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  1. Diahni

    Excelsior Nursing Program?

    Good point, Suesquatch.
  2. Diahni

    Excelsior Nursing Program?

    Good point, Suesquatch.
  3. Diahni

    Share NCLEX online resources

    Greetings all: I found this "tips for taking the NCLEX" .pdf and thought I'd post it - meanwhile, if anybody finds any useful stuff online, please share! http://nursing.unc.edu/current/counseling/nclex/nclex_top10.pdf
  4. In a word, "yes." Why not? As long as that's what you want to do.
  5. Of course, it depends. But in the case of getting medical information about oneself or a family member, the person speaking to you will not "dumb down" the information one receives. If he or she knows you are informed, who knows, likely you'll get more complete and detailed information.
  6. Diahni


    I don't know which is the worse bummer - that somebody would be so cruel to post such a hoax, or that ALL the airlines don't offer flights for nurses and other medical people. Geesh, what's wrong with people? I heard the statistic last night - 212,000 people have perished. It's unfathomable.
  7. Diahni

    What is the BEST and WORST nursing fields?

    My husband works with people with serious mental disabilities trying to make it on their own, and he describes the work as a breeze, just hangin' and helping them cope. The only thing we could all agree on is that toxic people can poison a work environment. To each his own.
  8. Diahni

    was called a liar by another nurse!

    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I doubt if you could create a "professional and respectful" dynamic with her. Take it to the boss.
  9. nursing research sounds interesting - I'd bet I'd need a MSN for that? Thanks! Diahni
  10. Hi Everybody, From time to time, an allnurses.com member will ask about "most stressful job," "best paying job," etc. Well, I am wondering if anybody will kindly weigh in on this...I am very independent and love to build things - I built a hot tub, fix my car, do plumbing and wiring in my house. Even back in nursing school, I'd constantly be thinking of innovative ways to do things, and quickly found out about the "right way, wrong way and the nursing way." Is there anybody here who feels that his or her job allows for creativity and autonomy? To be sure, one of the best things about nursing is there is no question about "making a difference" to other people. This is great, but I need something more. Any ideas? I know there will always be paperwork and having to answer to supervisors. But I'd like to explore ways in which I could use my "inner inventor." Thanks much! Diahni
  11. Lisa, Aren't there formats for care plans online? Diahni
  12. Diahni

    Man in "Vegetative State" was conscious for 23 Years

    This is awful - I understand that new technology was able to determine his mental status, i.e, that there was normal brain function. Sounds like a Stephen King novel.
  13. Hi Everybody: Here's an article about the shortage of primary care doctors in the US. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/04/27/health/policy/27care.html?_r=1&hp
  14. Diahni

    Apple in hot water over 'baby shaker' computer game.

    Obviously, it was written by (sorry) a guy who never had a kid.
  15. Diahni

    New Grads, A Few Words of Encouragement

    But...whatever happened to "nurses can get a job anytime, work whenever and wherever they want?"