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It's so easy to sit behind this computer and read of all your struggles and the advice about unsafe staffing and disrespectful behavior towards a nurse. I've read about some of you filing lawsuits... Read More

  1. by   hapeewendy
    Youda , you inspire me.
    the support you have shown to me personally has been quite enlightening but this post of yours has me so proud of you and absolutely inspired to speak up about unsafe working conditions.....
    you handled that situation with all the grace you could muster under the circumstances and I think we are all applauding you from afar while silently wishing we had the courage to do what you did
    I thank you ,as do nurses worldwide.
    *big hugs*
  2. by   Dr. Kate
    Way to go!
    Don't think I could have been nearly as coherent and forceful as you were in stating the situation.
    Good luck on the job hunt.
  3. by   sjoe
    And kudos to for providing this format for all the nurses who have posted so much good advice and encouragement on these many threads. It can make a difference, as Youda so eloquently reminded us, and there is good stuff for all of us to learn here.
    Girl where I come from I call that being railroaded,
    I may be wrong but dont bet on it...
    Who did you report the incident to about the abuse, and just a question here , how is that person affilicated with the person you reported it to...
    I have seen many nurses set up with inadequate personnel and overwhelmed with patient care ratio and dear your case was one of the worse I have seen yet . If you personally seen over 34 patients and had only one other person on your floor that facility is in neglagence and its the federal kind...
    If I dont have my facts straight on this let me know but If what Im thinking happened to you , is correct , You need to get out before someone is sniffin around your doorsteps.

    After finishing your post (because after the you getting your butt chewed part pi**ed me off so bad I had to start rattling the keys)

    Im one of the nurses currently in lidigations with a DR and Hopsital over an assult and defamiation and unsafe workplace and sexual harrassment...
    Yes take 5 days , read enjoy and think.... because they are...
    they are also getting thier p&q's in order...
    You should too, Document everything you remeber , to the best of your ability and I would also contact the facilties or the states Umbutsmans( not sure of spelling)
    I would also consider your local or state Nursing board as well because dont underestimate what the facility may say about you.
    There are people who work for the Nursing boards that handle nursing problems and also be on the side of the nurse(OMG) amazing isnt it
    I would check with them and explain the situation and see what they advise , do understand this , they are an establishment , they also work and co exsist with your facility... so watch your p&q's as well. I wouldnt consider returning to work , because most likely you are now "The Trouble Maker" because you stood up for your rights and your patients rights for comprehensive care.
    Good luck to you and I stand and applaude you and will be more than willing to send you any book you wish to read on your time off of the mind bending experience you have had.
    Hugs to you
  5. by   Jenny P
    Youda, I have read your posts over the past month and I applaud you for your courage. Hand in the resignation and know that you will have another job before you know it. A suggestion that SleepyEyes gave you is worth repeating: go to a couple of agencies and work through them to see which new hospital or facility "fits" you best. Agencies pay decent $$$ and can help you through the next few weeks or so-- you know, right now you are elated and excited about standing up for yourself; but when tomorrow comes and you're going"WHAT HAVE I DONE"? That's the scary time; and knowing you will have an income to pay rent, etc. helps so you don't leap from the frying pan into the fire-- or back into the frying pan.

    Take care; we're expecting to hear great things from you.
  6. by   BadBird
    Go Youda, Go Youda, Go Youda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. by   ktwlpn
    Originally posted by Youda
    It's so easy to sit behind this computer and read of all your struggles and the advice about unsafe staffing and disrespectful behavior towards a nurse. I've read about some of you filing lawsuits against your abusers, even against doctors. I've read how some of you have agonized over providing quality patient care when you weren't given the tools or staff to do it. Each time, I've given my own advice when I felt moved to do so. And, each time, I wondered if standing up for yourself was really a possibility for me, for each of us, for our profession.

    Then, late last night, I was hit with a disciplinary action because care wasn't provided appropriately when I was given one NA (not even certified) on her second day of employment, and me . . . to take care of 34 patients. I was further reprimanded for not documenting followup on an Ativan I had given (nevermind that I didn't have staff and that my patient's need for an antianxiety med was the result of multiple screwups by Social Services and day shift (details aren't important except to say that I was in trouble for cleaning up a mess on night shift caused by another shift). I was further reprimanded for "questionable judgement" whatever that means. And, to top it off, another nurse had reamed me after report yesterday after I confronted him about abusing a resident. Sure enough, I was somehow wrong about reporting abuse and the male nurse hadn't even been counseled or reprimanded.

    Now, I'm not a bad nurse. I'm the nurse who quietly goes about doing what everyone else didn't get done (being dumped on), being a patient advocate, and, in fact, this is the first time anyone in has ever complained about my care or nursing skills!

    So, here's the thank you. Much to my surprized, what was coming out of my mouth was anger. If you knew me, you'd know that I would usually feel guilty and take the blame, believing that somehow I didn't do enough or else this wouldn't be happening. I'd agonize over what I "should have done" better. With all your words echoing in my ears, I blasted administration. It went something along the lines that when they give me an unsafe staffing situation, they have the choice of whether I refuse to take the assignment and go back home or they can take the blame and the responsibility for the consequences of a situation that was caused by that kind of unsafe staffing! I further blasted them for daring to reprimand me when another nurse had abused a resident. I said, "Let's get this into some perspective, shall we?" (I was a little sarcastic there).

