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last nightI worked L&D in my hospital. I usually workNICU. Well, we were sitting around talking and the subject of ghostly inhabitants came up and our scrub tech went on to relate the story of how... Read More

  1. by   ssgtmom
    Well, this isn't really a "ghost story" but it was sure creepy at the time. My friend Walter and I worked nights on a nursing home unit. Room 14 had an sweet pair of ladies in it. A bed was a bedridden lady with dementia, who often chanted something that sounded like "oh hala" over and over again. B bed was a recent admit with mild dementia. Walter and I would often discuss how creepy Mrs. A beds chanting could be at night. One night we hear Mrs. B bed scream for help and Mrs. A bed chanting loudly. We looked at each other and took off for the room. You can only imagine our horror when we reached the dimly lit room to find Mrs. B bed "hovering" off of the floor next to her bed with Mrs. A bed still chanting. When we hit the lights the truth of the situation became far less scary than the original scene. Mrs. B bed was stuck between the side rail and the bed at her waist and in her effort to free herself, hit the bed up button. Mrs. A bed was just upset over all of the comotion. :roll

  2. by   TazziRN
    In 1971 my father, a career soldier, was sent to Vietnam. My mom is South Korean so she, my brother, and I were allowed to wait for him in Korea. Dad was with us long enough to see us settled into a house, then he deployed. I remember one day I was playing in the living room and something made me look up at Dad's chair. Sitting there, plain as day, smiling at me and wearing his favorite civvie shirt, was my dad. The vision only lasted seconds but I have never forgotten about it. My theory (unproven) is that at that moment my dad was in a situation during which he was thinking very hard of home....danger?.....loneliness?......and for a brief moment, he was there.
  3. by   TazziRN
    I debated with myself about telling this story: my older brother died in 1989 after suffering head injuries in an MVA. I grieved hard; it was a very difficult year for me. Thirteen months after he died I had a dream that was rather weird. I dreamed that it was the first anniversary of Chris's death and that it was a tradition (don't ask me whose!) to dig up the casket and clean it, then rebury it. My parents and I were standing on their front lawn (it wasn't the house they live in but somehow I knew it was their house) and the casket was delivered by a fire engine (again, don't ask me why.....maybe because I'm ER?). It was set on the lawn and the lid opened. I was standing so that the lid stood up and hid the inside from view. The firefighters lifted out the body and took the casket away for cleaning. My brother was wearing his favorite sweater and jeans, not the suit we'd had him buried in. I remember kneeling next to him and crying, and all of a sudden he opened his eyes. In my dream I asked him where he'd been, we'd thought he was dead, and he curled up in a fetal position, mumbling "I want to go to sleep." I remember crying even harder and telling him "Go to sleep. Have a good sleep and I'll see you when you wake up."

    I woke up in tears, but for the first time in over a year I felt at peace. I felt as though my brother was telling me to let him go, that he was okay and that I needed to go on. I think about him every single day, and sometimes I cry, but I don't grieve anymore.
  4. by   emsboss
    OK...Read them all...Have to add mine. Worked at an old Catholic facility in W.Va. as a tele tech before nursing school and would ride my bicycle in to work(about 12-13 miles) and would shower on the "old wing." The nurses would all tease me that the "old sister" would get me that I needed to be careful. A skeptic...That was me. One night one of the CNA's told me the "old Sister" was in a nasty mood and I might want to reconsider and shower in the ED. Nope, "she don't scare me." When I closed the door I put a chair under the knob to keep the staff from playing games with the lights and stuff. While in the shower, I heard a door open and slam closed, then the lights went off. I shouted "that's not funny, now turn the lights back on." Nothing...I finished my shower in the dark(no problems, I can find the ...soap in the dark) Went around the corner in my towel and noticed the door still had the chair under the knob! Hurried to the hook I had hung my clean clothes and they were scattered ALL OVER THE ROOM!!! OK...Now I was SCARED!!!!!!!!!!! I dried off in a hurry and dressed...NEVER showered in that wing again.

