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  1. I got an A (about time)

    Congrats!!! Keep up the good work:D :D
  2. Unexpected but GOOD news

    Congrats!!!!! I am sure you deserve it. What a wonderful surprise! Thanks for sharing this with us.
  3. Greetings!

    Welcome to our world You will find you have to "eat, drink, and breath" nursing. We need all the help we can get so hang in there. If you feel things are not making any sense, just remember there will come a day when it all seems to fall into place. ...
  4. chiropractors

    Could not function without my chiropractor!!! Actually went to him yesterday. But it is true that there are many, many out there not worth a plug nickel. Ask friends, get feed back from as many as you can. Good luck
  5. I am in complete shock!

    LOL--can you believe that? I have never worked anywhere yet (25 years) that ADN or BSN made one bit of difference.
  6. Nursing Functions at your facility

    Each unit has a head nurse or charge nurse each shift. This person is responsible for making nursing patient assignments. This is supposed to be done using acuity not just "numbers". Each nurse is responsible for the care of her patients but the cha...
  7. What color was your student uniform?

    Student uniforms--LPN was medium blue with black pinstripes and a white apron shoulders to hem; RN uniform was white--had to wear caps with both. The uniform I wore tonight was navy blue pants and white top (nothing exciting here--LOL) BUT--I do not...
  8. New AOL

    Thank you both for your replies. I appreciate the site. I had not found that one. Thanks again
  9. New AOL

    I realize this is off the subject but------- has anyone down-loaded the new AOL 7.0 and if so have you had any problems and do you find any advantage to the new version? Any in-put would be appreciated. Thanks
  10. New to the game...

    Hi Ashland and welcome to the world of nursing. My only suggestion is that you learn how to study. By this I mean--do you learn best by: seeing (reading), listening (I made my own audio cassettes to listen to in my car--I drove 80 miles one way to s...
  11. First name basis?

    Having started in nursing when Columbus landed I have seen periods when the form of addressing each other has gone the full circle. I am most comfortable with the Dr._________. I am also most comfortable with being addressed as Mrs. _________. I hav...
  12. death

    Get "used to it"? Never. But you will learn to cope with it. It helps me if I know in my heart I did all that I could do. It may have been CPR or just holding a hand, but if I did my best for my patient I am OK. Sometimes I can just go on home after...
  13. distance learning programs

    I have been looking at Jacksonville also. Guess I did not get as far as you as they did not mention any clinicals at all. I would also like to know if their prices are in line with others. I have just recently started looking at this area and would a...
  14. Medical Mystery, Need Help

    Geez!!!!! I have some of that stuff (DMSO) in my tack room for emergency use (horses) as suggested by my Vet. Think I will dispose of it tomorrow!! I always learn something new on this BB!
  15. Hi Everyone. I'm new.

    Welcome to Nursing and to this board. Both areas are glad to have you. You will find most people on this board to be a great help and fun too. Nver fear, prioritizing will come with time and experience.