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  1. I don't know about everyone else, but I have a hell of a time spelling the easiest words. That is, I used to be awesome at spelling "pre"-nursing school! Now that I'm all grown up (statusRNist) I can't spell a word like "tomorrow"--but can spell "neutropenia." I'm sure you get the idea, right? Any comments?
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  3. by   gwenith
    TGFSC! - Thank god for spell checkers!! On the board I use iespell.
  4. by   Monica RN,BSN
    My spellin and typin sucks... Glad it is not a true reflection on my knowledge and nursing skills.............Humm.. There's a thought
  5. by   traumajunkie600
    Microsoft Excel - Great to check for those typos!
  6. by   Tweety
    I make many spelling errors, but most are typos because I go very fast and don't preview.

    I can never spell definitely, I always spell "definately".
  7. by   Noney
    Gwenith What is iespell?

    HOWE DUU EYE UUseit??? LOL
  8. by   gwenith
    It is a freedownload - they do ask you to "donate" though it is very good and all I have to do is left click on the mouse and it does a spell check - mind you it is all in Standard American Spelling and keeps picking me up on my use of colour, flavour, generalise and other "English/Australian" spelling!:chuckle
  9. by   Todd SPN
    [i]I always spell "definately". [/B]
    That's WRONG
  10. by   niteshiftnurse
    Gwenith, What is the website for the download
  11. by   P_RN

    You can add medical/technical words to your dictionary just like in MS Office. It is really good.

    And Gwenith there is a UK list there. It should be nearly the same as the Australian-right? It's in the data section.
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  12. by   IowaKaren
    I discovered a download called GuruNet that is always running on my computer. It is very helpful and I use it as a dictionary, encyclopedia, medical reference, etc. It is simple to use, just hit the ALT key and click on word you question, or type into a small box your term or phrase and it will look it up in many references. It works as a thesaurus and also gives translations. Pretty cool feature. You can look at this website to download it: www.gurunet.com
  13. by   Dayray
    I have this same problem. I was always more math minded but OMG! after nursing school I cant spell anything but medical stuff. I find myself planning my charting around words I can actually spell or purposly writeing a littel sloppy the words i cant spell LOL.

    :edited to fix spelling mistakes (im sure I dident get them all ) going to download now!
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  14. by   MrRNman
    That's seriously funny! I find myself doing the same thing--I think it actually takes me longer to chart because I try to word things around my brain-fartish spelling!