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Some parents absoulutely amaze me. Not really, just how stupid and petty and vindictive can they be. Case in point. Parents of a 3 yo child. Bring that cute little child in for swallowing a... Read More

  1. by   FireStarterRN
    The first story didn't seem to warrent the outcry that ensued. In fact, it sounds like something I might have done. A lot of 3 year olds are old enough to understand and learn from things. I can just see myself saying "See, here's the quarter you swallowed, look at it. See all the trouble it caused!"

    I really don't see that those particular parents should be insulted like all this. In fact, I don't like it when healthcare workers start a feeding frenzy about some of their patients and their families.

    We all have our dumb moments as parents. I had a good friend whose husband accidentally ran over and killed their 4 year old daughter. You can't judge people by their worst mistakes.
  2. by   nurz2be
    I have seen some nearly intolerable things, why do they seem to always happen at Wal-Mart. One thing that happened a few weeks ago that I actually went to the mother and removed the kid and called the cops, which I normally wouldn't do but this is what happened....

    I was in the Christmas aisle looking around with my hubby. I noticed a cart go by, I had to scoot my cart over, with a little, maybe 2 at the most, curly haired little girl. She was being allowed to stand in the front of the cart ( I won't even get into this). Mom turned to look at the aisle behind her and I was about 5-6 feet from the little girl when in slow motion the little tyke reaches for a stocking on the shelf and falls out (head first) onto the floor. I jumped and went to her and by the time I was there her mom in a LOUD voice started screaming, "Why the hell did you do that" while shaking the little girl who had just hit head first onto the concrete floor. I pulled out my cell and told my hubby to call the cops and I pulled the little girl from the mom (Probably not the wisest but I am a mom and the only thing I could think to do was hold the little girl and make sure she wasn't bleeding). The mother was screaming at me and the little girl for being a Dumb Sh** and falling out. I just sat their rocking the little girl til security came, paramedics and cops. I was so angry I was shaking all over and crying myself because I was so furious with this person (used very loosely). I don't know what ended up happening but I hope they arrested her arse.
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    Quote from jlsRN
    I mean, in my 30 years of parenting, I'm never had an embarrassing moment, and I've certainly never lost my temper! I've definately never snapped at any of my children in a public place! I've never uttered a curse word either!

    You all may touch my robe as I pass!:angel2:
    There's a BIG difference between getting annoyed w/ a kid in the supermarket at 12 noon when he/she is usually awake and pummeling him/her in Wal-Mart at 12 midnight for rubbing his/her eyes tired and crying. Saying something like Da--it just behave is not the same as calling the child a B--ch in public and I have seen it. No parent is perfect. There are so many people I see who are downright cruel to the children, let them run wild and unsupervised across the parking lot or in the hospital, or have them dressed for July in December. My kids have coloured each others' faces COMPLETELY w/ markers, eaten food out of the kitchen trash while i was in the bathroom and washed the wallpaper w/ baby wipes during a nap. That is life and that's normal. Being cruel and neglectful is just horrible and we see it way too much! I am sure you're a good parent in general. I don't think anyone is razzing people for imperfection, but rather downright neglect, stupidity, and even abuse. The case of that beautiful little girl they found in Galveston a few weeks ago is just too horrible to even think about. Mayb I am mean, but I would've been very irritated w/ the people whose kid swallowed the quarter right after it was removed. I do think it was dumb to do it. Funny, not cruel ,but really dumb. A person who runs over his child by accident deserves only our deepest symapthy. That is a terrible, terrible accident.
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  4. by   Duflinkka
    I just completed a peds clinical rotation, and it was all I could do to keep from saying, "Hey, you - outta the gene pool!" to most of the parents I met.

  5. by   FireStarterRN
    You know, I really understand where people are coming from with their frustrations here. I just think all this talk of eugenics and that 'stupid people ought to not breathe nor breed' is distasteful and really shouldn't be posted on a public forum that represents nursing. Sorry to be a killjoy, but it rubs me the wrong way and reminds me of some of the thinking from the 1930s that led to some awful stuff.

    I just don't like making fun of less fortunate people. I know there are a lot of lousy parents out there, but this thread bothers me. I guess I won't post on it anymore.
  6. by   birdgardner
    Kylee, if you're carrying a sleeping baby in a carrier and have two little ones to keep by the hand, those Mommy spaces are a godsend. Now that my children are bigger, or when I just had one with me, I left the spaces to someone who needed them more.
  7. by   Diahni
    Quote from jlsRN
    You know, I really understand where people are coming from with their frustrations here. I just think all this talk of eugenics and that 'stupid people ought to not breathe nor breed' is distasteful and really shouldn't be posted on a public forum that represents nursing. Sorry to be a killjoy, but it rubs me the wrong way and reminds me of some of the thinking from the 1930s that led to some awful stuff.

