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akvarmit has 13 years experience and specializes in ED, PCU, Addiction, Home Health.

LPN then RN with Excelsior College. Inked and educated, coffee loving, Jeep driving, salmon slayer and Beachbody junkie.

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  1. akvarmit

    Do things get better?

    Hi OP and GaJen! I just returned to the ED after a hiatus of 8 years on a PCU unit. I am copying down all the wonderful comments here and from other threads to read when I have my OMG moments. I keep saying "I know enough to be dangerous" but I need to stop that. I ask a ton of questions, even as an experienced nurse, and I'm learning who the go-to-gurus are in the unit. Hang in there, it does get better, the brain needs time to digest and store everything we're encountering.
  2. akvarmit

    Eaten Alive in the ED

    [quote=MillennialNurse;9114160} Thanks everyone! It helps to know that I'm not alone. I'm trying to just ignore the comments, accept that I'm there to gain experience and not to make friends. It's hard when you don't know anyone in the area, so you literally have no social life or support network. All I do is work and go home. That kind of stinks. You've gotten some great "work" advice, I just wanted to toss in a hug because I've been there, done that. Pat yourself on the back for uprooting your life and changing everything! I did the same thing at 39 yo, moved 4600 miles away and it took me at least 8 months to find my groove again in life. On my days off I shut the door on the job in my mind and explored everything I could about my new home. One night I did have a big tear-fest and hubby told me to get a puppy. I hiked my girl far and wide and made this place "my home" and that helped. I also used Meet-up.com to find book clubs and hiking clubs. Own your skills and your new place :-)
  3. akvarmit

    Always Rumors

    Everywhere I've worked two nurses ALWAYS check blood/identifiers/unit number together before each infusion.
  4. akvarmit

    Cardiology Teaching Packs

    A good thing to know would be how much cardiac they've had in the classroom before they hit your floor. Maybe keep to the basics of "too fast - too slow - oh crap" Maybe highlight areas you know they'd see a lot of based on your population. A review of your own monitoring system and lead placement would be good so you don't find patient's rhythm's changing because their leads are all mixed up.
  5. akvarmit

    Cardiac vs. Neuro

    Hi Lovely - I personally think there is a big difference in cardiac or neuro nursing. I love cardiac - it's very measurable and you get instant gratification from giving IV drug therapy. (when it works ) For me neuro is very un-measurable and in acute care you don't often see the results of your interventions at all. I hope that makes some sense and maybe helps you pin down what type of nursing activity you like.
  6. akvarmit

    Alaska here I come!

    I've heard of the facility, it's just up the road...but have no real info for ya, sorry! Dawn
  7. akvarmit

    Relocating to anchorage

    Umm from what I'm aware of, no, UAA is it. I think there's a LPN school, too, but I see little hiring of them in the hospitals. I have also heard there is a big wait list due to UAA being the only nursing program..... Hope this helps!
  8. akvarmit

    Alaska here I come!

    Hi all ! I haven't posted here in a while.......but I relocated to Anchorage last year and the hospital employing me paid the relocation expenses. (Otherwise, we'd never have been able to afford the move ourselves.) Don't forget the Anchorage hospitals - there are 3 here. We used to use a ton of travel nurses, but we've eliminated almost all of them and hired on permanent staff. It's beautiful, wonderful area, wonderful people! Dawn
  9. akvarmit

    From Communty Health back to Acute Care: Need Advice

    I have found that casual/registry positions sometimes come with less oritentation than a regular position, and might leave you feeling even more overwhelmed. Check in your area for which hospitals seem to need staff the most....maybe be willing to take any position you can get.....and if you can get an interview honestly share your career goals and desires. Basically "if you give me the chance and training, I'll make it worth your while ......" 10 years is a bit of time to be away from the bedside. You might be amazed at the changes in meds and treatments! I also left acute care for a year and was amazed and how fast my brain cells forgot stuff!!! I had done ER before, and I got an ER position in a small, small facility with a great staff, and got my skills back up where they needed to be. But it still took time to regain that level of comfort. Dawn
  10. akvarmit


    Hi all! I'm Dawn, and after a few posts here and another general Alaskan site.....we have arrived in Anchorage. We've been here about 3 weeks and it's beautiful! You gotta like to be outdoors, regardless of how many layers you need. We just layer up and go out to walk, take pics, whatever. Waiting for enough snow to snowmachine. Somedays I forget I am up here to work:coollook:
  11. akvarmit

    Heading out soon

    aknotted - Thanks for your reply - all good info! The cruise is one part I'm definitely looking forward to Heck, I'm looking forward to the whole process! I'm so excited I could bust, then I get butterflies and want to puke! Just a healthy respect for the adventure we'll be on. I'm really looking forward to working up there, too, and the new experiences that will bring. Leaving PA officially Oct 11 - arrive Anchorage Oct 30th. Will keep in touch.......
  12. akvarmit

    Heading out soon

    Thanks AKnotted! We have a few days in Seattle & Bellingham waiting for the ferry, so I may check out the shopping there to kill some time. Dawn
  13. akvarmit

    Heading out soon

    Thanks for the messages here from the AK nurses! Our plans have finally come together, our house sold, I have a temporary license for AK and a job offer. We'll be hitting AK in 2 months, looking forward to it! Can anyone tell me if there are uniform stores in Anchorage, or am I better to get a few more scrubs here before I go? Dawn
  14. akvarmit

    Do you know the right answer?

    Dang........I even subscribed to this thread so I can keep an eye out for the answer..... or rather, what the OP's prospective employer THINKS the answer is. ShEEsh. Since Florence N's day, nurses and administrators just don't get each other Dawn
  15. akvarmit

    Foot Detox

    There is a fine line between complementary and quackery! When I did health lectures at an in-pt drug and alcohol detox unit, one of the patients asked me about doing colon cleanses...... he saw the ads all the time on tv at 3am, because, of course, he was up at that time dealing and using his drug of choice. I used that as a teaching opportunity - that in the presence of ALL the other life changes he needed to make - he got sucked into the "fear of the unknown" colon cleanse ploy! I have always used the example that "all natural" doesn't mean safe. Poison ivy is natural, but has it's obvious bad effects. Kava Kava is another example that bought some people liver transplants when it was mixed with RX anxiety meds. I just don't trust that the people bottling the unregulated "natural" stuff really have MY best interests at heart Dawn
  16. akvarmit

    dumb conscious sedation questions

    Magnolia- #1 - Definitely call your Board of Nursing and find out if your practice act allows you to give those meds. Here in PA, LPN's are NOT allowed to push any IV meds, they can only start IV's and do IV piggybacks, such as antibiotics. #2 - I also believe needless systems are mandated now........I'm thinking you can no longer use needle access into IV tubing ports.....someone jump in here if I'm wrong. #3 - MA's, etc can perform certain functions under the "auspices" of the MD. What that means is his office is his kingdom and he can train the janitor to draw blood if he wants - under his direction. I had a run in (long story) with this and a private MD I worked with once and him taking it to extremes. Dawn

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