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I replied to "What's in your pocket at the end of the day" and got to thinking about my New Years Resolution.I decided to quit smoking! Yeah I know..Yada Yada Yada. Smoking made my house, clothes,... Read More

  1. by   duckie
    I for one really appreciate the support and encouragement. I slipped this weekend, had a very bad emotional time. But I didn't fall, only slipped. I am not going to continue this nasty, dirty, expensive, smelly habit. I will be totally smoke free. It's a little harder at times cause even though hubby don't smoke in front of me, I know he has them and it's like being a little kid, knowing the cookies are in the jar in the kitchen. But I'll get there, one day at a time. Thanks for the caring, you are all great!!!!
  2. by   sharann

    Good for you, knowing a slip is just that. Move forward. Practice does make perfect. Just remember, if you are like me and most smoker's, you do not want "Just one" You want them ALL!
    Keep the quit going. I'm with you, ktwlpn is too, so are Karen, JW, and Sheila among probably many others.
  3. by   thisnurse can do it. i know i can do it but i just keep putting off yet another battle with myself.
    i quit for over a year once. cold turkey. then i fooled myself into thinking i could have just one.
  4. by   semstr
    keep it up!
    I stopped sept. 21, but I started again 2 weeks ago. Due to......... oh well, what ever! not feeling well, being fed up with everything, hubby still smoking etc.
    Thing is: I was fed up with not smoking and still being all tight up after 3 months.
    It is easier here in Europe, although smokers don't have it easy here, it is no comparising with the US.
    We still have restaurants where you can have your cig after dinner and nobody looks at you, as though they want to kill you.
    And in the hospitals we still have smokersrooms, for patients as well as for personell. In fact, here it the federal law to install these rooms, becuase patients are not supposed to leave (ai step out of the front door) of the hospital.

    But keep it up!! But be careful, it happens faster as you may think!!

    Take care, Renee
  5. by   Karen4HIM1951
    Keep it up! You will NOT believe how good it will make you feel!

    A friend of mine quit in October - has had many less Md visit trips and has felt 100% healthier!

    I carried tootsie pops in my cigarette case instead of smokes.
    they lasted longer that alot of cigarette substitute food does and the sticks came in handy to occupy the hands (even after the tootsie pop was gone). I use to tap the sticks on the stearing wheel (like I was packing the tobacco in the cigarette), twirl them around in my fingers, chew on them , and even unravel them slowly! It did help! after about a year I didn't even need one tootsie pop!
  6. by   nurs4kids
    So, thanks to the motivation here, I went to the doc and got a script for wellbutrin(?sp). Okay, I actually went for an ear infection, but did get the wellbutrin while i was there. Got it instead of Zyban so my ins. would cover the drug.

    Couple questions for those who have been successful with zyban/wellbutrin:

    1) How long does it take before it starts helping??

    2) When is the best time of day to take??

    3) How long do you continue taking it after you quit smoking?

    thanks for any info!

    good luck to my co-quitters!!!!!
  7. by   RNIAM
    I sure wish I had had this thread when i quit smoking over two years ago. What worked for me is getting angry at the cig companies for addicting me to those things. Then I stopped smoking indoors,I was outside for all of my smoking for about three years before I quit I tried about 6-10 times to quit and never did it. Each time a quit was for a little longer. I decided to quit when i had to have surgery. two weeks before the prceedure i quit cold turkey.I bought fireball candies and ate then whenever i felt the urge to smoke. I also ate pretzels,tons of them. I only went to non-smoking places. I always brushed my teeth after every meal. I gave up coffee for the first 2-3 months, now I drink a coffee like a used too and it doesn't make me crave cigs. I promised myself the days I quit smoking that I wouldn't take my frustrations out on my family and I am happy to report that I kept my promise. I remember being incredibly tired and unable to focus. I went minute by minute for awhile ,then the cravings got less and less. I wish I could say that the cravings have completly disapeared but i can't. I don't have them very often but when I do get one it is tough for me to deal with.I hope waht I have said gave you some ideas. Good luck to everyone and trust me when i say this. If I can do it anyone can. If you want to vent,rant or rave at someone who can relate,feel free to send an email. I promise to reply as soon as I can
  8. by   kaycee
    I haven't had a cig in 1 week. I had surgery last Fri and I can't drive. Nobody else in my family smokes and they wouldn't get me any even if I asked (which I didn't) . I figure this may be a good time. I can't drive for another week at least, maybe longer. Boy do I want one though. Especially now while I'm at the computer. Give me strength.
    I do have some Wellbutrin laying around from another try to quit time. Maybe I'll start that. Wish me luck guys, I'm gonna need it.
  9. by   Karen4HIM1951
    I'll pray for you - after you make it thru your first 2 weeks - DO NOT go back - the first two weeks are the worse (my family wanted to drown me!)

    After you make it thru the first month you pretty well have it licked - you've been thru the worse-It will NOT get any harder, in fact - it will get EASIER!

    I used tootsie pops (see my earlier posting on how I used the sticks to help). After about 6 months I found the tootsie pop usage started decreasing as well!

    Some people have NO MORE CRAVINGS after quitting - but not me! I haven't touched a cigarette in 5 years and I occasionally get the craving bad (when I smell a cigarette) Now that isn't as often either - but it still does happen.

    You need to treat it like alcoholics treat One drink or one beer - NEVER take that first one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you do, chances are you are SUNK!

  10. by   essarge
    Quit December 2nd here. I know it's hard to believe but, I just got up and didn't want one anymore. Tired of not being able to breathe and the other crap that goes along with it. Hubby followed suit two weeks later because he couldn't smoke in the house! Did catch the 16yo smoking in the shower after I quit. Some moron told him that if he smoked with the shower running that there wouldn't be any smoke because of the steam!! LOL! He also got caught in his bedroom (after the shower). Now he knows better because I can even smell it on his clothes.

    Best of luck to those that are trying! It's tough at times but tootsie rolls got me through one or two cravings too!!
  11. by   sharann
    Don't start again Kaycee! You are doing great. If you made it thriugh hell week (week 1) you will be o.k. Cravings are just a feeling,like any other. Sometimes you feel like killing someone,but you don't. Same with smoking. You feel like it but just don't. The feeling will pass and there you go!
    Get well soon,
    (p.s: I quit on Nov 16th and my family survived)
  12. by   Cubby
    I was hoping this thread would go away and I wouldn't have to confess. But.....I am not doing well at all, I had a couple of slips, then just gave up? Doesn't make sense does it? My husband is a great support, as are all of my kids, grandkids and co-workers, but alas it didn't work for me this time!
    I am only buying one pack of cigs at a time(I guess I'm trying to delude myself into thinking 'If I don't buy a carton..') I haven't given up entirely on the idea of quitting, but I'm not sure it's going to work this time.
    Duckie--Hope it's going well for you. You may be the inspiration I need. Good luck!
  13. by   Karen4HIM1951
    Well - I did a lot of research when I quit - read that nicotine addiction is harder to shake than Heroin addiction!!!

    After quitting - I believe it! The only way I could was to FIRMLY make up my mind (my own mind-not have someone pressure me into it- I had to be ready) AND I had to turn it over to God!

    I guess that's why I could quit after 28 years - cold turkey! - I didn't do it GOD DID!!!!!!!!!