    I just don't like making fun of less fortunate people. I know there are a lot of lousy parents out there, but this thread bothers me. I guess I won't post on it anymore.
    Who said these are less fortunate parents? Because the incident happened at Walmart? Bad parents populate every social class. Ever hear about the CNN reporter Anderson Cooper's background? I grew up with the children of wealthy parents who spent precious little time being parents, and were just awful to their kids. Nurses see the repercussions of neglect and abuse. As well, they are legally required to report what they observe. People are here to exchange thoughts, not "represent nursing." But you do have a point - the 30s in Europe are much closer in our memories than the genocide we, or I should say the European colonists, did to the original Americans. Maybe not all of us, but my father was injured physically and mentally in Germany in the 40s, and the damage is passed on from generation to generation, so WWII is ever present in my memory. btw, I don't like to say "native" Americans because it implies the all the tribes that lived here are somehow less civilized than the white settlers who systematically wiped them out. They weren't as technologically advanced as the Nazis, but they had clever methods, such as "peace offerings" of small pox infected blankets. But truly, I don't think people ranting about bad parents are picking out any particular ethnic group here. I don't think you're being a killjoy by saying so - let's face it, it does seem very very creepy to think anybody could tell someone if they are "worthy" of being a parent. But really, when you see the way some parents treat their kids, you wish you could bring the kids home with you. It's just heart breaking. What can you do but vent?
  8. by   imenid37
    We may say tongue in cheek "stupid people shouldn't breed, etc' It's a joke, a vent to some extent. To another extent it is truly born out of frustration with people who do not take of the kids they have, but yet have more and more or fail to take advice, suggestions, etc. and bring child in for same problem, accident, etc. over and over again. This wastes time and resources, but most importantly is not good for the child. Not to mention that they are often bringing up a kid who may not be attentive to his/her own children's needs. Everyone of us has done some amazingly stupid things at some point in our lives or at many points. Hopefully, we learn and do not do them over and over. The people who let the kid eat the quarter again, subjected that kid to possibly more pain, risk of sedation, etc. by what they did--not good for the kid. Poor kid, he doesn't know any better. They are not cruel, but they they were not thinking and ultimately the kid would pay the price if he was sent back to endoscopy again.
    The woman who slapped the girl being sutured is stupid--she doesn't realize that at the child's level of development, her response it totally understandable. Worst of all she is cruel to her child. She would be someone I'd report to children/youth services. Just the other day a mom of baby #3 asked us when are we going to tell her to feed the baby. She doesn't think she fed her for "like most of the day" and she has been crying on and off. That's very frustrating!!! Maybe we are dumb to expect a 30 year old 3rd time mom to know it is time to feed her baby when we have explained to her about feedings and shown her where the bottles are and how to call the nurse w/ questions.
  9. by   Ms Kylee
    After reading this thread I am so glad I realized at a young age (ok, I was 19.. *LOL*) that I could never be a good parent and I was not parent material, so I didn't have kids. I've never regretted that decision but I sure get a lot of flack from people who have kids and make it their business to let me know I missed out on so much. I probably did, but I knew my limits. I knew I couldn't provide for a child or children financially, and I could never be as good of a Mom as my Mom is. Maybe I am being selfish, but there's no child or children being neglected because I gave birth to children I didn't want.
  10. by   squeakykitty
    I have seen selfishness in parents and heard of it. How about the divorcing parents where the mother took her kid around to all the doctors, trying to drum up evidence that her ex-husband was sexually abusing the kid. He was not, it was proven he wasn't, and the mother ended up losing custody of her kid.:angryfire
    How about the divorcing parents who drag their kid into the mess by using the kids to get back at the other parent.
    The mother who slapped her kid when having stitches should not be a parent if crying bothered her that much.:angryfire
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    Quote from Arwen_U
    Ugh. I get angry when I hear parents curse at their kids or tell them to shut up. Makes me so dang mad.

    Once I was helping a PA suture a big nasty gash on a little girl's big toe - she was about 7 years old - and she was really trying to be still, but it hurt, you know? So she was wiggling and hollering a little, and I'm trying to hold her and reassure her. She was doing about as well as could be expected, and out of nowhere, her mother slapped her across the face for crying. It was all I could do to not slap Mom back. :angryfire
    How long ago did this happen? Wouldn't CPS get involved on something like that?
  12. by   Satori77
    Quote from pedsnursebs
    As a pediatric nurse, I too have seen SO many BAD parents who have absolutely NO clue how to handle the seven or more children they have brought into this world. I came into contact with one mother who had her newborn baby admitted for hyperbilirubinemia while she had a one year old on her hip & three more kiddos under the age of five at home!...the best for last...3 of the five have different "baby daddies"!! So I guess that's four different fathers! How ignorant can people be?!?! Do we need to explain the birds & the bees to these people again or what? They say ignorance is bliss...I for one have NO patience for ignorant people...especially ignorant baby making machines!!:trout:
    When my mom worked at a family practice, she saw this all the time. Some even admitted to having more kids because welfare would pay them more. :smackingf
  13. by   rph3664
    And then they encourage their kids to act up in school, or act like they are retarded, so they can get SSI for them.


    People like this are why SSI has a bad reputation.