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  1. by   mary-grace
    I was 18 when I started working as a Nusre's aid. I was 25 when I graduated college with a AAS degree. Started working the same year in a hospital. Babtist Medical Center in Little Rock, Arkansas. To be exact. i'm 51 now was working for the same hospital until 5/2/01. I am disabled currently from back injury I received at work.
  2. by   mkathy
    I am 47 now. I graduated in May of 1998 was 43 and I turned 44 in July. Took my boards in July. Started my first Job in Aug. I always wanted to go back to school and nursing was my interest. Would get info on nursing schools but never the courage to apply. At the age of 37 my girls were in High School I was working a part time job that went out of business. My husband knew my hearts desire for school and encouraged me to start. So I did. Now I am working my second job in a new hospital in Womens Health(GYN/Med-Surg). Currently seeking a new interest Travel Nursing. Want to travel but can't retire. Got to large of a student loan.
    Kathy from MO
  3. by   rjlrn95
    I started taking prereq's at 40, while working 3rd shift in a cotton mill in SC. Graduated ADN program at 43. I love nursing and wish I had followed my dreams earlier. I did staff nursing in ortho/ms/ltc and a short stint in Home Health. Now work for an agency, local in my area, and I love it!! Learning new things every day and my manager treats her nurses GREAT!!

    I plan to do travel nursing in 2002 when my youngest graduates from college and can stay home and take a turn with our "critters"
    These include 3 dogs, 2 cats, 1 snake and fish. Thanks to Large amts of student loans and a divorce traveling will be my retirement, but I'm really looking forward to seeing the West and anywhere else my gypsy feet take me.

    I encourage anyone with a dream to go for it!!! You'll never regret it.
  4. by   patadney
    I graduated with LPN in 1976 at 37 yr of age-was told in hi school you had to be good in chemistry to go to nursing school,but thought LPN would be possible. I got my RN in 1985 after my Mom told me I'd better get it if I were to get any use out of it. I had a little boy in preschool both times,but my family was very supportive.Got my CNN in 1995 and started traveling in dialysis in 1997. Have had a lot of fun and really enjoy traveling. I am currently at home for awhile so am working in psych. Will have to work a couple more years to age 64 so I can COBRA o9ut for health insurance.Nursing has been good to me-I can aways find a job.:Pat-e
  5. by   puzzler
    LPN age 30 and RN age 40

    Was in accounting prior to that. Went into nursing to get away from the paper work (look at me now--LOL) but I still would not go back. WOW a quarter of a century at the bedside , well, almost; I finally gave up 3 years ago and went on to being a house manager. I do still work at the bedside to fill in for call-ins every so often.

    Hope you all have a good shift
  6. by   Lladra
    I was a "candy-striper" in high school, went straight from high school at age 17 into the A.A. program at the college, back in '61, graduating before I was 21 in '63.
    What a great class. It was small, and our instructors were cramming 3 years into 2 years and 2 summer sessions.
    There was a shortage then too. So diploma programs were closing down and Jr. colleges started the AA programs.

    I worked in med-surg for 10 years at 3 different hospitals in town. Had to go to the board of labor relations and fight to get the pay I earned for vacation time that i had accrued one year.
    In those days we didn't get maternity leave time off either.

    Moved away from California, and took a $200/mo. cut in pay cut, to work at a local hospital. Did that for 3 years, on call while raising two children and one husband.
    Just had gotten on the day shift when WSNA went on strike and got a choice of "nights or nights" after 6 weeks of being on strike. Said "no" and walked away from hospital nursing.
    Have been in LTC for 25 years since then, and am looking forward to retirement in another year or so. Working for the state government DVA has been a blessing, though very stressful and learning experience. I recommend nursing to all my masochistic friends!!
  7. by   dhogan
    I was 32 when I graduated Nursing School, that was 2 years ago.
    I managed a finance company, managed a restaraunt, waitressed for 5 years and was a secretary before I decided on Nursing. I've heard most people have 5 careers in a lifetime. Maybe this is my last.
  8. by   CashewLPN
    heyas ya'll...
    ok... well... I started nsg school when I was 14 for the LPN... I finished shortly after my 18th b-day... I got my first nursing job as a 'agency LPN', then, I was a staff nurse in a ltc, then I charged that floor 3 months later... and I've been at the hospital ever since... and now, well, I just turned the big 2-0

  9. by   Totone656
    I stayed home and raised 2 great sons. After working as a receptionist at $6.35 an hour I decided I had to do something. So, I signed up for a medical transcription course at a local community college. I was 39....8 years later and a story to long to go into I got 2 degrees and one licence. I do not regret going to college. I just regret some of my personal choices I made to get to this point in my life, but hopefully those choices help improve a nursing department for the better.
  10. by   dtweed
    I was 20 when I started LPN training. I was 21 two weeks before graduation. Went back and received my ADN when I was 40. But my mother did one better she graduated with her LPN when she turned 55. She altered her birth certificate and drivers license to get a job because no one would hire a new grad that was 55. Yes she did look younger than her age. She had many years of life expereinces that made her a very seasoned nurse upon graduation. She had to go on disability at age 62 from COPD. She stated her only regret was she hadn't done it sooner. I love being a nurse and wouldn't do anything else.
  11. by   rncountry
    Started nursing school in 1989 at 25 years old, one of the youngest in my class. The day I started nursing school, my oldest child started kindergarten. My youngest was two. I graduated two years later from my ADN program, 10 years after having graduated high school.
  12. by   Harleyhead
    I was 46 when I became an RN after a long career in the US Navy. When I was in the Navy I despised nurses now I are one.
  13. by   LoriUSAFRN
    Received my ADN on my 20th birthday! Also the same day I could have my first legal drink!