    When I was done, I stood up and picked up my purse and stethoscope and informed them I was going home (my shift was done). Then, I told them I didn't know if I'd be back; I'd let them know in time to cover my shift if I decided to quit. I also told them I was taking 5 days off, and to deal with it, because I needed time to calmly decide if I wanted to continue working there.

    Then, I marched right up and filed 5 grievances ranging from failure to reprimand the abuser, unequal and unfair discipline, failure of XYZ nurse to provide appropriate care for the resident who got the Ativan, disrespect in the workplace, and hostile working environment.

    Thank you. Thank you, everyone of you, who have posted these kinds of struggles and how you dealt with them. Today? I'm gonna read a mystery novel, just because I feel like it. Then, tomorrow, I'm going to start applying for other jobs. C'est le vie!

    Thank you. You all taught me that I didn't have to put up with this.
    YOU GO!!!!!!! My newest t-shirt says "They only dish out as much as you will take"...Good for you for standing up for what is right for yourself and your patients....
  8. by   Kayzee
    Youda.........good for you. Its hard at times to stand up for what you believe in. I'm proud of you!
  9. by   Mkue
    Youda, :hatparty:
  10. by   rncountry
    Kudos to you!!!! Now take a deep breathe and listen to a couple more friends on the steps you need to take from here. Zoe offered appropriate advice, she is dealing with a situation now. I want you to know I am offering what I say from experience as well. I sued a facility for wrongful termination after I threatened to report abuse they did not.
    First, in the five days you take off, write down everything you remember, put the dates, the people you talked to etc... on your shift that was such a nightmare, do you know whether your facility was meeting state minimum guidelines or not? If you are not sure either the state agency that surveys your facilities can help you calculate that, or the omsbudsman can. Next make a report to the state regarding the patient abuse, this does not need to be done in writing, but can be done over the phone, though I would recommend following it up with a written letter. Be sure that as much information as possible is put in the letter as you can, especially dates and who you reported it to. Next call the National Relations Labor Association or Bureau, can't remember the last word, and tell them what happened, request a referrel for a labor attorney. You may not need one, but then again you may. I say this because after I threatened to report the abuse in the facility that I worked in, as well as the falsificiation of charting on it and other things that had very recently come to my attention at that time, I was counter accused of abuse and had to go through an investigation with the state board. The upshot of that was the state board issued an opinion that what had happened to me was only retribution from the facility, but other nurses in similar situations have not been so lucky. I had kept a journal on what was happening in my facility and could produce it so records could be checked against what I had. At the time I was doing this I thought maybe I was just paranoid, but found out it was a lifesaver. Once you have done all of the above, call the omsbudsman and make another report. It will be necessary that everyone understands you are not a disgruntled employee, but a concerned nurse for your patients, as well as one who is ensuring your license will not be put at risk for standing up for yourself.
    Please, please don't take this post as something that is cautioning you against the type of action you took, to the contrary I can't be more pleased you did what you did! I simply want to ensure that you take the appropriate steps to further protect yourself, your license and your patients.
    I also would not under any circumstances go to work at this facility again. The risk of having more write ups that can be used against you are very strong. There are too many jobs out there and many, many places that will not ask you to risk what you are risking now.
    Now take a deep breathe, enjoy your new found ability to stand up for yourself and find a new place where you are appreciated. They do exist.
    Let us know what happens.
  11. by   Youda
    Thank you, again! for all the support. The Executive Director called me yesterday. But, I'm screening calls so I didn't pick-up and don't intend to "please call me back." At the time, I was still feeling pretty *issed, so didn't want to talk about it yet. Now that I've read some of your posts, and had some time to think more about this, I think you are all right. I walk back in that building, they'll just write me up for an untied shoelace or whatever they can find to give me more crap.

    A problem here is that this place has an iron clad rule that if you don't give a 30 days notice, and work it all out, then they report you to the BON for "abandonment." They're gonna go after me if I to back to work or not! To avoid that mess, I'm thinking about filing a LOA instead. That might get around their "policy" so that I can avoid going back, but also avoid their 30 day rule.

    And, yeah, you all are right. I feel great for standing up for myself, but I'm also scared *hitless. I like the idea of agency, I've done that before and found it a nice way to get rid of burn-out because you don't have to get involved in the politics, just do your job.

    And, yes, I suppose I'd better start calling around for labor attorneys, the BON, etc. Heck! I didn't want all the aftermath. I just didn't feel like "taking it!" All in all, I'm gonna go to some printers, too, and get a teeshirt made that says, "They'll only dish out as much as you'll take!" In other words, I'm not regretting this one bit. I think I just should have done it sooner. As you can well guess, in a place like that, this was far from the first kind of incident of this kind.

    And, yes, I made a paper trail a mile long. I've seen that place falsify records before so "State" didn't nail them. They aren't above anything. No telling how clean the patient records will be if this goes anywhere.

    Well, instead of laying around for one day, I played around for 2 days. Mostly because the first day I spent pacing around my house muttering under my breath while the dog watched me go back and forth like a spectator in a tennis match watching the bouncing ball! The first day wasn't very relaxing. Anyway, I suppose I ought to get out of my bathrobe, after two days of wearing it, and go find a job! ))
  12. by   Dr. Kate
    Do check with your BON about what they consider abandonment. It may be a bit different than what the hospital considers it to be.

    Isn't it grand to have a dog? You can behave quite strangely and they still think you're wonderful, strange but wonderful.
  13. by   zudy
    Hang in there, Youda!!! It is scarey, but there is a place that will appreciate you. Let us know what happens next!! I am proud of you!!