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hey everybody! i am giving a speech to an class of upcoming new nurses. what are some of the best survival tips you have for a nurse's first year. thank for your input!... Read More

  1. by   JennInColumbus
    1. Passing the boards is a license to learn what you need to know, not a certificate that means you have learned everything you need to know.
    2. Remember "this too shall pass"
    3. Your grades do not always represent the type of nurse you will be because they don't always accurately measure your ability to care for others.
    4. Do your schoolwork first, and everything else second. (I always underestimate the time necessary for school work if I plan to do it second or third or fourth)
    5. Nursing school should be fun. Doing well and and having a great time are not mutually exclusive.
    6. Good friends are incredibly valuable. You should make some lifelong friends in nursing school if you make an effort.
    7. Help your fellow students and they will help you when you are in need.
    8. Take care of your patient with "how would I do this if it was my mom/dad/grandparent" in the bed.
    9. Here's a biggie... don't anticipate the clients reaction. I once had a pt who was having a BKA the next day and I expected to find a depressed and anxious pt. Nope, she was thrilled! An end to the pain and a prosthesis that was much more useful sounded great to her!
    10. Be honest. A C you earned will make you feel a lot better than an A you didn't.
    11. Listen.
    12. Never make people wait for pain meds when it isn't absolutely necessary.
    13. Take the learning seriously, yourself, not so much.
    14. Be proud to be a nurse, it is a noble and honorable profession.

    Most important:
    15. When you see behavior that infuriates you, embarasses you, makes you wonder if a nurse got her license at Kmart, horrifies you or makes you cringe, don't go home and forget it!!! Mentally file it away under the heading "the nurse I don't want to be" and refer to it often.

    16. You will often hear the phrase "nurses eat their own" and from time to time you will feel that way in school. Again, file this away and remember to be a nurse who "nurtures their own" as a student and as a practicing nurse.

    Hope this helps.

    Jenn, SN ooooh that rhymes!