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grace90 is a LPN, LVN and specializes in ortho/neuro/general surgery.

ortho/neuro/general surgery

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  1. You Know You're a Nurse When...

    Some of our parenteral nutrition lipids come in glass bottles still, with the stoppers and the aluminum disc. So does IV etoh.
  2. D50 rectal?

    We have Glucagon we can give IM or SQ if a pt is unconscious with a low blood sugar and no IV site. We also have the gel for an alert pt with no IV access. The nice thing about all this is that we have the protocol to treat the low blood sugar with a...
  3. A Morbid Poll I know.

    Eeeeek! Thinking about that really creeped me out! Sounds like something from a horror movie. I think I would want to be cremated and turned into a reef ball to help rebuild coral.
  4. Song lyrics that remind you of nursing...

    U2, Wild Honey "Slow down, slow down my beating heart, slow down..." for pts in rapid a-fib, SVT or V-Tach, etc :heartbeat:redbeathe
  5. What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    that's wonderful that you made sure the patient and his daughters were able to say goodbye :redbeathe:redbeathe
  6. What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    We have an empty unit in our hospital currently. It still has supplies on it, so we go up there occasionally (actually daily) to snag some when we are out of something, especially on nights. One nurse went a-borrowing up there and saw a call-light on...
  7. What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    Not to be too much of a beach:cool:, but could you guys take this outside, the OT discussion that is. Gracey
  8. Strange things found on (or in) a pt.

    Yup, I agree. Too bad it got written off.
  9. Snotty Physicians Office Receptionist

    What a 'female dog'! :angryfire:crying2:
  10. Funny dreams about your job as a nurse

    yesterday I had a dream that I was planning to call in due to a migraine but couldn't seem to get my cell phone dialed to the hospital's staffing office, or the supervisor's number
  11. Would you quit being such a #$%&@ to everyone who comes within 5 feet of your mother's room? Every single @#$% time she's admitted you have to make a complete #$% of yourself by being so demanding and rude and downright impossible and mean. If ...
  12. Unbelievable Family Members

    I agree. That's worth getting a petition going about, not that I have any idea how to do that.
  13. You Know You're a Nurse When...

    you know you're a nurse when you watch a battle scene in a narnia video and when one of the brothers gets stabbed:cry:, you immediately start doing a mental ABC on him, and in a scene a little later when he's on the ground gasping with rapid shallow ...
  14. That's the million dollar question that I am so sick of answering. Or rather, trying to explain to patients and family members that I don't know exactly what time doctors make their rounds, or what patients they see first. It's as if I carry a crysta...
  15. I want an honest opinion of this crap

    baloney kaka is what it sounds like, crap right out of a bull's #$%! what the heck? I wonder how many staff will quit now. Mad cuz she didn't get tpa? Hello! It was a TIA! Sounds like the only neurological deficit she has is a major lack of common ...