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  1. Louie18

    Can someone answer this Question for me?

    SHE'S GOT TO PAY THE FIDDLER. (and realize all her other BS is BS.)
  2. Louie18

    To Nurse or not to nurse?

  3. Louie18

    is a spanish course needed for nursing

    I live in Michigan and wish I had learned it. I feel so helpless when I am not able to communicate with any person. I'm Louie
  4. Louie18


  5. Louie18

    bed making class?

    But LTC care sucks. I'm Louie
  6. Louie18

    psych pt in ltc facility

    To have had nurses assaulted by the type patient you speak of. That is against the law. If pt was not sane when he did it, have him incarcerated and triaged appropriately.
  7. Louie18

    What to do when you want to quit???

    Have any math checked (there will usually be someone around that can remember lots of them by rote) But more than anything make sure it is right med/rt pt. Iwas taking Lavamisol (chemo) 9 per week 3 on mon, 3 on wed, 3 on fri. She gives me all 9 ...
  8. Louie18

    The Doctor oncall told me not to call him

    If he/she is going to crash in house I would do my best to oblige. If it is one of these little 30-50 bedders in the country, I'd call him/her every 90 minutes. I'm Louie
  9. Louie18

    Where can I buy Psych Nursing Made Easy CD-ROM

    Your patients. I'm Louie
  10. Louie18

    psych pt in ltc facility

    You think it would be to his benefit, set him up for a short bit in jail. I'm Louie (and I'm serious as a heartbeat here)
  11. Louie18

    Need ideas for nursing education groups

    Is a good start to see who is paying attention or cares. I'm Louie
  12. Louie18

    problems with anxiety, not familiar with drugs

    only 3 types of meds A. Antipsychotic B. Antidepressive C. Anti nervous (valium, xanax etc) Any questions you have on anything pertaining to the patient can be explained in great detail by the patient. Ask em.' I'm Louie
  13. Louie18

    Schizophrenic won't take her meds--

  14. Louie18

    From Med/Surg to Psych?

    Unless you take it serious. They are either psychotic (getting chemically lobotimized) or neurotic. Sociopaths are not psychotic. All I can say is what my wife says to me: "The minute I see the tinfoil on you're head, you're outta here DuLac" ...
  15. Louie18

    Need help from psych nurses! Severe depression...

    and at least go through an ER newbie job at any hospital for awhile Been there, had a quad but depression is from deep seated anger so he and I would argue a lot. I'm Louie Worked 4 hospice cases. They are heavy.
  16. Louie18


    How many have read the book, "The Pain of Obesity? THAT IS ALL! I'm Louie