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travel nurse in dialysis,acutes

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  1. patadney

    Anyone taken the CDN or CNN exam???

    I have CNN and took test abotu 7 yr ago-didn't pass the first time-missed by 1 point. That test was very hard. The area I didn't do well on was CAPD,so I went to work part time in CAPD. Also had a study book,which you can get from ANNA. They have a site on the web. ANNA,journal of nephrology nursing. Anyway I studied hard for a year and took test over and got an easy one that time,so I passed. Have kept it up over the years,it's not good for extra money or anything,but neither is a BSN and this cost less. Good Luck!
  2. patadney

    Need info on PD

    You will HAVE to get the details from your manager.I have done both acute and ON CALL. The main CAPD nurse did the teaching. It is much slower paced,you do have to be able to teach. As on call nurse,I had to be available 24 hr a day and be able to answer the most stupid questions without showing emotion-such as "I am sick,should I go to work?" or I didn't get my blood pressure medicine until this afternoon and it was due this morning, Should I take it now?" The answer being "Is your blood pressure high? Do you only take it once a day?"ETC I have also done emergency CAPD in the hospital when they wanted continuous dialysis,especially when the pt needed IV antibiotics. ASK questions before you start.
  3. patadney

    Experience with FMC?

    In a chronic dialysis unit staff:pt. ratios should be about 1:3,that is 1 staff to 3 pt-but staff includes DON,unit secretary,RN,LPN,tech,machine tech,maintenance man,re-use tech,etc. Working as an RN,you hasve to have good communication with your techs as the more experienced ones will run the unit and,while they have experience,the person with the license is the one who is responsible.
  4. patadney

    Do RNs declot temporary hemodialysis catheters?

    We can only instill medication to cause declotting. I have seena device like a very small bottle brush that is supposed to be used for stripping the inside of the catheters,but I would not think I would want that responsibilty. Dialysis catheters are large and the tip pf them is inside the right atrium of the heart if they are properly placed. I will allow the surgeons to do that.One way to decrease the likelihood of clotting is for the pt to be placed on coumadin-very small doses seem to help keep them open. Keeping these catheters open is very important as they are the pt lifeline,without dialysis they will die.
  5. patadney

    nurse/pt ratio?

    That sounds like a well-staffed unit. I worked in a chronic unit for 10 years and then traveled for 5 years and am doing a little work as and acute nurse now-that is I do the treatments in the hospitals,pt in ICU or that can't be moved out of their hospital room for treatment or because there is no unit in that hospital. You will learn how to run the machines and how to manage the pt and also give iv meds. Ther is lots of research going on and new meds come out almost daily. You get to know your pt and docs very well.It's very like a new family whose members are always a little in flux as new pt come and old ones pass away,move or get transplants. It's a whole different way of life.
  6. Try the ANNA web site-it is the American Nephrology Nurse Association. There is a meeting in Chicago in April with lots of CEUs
  7. patadney

    quick question..

    Check with some travel companies. A good place to start is healthcare traveler.com. There are roughly a million companies out there. I traveled for 5 years with Nursesrx and they were very helpful with addresses of state nursing boards,etc. I don't think New York is a compact state. As pointed out before,they accept nurses from other states as long as their home license is current,among these good states are Nebraska,Iowa, Wisconsin, Arizona,Texas and many more.Have fun.I found travel nursing to be very rewarding and would still be oput there but personal situation is keeping me home.
  8. patadney

    non hospital approved abrevations.

    I had a friend who worked ICU nocs-used to ask for a serum porcelain level-to see if they were a crock! Than another nurse told me she was glad a certain pt had been transferred out as he was "gettin froggy" on her-said he was "fixin to croak!"
  9. patadney

    Funny Names for Nurses

    Where I grew up in a small town in Illinois,the dentists were Dr. Kurt Gronner and Dr. Fillmore Ketola. I worked in Kansas with a Dr. Marvel who did hip replacements and our vetrinarian in Indiana was Dr. Bird. When I went to nursing school the head nurse in Pediatrics was Henry Love!
  10. patadney

    Expected salary for new dialysis RN-with no experience

    Dialysis nursing is definately like no other specialty. BUT you only get every other Sat off if there is enough licensed staff to cover and you only get Sun off if you are working in an out patient clinic with no acute responsibilities. Pt will get sick and need dialysis at all hours of the day and night.Usually there is warning that kidneys are failing,but some people ignore symptoms,especially tough men and thenthere is a crisis and we get to come in and save lives. As an acute nurse,you can be on call and wearing a pager at all hours. The different facilities work this out according to the need. I have worked in large cities that had acute units that went to the different hospitals to do dialysis.Then you need to know all about everything as you might need to set up your own machine in a hurry. I really enjoy my work.
  11. patadney

    Got fired today

    Consider what you liked about LTC,then think about going into another area of nursing. Check with local hospitals and see what they need. Perhaps mental health or substance abuse centers would be an area you would like. They are more medically stable and involve less lifting,etc. Agency work is definately worth looking into as they pay well and you are not involved in poitics, plus you pick the schedule and the places that you will work. Most now offer insurance,etc. Good luck .
  12. patadney

    Schizophrenic won't take her meds--

    There is a decanoate injection which can be given every 2 weeks if the pt is on a committal . This typically lasts 2 weeks and the opt does not have to take meds. Her Mom should talk to her psychiatrist.
  13. patadney

    usa psychiatric services

    Here in the heartlland the process is a little different. A person may be admitted on a hold if he is a danger to himself or others for only 48 hr and then a hearing must be scheduled or the pt is DC'd. They can be placed on inpt or outpt commital and the pt is represented by a lawyer at a court hearing. the doc must say why he is a danger and submit a plan of care. The magistrate may order the person released or committed inpt or outpt and to a state or county institution or to the hospital. We have many different community-based systems for supporting these people on the outside.Due to poor economy,we have lost state beds,so pt end up staying in the hospital longer.I am ofraid this is more expensive and the pt can't pay so the hospital "eats"it. So somebody is paying-I guess we all will.
  14. patadney

    How on earth...?

    If the child were diagnosed based on behavior,it could be learned behavior. How would you like to be the child of a Bipolar and a shizophrenic? There are many of those children on psych units. However,I think I babysat with a child who maybe should have been diagnosed Bipolar. He was about 3 and the first day I allowed him to use the BR alone and looked in on him and found him climbing up on the sink and getting into the medicine cabinet. He knew what he was doing as the grandma told me he had swallowed ASA and had an ambulance trip to the hospital and had his stomach pumped. Grandma said he never slept for more than a few hours even as a newborn! I watched that kid like a hawk.We moved away so I don't know how he matured-hadn't thought of that kid in 35 yr. But I do know that kids in the psych unit at the hospital generally do not come from normal,caring families. There is often a genetic component.
  15. patadney

    Medication Teaching

    Try an outdated PDR or write to the drug company.
  16. We clock in and out,so of course I am paid-however,I only work 3 days a week,so it may not be overtime,but it is paid time. I don't report missed breaks,try to get them,but don't worrry about it. Of course,smokers don't miss breaks! I do put down for no lunch-usually eat sometime,but do not count it as a break if I am eating while answering phones,charting with the left hand while eatiing,etc. I need 30 min off since I am not paid for my lunch break.This has to be reported separately,but they don't hassle us about that.