So conflicted..hate current job..two new options

  1. Ive been working in an ER for about 8 months now. First RN job out of school, second degree, etc. Its the busiest ER in my state. And I loathe going to work everyday. I feel anxious days before I have to go back. While I recognize Im still fairly new, I have worked in healthcare for 4 years now, and think its the ER that is just not a great fit. I've found I want less patient interaction, less risk at my fingertips. Its all too stressful. I've even started regretting becoming a nurse.

    I have two opportunities right is working in the OR, with a 3 year contract. One is working for Ashfield Healthcare talking to patients on the phone about their drugs and cataloguing adverse events for pharm companies....two VERY different career paths. No idea which to choose. I fear I hate my current job so much I cant think clearly. HELP.
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  3. by   Sour Lemon
    Neither one of those sound very good ...especially for a newer nurse. What if you hate the three year contract job? The second one sounds misreable, too all day?
  4. by   caliotter3
    Well, do you want a cold turkey break with the phone job, or do you think you might be able to 'bring it down a notch' in the OR? Take a week or so off to destress and mull over your decision.
  5. by   klone
    I would choose the first one. I think I would die of ennui at the second job.
  6. by   TwoLayi
    I would go with the OR, except the for the 3 year contact. If you hate the OR you would be stuck there. I wouldn't go with the 2nd one either, it would be hard to transition back to bedside care if you ever wanted go back. I would wait it out until something better comes up.
  7. by   CrunchRN
    I did telephonic case management. Great hours, but so boring.
  8. by   Newgradnurse17
    Agree. Don't take either job. You are so close to a year now, just wait it out and apply for jobs that are more suited to you. Take some leave if possible too. A good break always helps.
  9. by   Meriwhen
    Honestly, I'd try to stick it out four more months at the ER. That will give you a year's experience, which will make you more marketable for a lot of positions.

    But if you really feel like you need to get out of Dodge ASAP and HAD to choose one of the two...take the OR job. I've done work similar to your other choice, and while I learned a lot of both information and skills, it got too boring for me. Maybe in 10 years it will be a perfect fit for me...but I'd rather be at the bedside right now.

    Best of luck whatever you decide!
  10. by   Been there,done that
    No brainer from this crusty old bat. OR and a 3 year contract is just another major stressor. Talking to clients on the phone? priceless.

    Best wishes with your decision.
  11. by   Mavrick
    OR is a perfectly fine job for a new grad. They have to teach you everything anyway as you don't learn much about OR in nursing school.

    The concern is your ability to honor a 3 year contract. I don't know how much you thought you would like ER but in 8 months you barely know what you are doing wherever you might have started.

    Talk with people that know you and seriously reflect on what you think your needs are. Nursing is always stressful in the beginning so don't let this one experience freak you out that you can't ever find a field that fits and be a good nurse.
  12. by   KristinWW
    Pay: If you are taking a pay cut with the Ashfield position, add pay to your decision.

    Schedule: The OR will likely have you working M - F, 7 - 3:30, unless they are a trauma center. Does that schedule work for you?

    Stress: OR stress is still high, and you will have many more eyes watching and critiquing you - you will never be alone with your pt. However, you'll be a pro at pre-op assessment, fast documentation, and procedures such as Foley insertions.

    Nursing skills: You'll lose skills from the ED in both positions, and employers wants nurses with RECENT experience if you decide to go back to an ED or similar position.

    You began by discussing your anxiousness, then stated you want less pt interaction/less risk. Could it be the pace is too much for your current skill level, and not the latter? I tend to agree with the other responses; I would hate to see you leave just to get into another position that makes you miserable. What was it about the ED that prompted you to choose it?
  13. by   WVpaula
    30 year nurse here. The BEST thing about nursing is, that if you become dissatisfied, you can reinvent yourself. Try something different! Dont fret. There are too many options. Try a float pool for awhile. You might end up falling in love with something totally unexpected. Chin up
  14. by   Green Tea, RN
    I work in OR.

    OR is quite different from other nursing specialities. Surgeon, assistant, CRNA, and/or surgical tech can be nasty/abusive in a closed operating room. I definitely would not recommended a OR job with three years contract.