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:D Just wondering how many of ya'll health-conscious nurses smokes (tobacco products that is) :roll Just curious!... Read More

  1. by   Tookie
    Never smoked
    wish my husband didnt - it concerns me as we get olde - but not a nag - yet
  2. by   BrandyBSN
    I smoked like a chimney in school, but since graduating in May, I dont smoke nearly as much as a used to. In school, freshman and sophomore year I smoked over a pack a day, junior and senior year it was 1.5-2 packs a day because I moved off campus to my own apartment, and when I was lonely or board, I would smoke. Now, without really trying I have noticed myself smoking less and less. Now, i smoke maybe 10 a day, and most of the time it is less. Most of the nurses I work with in ER smoke, so I dont feel bad watching their patients for them. I never ask a non-smoker to look after my patients just so I can go smoke. It doesnt seem fair to me unless I can return the favor! Two things that I do do... I do NOT smoke in my house, since I dont like all my freshly washed clothes to smell like smoke, and I also have febreeze in my locker at work so that I can mist myself after going out on breaks, I wash my hands as soon as I get back inside, and I chew icebreaker gum so that my breath is fresh. I only smoke outside. This winter I will probably quit since I will freeze to death in the winter going outside HOws THAT for motivation
  3. by   nurse deb
    Hi! I smoked (tobacco products~lol) for about 20 years and just quit about three years ago. I've never made a better decision in my life. My husband goes outside to smoke now out of respect for me and the kids. It is a tough habit to kick, but I'm never going back. I still have cravings to light-up, especially during stressful events or after meals, but I don't. Good luck to all of those of you who are trying to quit. It can be done and I'm so glad every day that I chose to quit. I can also feel a huge difference physically. The smokers cough gone and I have enough breath to walk my son in his stroller now.

    Have a great weekend and Happy Labor Day to all nurses!!

    :roll Deb
  4. by   nurse deb
    Tell em' former nurse in North Carolina!! Thanks!!
  5. by   Rusty59
    I smoke mostly at home and never in the house. I do take my breaks at work for that purpose. However, sometimes it is more of a hassle having to go to "never-never land" for a little stress management.

    One trick to cover the smell is to carry "dryer sheets" in your pocket and rub them over your clothes afterward before Pt contact.
  6. by   live4today
    Originally posted by NurseDianne
    Just wondering how many of ya'll health-conscious nurses smokes (tobacco products that is) :roll
    Just curious!
    I took one puff of a cigarette at the age of 15, and vomited so hard I thought I was surely going to die at that moment, so I never took another puff.....and that was over 35 years ago. :kiss
  7. by   JailRN
    Have asthma-bad, never smoled, never 'not inhaled', never wanted to-married a smpker, he only smoked outside, but it was still like kissing an ashtray, started having the house professionally cleaned, (carpets, drapes, furniture) q 3 months--when he saw the bill, he quit, that was 25 years ago.
  8. by   Lausana
    No fumo nunca.

    Yes, 3 yrs of Espanol has now paid off

    Never even tried, I have other vices instead :imbar :chuckle
  9. by   nurse deb
    Me Too Leslie!! LOL
  10. by   CarolynLVN
    Well I'm a smoker , but I try to be respectful to those who don't smoke. At work I don't go on break unless I'm caught up, which is rare LOL, and before I do leave the floor, I make sure no one needs me to do anything to help them get caught up. I think everyone needs to get a break even if its just a quick walk off the floor.
  11. by   RNIAM
    Yep gotta admit it I'm a smoker. Been a smoker most of my life. Tried several times to quit till that stressful event happens and then forget it.
  12. by   beckymcrn
    I quit about 13 years ago. It was a very hard habit to break they only thing that helped me through was prayer.
  13. by   aimeee
    Never started. My grandfather was your classic COPD/CHFer, housebound, unable to get too far away from the oxygen tank, had to sleep sitting up. He had been a 3 pack a day smoker. Experiencing his last years was a potent lesson. Nobody on my side of the family smokes.