, or better yet, none at all, or a wedding band only. Nails. Keep them short and neat with a coat of clear polish. Makeup. Keep it minimal. Let your natural beauty shine through. Bring all of your credentials with you in a blue folder. Resume, Transcripts, professional references, letters of recommendation, nsg license, BLS, ACLS. Smile. Shake your interviewer's hand at the beginning and end of the interview. Maintain eye contact. Did I say smile? Oh, get a thank you card, fill it out immediately after the interview while its still fresh in your mind. Take it back to the interviewer and thank them again. GOOD LUCK!!!!
  5. oslogirl

    Nurse Educator Chronicles: Gladys

    Thank you for such a beautiful example of compassionate encouragement.
  6. oslogirl

    New Grad - Offering to Work for Minimum Wage?

    No. Please don't do that. You are worth more than that. I know how difficult it is for you. I have been in the same situation. Keep searching. Something will break for you.
  7. Hello all! Anyone work on a care initiation unit? What exactly is it? What are the duties of the RN on this type of unit? Many thanks.
  8. oslogirl

    Where do I report fraudulent nursing programs?

    Contact the Michigan State Attorney General.
  9. Hello. You can ask for a deferrment on your student loan repayment until you're working. Don't give up/ Keep trying. Things will turn around for you.
  10. oslogirl

    Enough is Enough

    I am feeling angry too as I read this/
  11. oslogirl

    Enough is Enough

    Yes, this is insane, yet it has been occurring on my unit more and more frequently.
  12. oslogirl

    Doctor as a patient

    I have cared for a few MDs and I just called them Dr so and so.
  13. So true. When you have given it your very best, just smile and wave. After report, of course.
  14. I have learned to just tune them out completely. I.E. The rolling of the eyes, the sideways glance,the you had better do this or else attitudes, etc. etc. I just continue on with the report in a professional manner. I do everything expected of me and more, including attending to urgent matters before I go home. What more can I do? Nothing. This works for me.
  15. If I had the power, the first thing I would do is institute a zero tolerance policy on gossip and disrespectful language.
  16. oslogirl

    Some Swine stories

    I don't know about this swine flu thing. I think it's hype. A money maker for big pharm and a way for government to try to take even more of our liberty through fear and propaganda. Before anyone jumps all over me, this is just my opinion.