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  1. Excelsior Nursing Program?

    Good point, Suesquatch.
  2. Excelsior Nursing Program?

    Good point, Suesquatch.
  3. Share NCLEX online resources

    Greetings all: I found this "tips for taking the NCLEX" .pdf and thought I'd post it - meanwhile, if anybody finds any useful stuff online, please share! http://nursing.unc.edu/current/counseling/nclex/nclex_top10.pdf
  4. What is the BEST and WORST nursing fields?

    My husband works with people with serious mental disabilities trying to make it on their own, and he describes the work as a breeze, just hangin' and helping them cope. The only thing we could all agree on is that toxic people can poison a work envir...
  5. was called a liar by another nurse!

    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I doubt if you could create a "professional and respectful" dynamic with her. Take it to the boss.
  6. Lisa, Aren't there formats for care plans online? Diahni
  7. Shortage of Primary Care MDs in US

    Hi Everybody: Here's an article about the shortage of primary care doctors in the US. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/04/27/health/policy/27care.html?_r=1&hp
  8. New Grads, A Few Words of Encouragement

    But...whatever happened to "nurses can get a job anytime, work whenever and wherever they want?"
  9. A caveat, though. I would think that you'd start to get a sense of the "flavor" of the questions after taking a couple of the exams, and then write your own. But even so, there's nothing better than getting the info from the "horses mouth." diahni\
  10. Luna: I believe you! too bad they're so expensive! Diahni
  11. Lisa, Did you take the exam yet? I'd say it is difficult to compare micro to the nursing concepts exams. Please let me know how you did. I am wondering if its worth using the practice exams that Excelsior provides, since they cost nearly a third of t...
  12. Ageism in Nursing School..

    Funny, isn't it? Even though we're supposed to grow and mature, it seems that some people never do. Meanwhile, some people are born mature. I'm not sure where "horse sense" fits into this equation! But you're right - the "mean" thing that goes on in ...
  13. Ageism in Nursing School..

    Hey, you never know who is going to decide to use you to vent about their own frustrations. I had a handful of experiences in school, but this one was actually funny. There was a guy about my age, late 40s, whom I had heard was once a prison guard. O...
  14. Dealing with horrible smells....

    I have heard about the Vicks cure - I have one of those "Air Purifiers" you wear like a necklace, and it does blow a bit of fresh air in your face. They're also supposed to work to kill viruses.
  15. Natasha Richardson's TBI and demise

    Greetings: Does anyone work with people who have brain injuries? I would like to know about this sad and untimely death. I have read Ms. Richardson didn't get to a hospital for four hours. Yet her fall, they're assuming, caused a ruptured artery. How...