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It's ppretty pathetic that if you post something on here requesting advice/info, then you won't get a reply. However, if it's something negative or whining about how bad nurses have it, then folks... Read More

  1. by   OneChattyNurse
    GEEZ P_RN...I am really sorry to hear about your husband. Kinda puts some problems in perspective huh! I wish the both of you all the best!!

  2. by   P_RN
    Thanks sweetie. I believe we have 10,000 angels all around us to guide us. The Lord will hold us in his hands no matter what happens.

  3. by   LauraInFL

    So, sorry to hear about your husband, I hope the dx is something benign and easily dealt with.
  4. by   frustratedRN
    i too wish you well prn. i hope everything works out and this is just a scare. no matter what happens you know where you can come for support.
  5. by   MRed94
    Hearts and prayers to you.

    I guess my own basket of troubles isn't as heavy as yours.

    Wish I could trade......

  6. by   debbyed
    But, I live on the East coast, I swear I do. If you had a question about Balti/Wash area I probably would have answered you.

    But, but, but I think I'm glad you're on the West coast, or were you just having a bad day?
  7. by   KC CHICK
    As evidenced by the post today...we do support each other, VERY WELL!
  8. by   RNforLongTime

    My prayers are with you and your husband in this trying time.

    Keep us posted as how he is doing.

    I am soo sorry :-(

  9. by   canoehead
    PRN, Luck and strength to you and your family. Hang in there.
  10. by   Dave123

    I am not going to pile on but instead say to you the best of luck in the interview and with the job.

    I use to live in San Fran and it is a wonderful city where one has to have tolerance of others due to it is one of the few true international cities in the U.S. and has all kinds of people and life styles.
  11. by   GPatty
    All my prayers to you and your husband.

    As for you Chigap~ I did reply, maybe you just didn't like it cause I had never been there and didn't have the advice you wanted?
    I love the people on this board. I have even met some that I can now call personal friends! Everyone here is helpful and caring. Give it a try instead of getting so upset over a misunderstanding...
  12. by   KRVRN
    Well, you were right...they who are negative and whiney get plenty of responses. You're on page 2 of responses now.

    I would've responded but I live in the San Diego area and have nothing to tell you about the San Francisco area other then it's 9 hours driving time away from me.
  13. by   kennedyj
    Sea world is nice there....oops. actually thats San Diego. Maybe I shouldn't answer the post since I don't know much about San Fran either.