Talk of the Nation : Nursing Shortage

  1. I'm not sure if this link will work. This radio program, Talk of the Nation, was on the nursing shortage, today.

    TOTN/Nursing Shortage

    I urge everyone to give this radio show lots of feedback via e-mail.
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  3. by   fiestynurse
    This is a very good talk on the nursing shortage!! I urge you all to listen to this radio program.
  4. by   123lisa
    Good talk. Let's email together!
  5. by   PeggyOhio
    Here are some highlights from this radio program:

    Cancer surgeon:
    ...unless (insurance companies) are made to pay for what happens to their patients the system will continue to collapse. Here in silicon valley physicians are flooding out of the area. They can't hire any nurses here to save their lives. A local large hospital here has got 45 postions they have been unable to fill for over a year. Simple because they aren't getting paid [by insurance companies]for all the stuff they are doing for patients.

    When you talk about regulation ...the pharmaceutical companies, there's no regulation on record profits. There's an article in the New York Times they make something like billions and billions of dollars for the 20 top selling drugs.
    There's no regulation on the profits that HMO's can make.
    There's no regulation on what the for-profits like Sutter, like Tenet make. And there's no regulation on the salaries that the CEO's make. THE REGULATION, WHAT IT DOES IS, IT DOESN'T CUT COSTS IT CUTS CARE. And if healthcare is not dramatically restructured, we have 43,000 million uninsured now, we had 30 something million when we started doing the restructuring, we're probably going to go over 50 million soon, we'll be giving free care when we can under emergency basis, it's not cost effective and it's not humane. We need a humane health care system that can accomodate the needs of people so that physcians and nurses and other healthcare providers can give quality care.

    These are the issues that we need to be writing our Representatives about.

    Keep the writing going!
  6. by   natalie
    I thought this program was great. It's 45 minutes in length, so get comfortable. The callers were so articulate.
  7. by   oramar
    I have tried to access this program but my computer keeps saying it does not support this type of program. To bad, it sounded interesting.
  8. by   Level2Trauma
    OMMAR, Do you have RealPlayer installed on your machine? If not this may be the reason.
  9. by   Louie18
    Lvel 12 be nice now.
    I see Nursing taking a turn towards a quazi government control. (there's entirely too much money involved in the private sector from those that knowingly cause and those awaiting treatment of this cause in masses.
    You will all see "Birthing Areas," that will actually be berthing areas where hospitals are going to have to provide semi habitable environments for those nurses opting to stay the duration.

    36 hours is the modification (manipulation) but it is hazardous after 10.
    Louie [img]null[/img]
  10. by   jamistlc

    I am listening to the real player file now as I write. I think it brings up several good points and is an excellant "listen" for anyone who is thinking about going into nursing or administrators/CEO's and the ANA's supporters/or the unions! To look for solutions for the staffing crisis and the Nursing shortage!

  11. by   Brian
    For those who need to download the realplayer, you can download a free version at:
  12. by   PeggyOhio
    Hope everyone will take the time to listen to this radio program that aired May 9th on National Public Radio, Talk of the Nation.

    Please e-mail and let them know how glad we nurses are that these concerns are being brought to the public attention.

    NPR (National Public Radio) had another great radio program discussing these issues, on the Diane Rehm show, April 12th. If you missed it here is a link.

    It last about an hour. Again e-mail them and let them know we nurses want more of this type of dialogue raising public awareness to the issues in nursing.

    This is a very small step that each of you can do in the comfort of your own home at your computer. It can have a hugh impact do not underestimate that. Let them (the media) know we are listening and we want to hear more!

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  13. by   Stacey Tortorice
    Nursing shortage.It is about ready to drive us all crazy here in texas. One of the big major hospital here in houston close one of their units because of the shortage of nurses.nursing homes are getting bad short of all kinds of nurses and the ones that we have are burn out and stress out.what gets me is new people come in and apply for a job and then do not show up or come in and get orientated and then do not come in the second