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orthopedics, LTC, rehab, pediatrics
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ssgtmom has 19 years experience and specializes in orthopedics, LTC, rehab, pediatrics.

I am have been an LPN for 19 years. I absolutely love what I do! Nursing is a passion for me, second only to being a Mom.

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    greetings everyone. i wanted to get some feedback on a situation i recently encountered. i was recently reprimanded about documentation in a patient's chart. i have been an lpn for 19 years and while i am not perfect, i think my documentation is clear. i have always documentated things my patients have said in quotes. recently while caring for a very beligerent patient, the patient called me a "f****** b****". we had been told to document carefully as psych was coming in to do a consult. i documented word for word what the patient had said. when my manager reprimanded me, she said that i should not have written exactly what the patient said but simply stated that the patient "used vulgar language". i personally feel that everyone will have a different perceptions of what "vulgar" is and that quoting the patient was the right thing to do. i have been out of school for a while, so perhaps i was wrong to quote directly. any opinions? thanks!!
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    Well, this isn't really a "ghost story" but it was sure creepy at the time. My friend Walter and I worked nights on a nursing home unit. Room 14 had an sweet pair of ladies in it. A bed was a bedridden lady with dementia, who often chanted something that sounded like "oh hala" over and over again. B bed was a recent admit with mild dementia. Walter and I would often discuss how creepy Mrs. A beds chanting could be at night. One night we hear Mrs. B bed scream for help and Mrs. A bed chanting loudly. We looked at each other and took off for the room. You can only imagine our horror when we reached the dimly lit room to find Mrs. B bed "hovering" off of the floor next to her bed with Mrs. A bed still chanting. When we hit the lights the truth of the situation became far less scary than the original scene. Mrs. B bed was stuck between the side rail and the bed at her waist and in her effort to free herself, hit the bed up button. Mrs. A bed was just upset over all of the comotion. :roll Michele