    One more quick one...My Dad and I loved to work on old trucks/cars together. This is how we could talk about "life" and solve all the worlds problems. I lost him in May of '92 of an MI/CVA . Since he died, he has "ridden" in every single truck I have bought. He was a welder and smoked a pipe with Half and Half brand tobacco in it. Whenever I get a new truck, I smell the smoke, and a couple of times I have seen him "in profile" riding in the shotgun seat. The first time this happened I almost crashed into a hillside. The last one I bought was last October and my daughter was in the truck with me and smelled/saw him also. About freaked her out. I am used to it now, but, still a little spooky. A believer??? You Betcha!!!
  5. by   Ike Arumba
    ok, i've read all of these...extremely spooky! i'm going to try to go to bed now...but keep these stories coming...i love them!!!!
  6. by   MrsMommaRN
    okay here's one of my personal ones.....
    my maternal grandfather died in 2001 i was always very close to him and devastated by his death. a few things have happened since he has passed to convince me he's still with me. the day after he died i layed down my 15 month old son in his crib for a nap and went into my room to take a nap myself. i was crying and sitting on the edge of my bed and my son comes toddling in and sees me crying. i am surpirsed at his presence becuase he was just in his crib with both rails up. i said how did you get out of your bed monkey? he pointed to his room and said he help me. i had a feeling that it was my grandpa getting my son out of be to come be with me.
    about a month later we were playing in his room and a few of his electronic toys (a police car and something else i can't remember were going nuts. my son looked up at his bedroom window and said see grandpa is here in the window.
  7. by   MrsMommaRN
    Quote from 58flyer
    he is a caucasian male, about 35, dark brown hair, green eyes, about 5'10", slim build, wearing a blue/white vertical pinstripe long sleeve shirt, open at the collar, no tie, navy blue pants and black dress shoes. i decide that at the lull, i will look him in the face and see what his issue is. the time comes, i throw the bucket past him, and take a long pause to gather my nerves. i look him straight in those green eyes, we just stare at each other for some time. then he says, " we appreciate what you's guys are doing here, and we love you for it brother, take care of yourself." and he turned and walked away.
    wow such a great story. wouldn't it be neat if you could some how get more information from your dream? like a message to give someone. very cool i think it is so awesome you were able to voulenteer your time to such an incredible cause. bless you.:blushkiss
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  8. by   babiesX2
    I had an elderly woman terminal with cancer who had fallen at home and broken her hip. Hip surgery was done, and she was recovering. I came into report one day and noticed her name wasn't on the report sheet (she had been on there when I left the day before). The night nurse told us in report that around 10PM she started asking what time it was. A few hours later she started asking "Is it 4:50 yet?" The night nurse would tell her no. The more seasoned nurses told the assigned nurse she needed to be in the room at 4:50. Yep, easy enough to guess. . . the pt died at exactly 4:50 AM!

    The floor I work on now has a L&D suite that the night nurses all believe is haunted. There was a really traumatic event that occurred in that room. The area had recently been remodeled before the event. The spooky occurrences started just a few nights later. I covered one night, and the call bell kept going off in that room. We didn't have any laboring pts. After it happened a few times, we closed the doors and propped open the door to the station so we could hear "who it was sneaking in to freak with us". It continued. Each time we would go and check the room. After about the 10th time it had gone off that night, 2 nurses checked again and came back running and freaking out. We went to look and the monitor strip had been taken and wrapped all over the room! It was wrapped around the bed and chair legs -- just really weird. We cleaned up the mess, but the light continued going off about every 30 minutes until around 5AM. :uhoh21:
  9. by   sydylo
    What traumatic event happened in the L&D room?
  10. by   babiesX2
    Quote from sydylo
    What traumatic event happened in the L&D room?
    A vbac gone horribly wrong with a tragic ending.
  11. by   caba35
    Likely a scientific reason
  12. by   christymwinn
    Ok I just have to say that I have sat here and read ALL of these in one fell swoop and they were just awesome!!! That dream about ground zero is amazing!!! I hope more people visit this site and add more stories!
  13. by   MAP1
    Hi, while working in CCU I had a patient that I worked with for 10 hours. We swaned her, Aline , many IV drips etc. In the 11th hour she died. Her cardiologist came in and said we could disconnect her from everything -vent, Aline, Swan - He was going to call the daughter in California and inform her of her mothers death. As I was removing everything another nurse came in to help me - she said "I think she is breathing" - she was , I quickly put her back on the monitor and she was in sinus rhythm - and breathing . I told the cardiologist who had just spoke to the daughter that she was back. we retubed her, replaced swan and Aline - he called the daughter who said she was coming. Early that next morning she arrive at the hospital went to see her mother who had been unresponsive before and her mother opened her eyes and squeezed her had and then died. the daughter said when she received the news from the doctor she dropped to the floor and begged God to let her see her mother once more. We were all freaked out about this and I have never seen anything like it before or since.