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  1. presC.

    Arrival in US -- what to expect, what to do

    thank you suzanne. good thing i still saved all my receipts back at home.. have a good day!.
  2. presC.

    Arrival in US -- what to expect, what to do

    hi suzanne,:) great to be back again on board.. just like to ask you some questions.. since i'm still new here in ny and i just received my w-2, what are the things needed to be done for filing the income tax? and one of my friend informed me that since i only came here in u.s. last sep.'05 i'll get refund? what are the usual receipts need to present with them as a newcomer here in ny? obviously, i'm clueless! thank you for your help.
  3. presC.

    My wife passed her NCLEX-RN at 75 questions

    that's awesome news!!! congratulations to your wife, for sure you're both excited and keeps on looking to website where you could see your wife's name that says "rn" hope to see you in the chat room soon, (y.m.)
  4. presC.

    Where are you from?

    count me in! i'm from philippines, now residing in n.y. (missed my country, as well my family & friends)..
  5. presC.

    Filipino nurses as nurse aides only

    hi, that's not true! ... :) i'm almost done with the orientation and will have my own regular sched this coming monday, and i'm working as ED-nurse. (btw, i'm filipino)...:Melody:
  6. presC.

    Hello Everyone

    congrats Sue! :) nice to hear that you like the place.. take care!
  7. presC.

    Dhel28's partner

    hi Gracia, welcome to allnurses! :) we have the same agancy here in NY, if you & dhel have any questions you can send me PM. kindly extend my hugs to (((((((dhel))))))).. take care guys.
  8. presC.

    Happy Birthday HIMDALE

    dale, happy birthday!
  9. presC.


    hi tabby, are you considering joining the agency?
  10. congratulations ROOPS!!! :)
  11. hi, in my case i was not asked/ adivised to bring ITR.:) based on my experience the embassy just asked the appointment letter, original employment letter, housing letter,passport, original visa screen, as well the p.e. result. but st.luke's the one who forwarded my result to the embassy. if you already passed the NCLEX-RN they'll ask you to present your "hard" license i.d. or they'll just check with your BON in the computer for verification. ( i brought my original NCLEX-RN certification but they prefer the license i.d.) were also asked to present a wedding picture (it's a case to case basis) good thing i have one inside my wallet. hope these infos helps..:)
  12. presC.

    NVC -CP- GC Tracker

  13. presC.

    Approved Visa!!!

    thank you for the infos carvanaragon .. will keep all the necessary proof, documents ready so that will accomplish it at once. greatesteazyj & madwife2002 ~ thank you! :redbeathe
  14. presC.

    Approved Visa!!!

    awesome! :melody: :yelclap: :loveya:
  15. presC.

    Approved Visa!!!

    thank you so much for your kind words.. :redbeathe :1luvu:
  16. presC.

    Approved Visa!!!

    they already informed me that the first thing i need to accomplish is my ssn. my trip?... it will be on sept.4, sunday. and i'm excited! btw, i'm reading now a book by judy priven "hello! usa" (everyday living for international residents and visitors) 2nd edition. and it's very interesting, practical and helpful too!:wink2: