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  1. puzzler

    New AOL

    Thank you both for your replies. I appreciate the site. I had not found that one. Thanks again
  2. puzzler

    New AOL

    I realize this is off the subject but------- has anyone down-loaded the new AOL 7.0 and if so have you had any problems and do you find any advantage to the new version? Any in-put would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. puzzler

    New to the game...

    Hi Ashland and welcome to the world of nursing. My only suggestion is that you learn how to study. By this I mean--do you learn best by: seeing (reading), listening (I made my own audio cassettes to listen to in my car--I drove 80 miles one way to school), doing (I usually re-wrote my lecture notes, made them neat and more organized). I found that I also did best with a study group, just be sure the group really wants to study and not just socialize. I am sure you will find what works best for you. Truth is I used every method I could dream up. Try to keep it enjoyable rather than a "chore" Good luck
  4. puzzler

    First name basis?

    Having started in nursing when Columbus landed I have seen periods when the form of addressing each other has gone the full circle. I am most comfortable with the Dr._________. I am also most comfortable with being addressed as Mrs. _________. I have been working in a teaching, state funded facility for many years. I do not even attempt to learn or remember medical student names anymore--they come and go too frequently. I do learn the resident's names and of course I know the staff MD's names (some of which were medical students and residents at our facilty). I feel that as long as I am treated with respect, the form of address used is a personal decision and should be what is comfortable for both parties involved.
  5. puzzler


    Get "used to it"? Never. But you will learn to cope with it. It helps me if I know in my heart I did all that I could do. It may have been CPR or just holding a hand, but if I did my best for my patient I am OK. Sometimes I can just go on home after work when I lose a patient but other times I may need to see the sunrise from a special place or watch children at play (a park play ground is a good place for this). I may need time to myself or I may need a crowd. I may need to give a special hug and an extra "I love you" to my family. When you lose a patient and you have completed your job for the day, I feel it is important to take a little extra care of yourself so you will be able to face tomorrows challenges with a re-newed spirit. Good luck
  6. puzzler

    distance learning programs

    I have been looking at Jacksonville also. Guess I did not get as far as you as they did not mention any clinicals at all. I would also like to know if their prices are in line with others. I have just recently started looking at this area and would appreciate any info anyone else has. Thanks
  7. puzzler

    Medical Mystery, Need Help

    Geez!!!!! I have some of that stuff (DMSO) in my tack room for emergency use (horses) as suggested by my Vet. Think I will dispose of it tomorrow!! I always learn something new on this BB!
  8. puzzler

    Hi Everyone. I'm new.

    Welcome to Nursing and to this board. Both areas are glad to have you. You will find most people on this board to be a great help and fun too. Nver fear, prioritizing will come with time and experience.
  9. LPN age 30 and RN age 40 Was in accounting prior to that. Went into nursing to get away from the paper work (look at me now--LOL) but I still would not go back. WOW a quarter of a century at the bedside , well, almost; I finally gave up 3 years ago and went on to being a house manager. I do still work at the bedside to fill in for call-ins every so often. Hope you all have a good shift
  10. Please be interested in the area of L&D. It is frustrating to have students that do not really care about what you are trying to help them learn. Know your basics. Ask question and listen to the answers. You would be surprised how many people ask a question and then do not really want to listen. Actually I love students that want to learn OB. It is a fascinating, dynamic area. I love to teach monitor strip interpretation (it is my speciality). Remember that you really have 2 patients (Mom and that "invisable" patient, the baby). They both need your care and attention. If an emergency arises help if you can or stay clear if you can not help. That does not mean leave. You can learn a lot by just watching what happens when an emergency occurs. Enough I guess. Glad to see your enthusiasm (sp?). It is my favorite area of nursing and we need many more L&D nurses! Good luck and I hope you have a good L&D experience.
  11. puzzler

    breakfast suggestions?

    Just have to say thank you to the poster of the reply that said they put egg dye in the water to identify the hard boiled eggs. I love it and why did I not thank about years ago? Great tip
  12. puzzler

    I'm Offended!!!!!

    Just my 2 cents worth. A saying that has worked for me many times in the past: "Sometimes we just have to agree to disagree and move on"
  13. puzzler

    What do you do to relieve stress?

    You might have guessed from my user name but I enjoy word puzzles. I work them and I make them. The ones I make are nursing related. I do this if I am only a little stressed. I also have flower gardens for when I am moderately stressed. You know, shoving that little hand spade into the clay dirt we have around here can be very fulfilling. Besides which, I really do enjoy growing things. If I am really, really stressed, I go get on my horse. It gives us both a very good work out. Believe me, when I get on my horse I can not, must not, think of anything else. He certainly has a mind of his own and I think he enjoys trying to see just how far he can go (just like a child). Of course he is my big baby and just grooming him is a joy. He loves it and he listens to every problem I tell him about, he never talks back, and he always agrees with me (LOL). By the time I leave that stable I am physically and mentally relaxed.
  14. puzzler

    Communication over phones

    Believe me--you can not know who is on that phone. I have had many people lie about who they are. Working in L&D I can not tell you how many times someone would say they were so and so's mother and ask for detailed info when all the time the patient's mother was in the room with the patient. I like the idea about the signed form. We do not give out info on the phone and some people get really angry. If a patient says we can give out info--we will do it. But, it is everybody that calls or nobody-- no in between.
  15. puzzler

    I can't believe it!

    Our facility is an acute care hospital and is not really locked at any time. At 9PM some of the more secluded entry ways are locked but the main doors are open 24 hours a day.
  16. puzzler

    Do you mix your own IV's?

    When I started in nursing we mixed all of our own IV meds, including potassium. The saying was "If you did not mix it, you do not hang it". The theory was that if you did not mix it yourself then you did not really know what was in it. When pharmacy first started mixing the IV's it made me very nervous. More than one mistake was caught only because the fluid was the wrong color for what was supposed to be in the bag. Quite truthfully it still bothers me. Think about it--you are hanging a bag of fluid that will go directly into someones circulatory system. Do you really know what is in that bag of fluid??? Pharmacists are people, people make errors. I would hate to be responsible for hanging a fluid that was mixed wrong, but the way it is today you just have to pray that what the label says is correct. Have you never found a wrong drug dispensed by your pharmacy? I have and in more than one facility. I do not want to minimize the danger of potassium BUT many other drugs are just as dangerous. I have always felt that the big push on not having potassium on the units was started by the drug suppliers--like your facility says--the pre-mixed bags are very expensive and the drug is actually very cheap. They make a great deal more money on the premixed potassium. I, too, work in a facility that does not have 24 hour pharmacy available. My question has always been"If I am qualified to mix the drug when pharmacy is not here why am I not qualified to do it all the time? Of course, on the other hand, it is a convenience and a time saver to have someone else do part of my job for me I guess. Oh well, did not mean to ramble. Maybe I am just one of those "old nurses" that is a little resistant to change for changes sake.