Singing the praises of AWESOME doctors!!! =)

  1. I was just reading the thread from "doctorwife" and wanted to start my own thread about AWESOME doctors. Who are some of the great doctors that you work with/for, and why?

    We have a neurosurgeon on our staff who is just the BEST. He's awesome because he's a fantastic doctor in terms of skills... he really does a great job with his patients and they really tend to do very well and go home in a rather short time. He is very very thorough, and he leaves standing orders for just about EVERYTHING that we could need to give his patients so that we don't have to call him for every little thing. However, if he does need to be called, whether it's nine o clock at night or three o clock in the morning, he is always VERY courteous, very respectful of us, and he's just a sweet guy. He is available 24/7 practically for his patients and doesn't even mind if they call him from their hospital room! He is just wonderful and we are SO blessed to have him. We have a "doctor of the year" award every year (as well as a "nurse of the year" award given to one of us by the doctors), and he's the one that I'm nominating this year.

    Then there is another doctor who I would almost swear that "doctorwife" was talking about. =) He also works with a group and is also fairly new, and he is young. He is GREAT. Just a sweet, sweet, respectful and kind person. He is so funny when he returns a page! He is like "This is ** ******, somebody PAGED ME!" The way he says it makes me think of... "Mighty Mouse is on the wayyyy! Here I come to save the dayyyy!"

    Don't get me wrong, we have other doctors at my place who are pretty great, but those two are the ones who immediately come to mind when I think of great docs.
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  3. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Dr. N. A vascular surgeon, who was about to do AAA surgery on a pt. When the pt. asked the doctor, will you pray with me", Dr. N held both hands of the pt. and said the most genuine prayer i'd ever heard, asking God to watch over the pt., to help him heal, and also ask for the wisdom and strength for himself to perform the surgery. I was in awe. I mean he just did it, no hurrying, like he'd done it all the time. I'll never forget witnessing that.
  4. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Another, Dr. A, a nephrologist, who had a dialysis pt. that had been doing poorly, getting emergency dialysis. Dr. A sat at the pt.'s bedside for 5 hours, checking heartrate, temp, BP, constantly monitoring him.
  5. by   Aneroo
    Dr. A
    He KNOWS his patients. I have never seen him in the ED- he always gives up verbal orders for admissions. But he will sit there, and is able to name off allergies, the meds the patient takes, and about 30 diagnosis. I swear he probably has a book or something.
    It will be a sad day when he goes!
  6. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Dr. S, an OB/GYN. He is SOOOO nice to staff and pts., and i've never seen him EVER get annoyed about anything. When i'd first started my training, he did a LOT of teaching, mainly just because he loves to teach. He loves when students are in the room.
  7. by   galenight
    Dr. W. who I work with in ER. He is a humanitarian and genuine nice guy. He listens to the patients, is thorough, kind and empathetic. He is great with the staff, from nurses to housekeepers. He is actually appreciative when you do something for him or the patient and he tells you so. He asks you to give med/treatment as opposed to ordering you to give it. Not like we'd ever say no, but the wording is so much more genteel. What a good guy.
  8. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I have worked with some amazing and patient physicians and midwives. There are good ones out there, for sure!
  9. by   fergus51
    Dr V (though I never call him doctor, he's a first name only kind of guy) is one of the best neonatologists I've ever worked with. Not only competent clinically, but great with parents, always polite, always takes the time to do the little things that make parents feel better, remembers everyone's name, never complains about being called in the middle of the night, and he even brings donuts in on Saturdays. It doesn't get any better than that. If he wasn't gay, I swear I would stalk him
  10. by   Jen2
    I work with three amazing women Docs in the ED. Two are attendings and one is a resident. All three were nurses before going to med school. They do everything for the patient including taking out IV's and if thats not enough they will grab the chart and chart "#18g PIV d/c'd with tip intact". Doc P. one of the attendings was an LPN, RN, RT and now a Doc. I love her the most. She will suction a trach or vented patient like it's nobody's business, and when you tell her that you wll do it she smiles and says, "Are you kidding, I love this junk, if RT paid as much as MD's made I'd have never went to med school".
  11. by   judyblueeyes
    I'm so glad you started this topic!

    Dr D. is awesome- always calm and always kind. He will sit with a patient and explain everything until the patient understands, then he will get to work on the problem. And he know his stuff!

    Also, Dr K- he worked at an after hours clinic with me while he was finishing a 8 (!) year post-doc. As a student, he didn't make tons of money and moonlighted at my old clinic to make ends meet. His enthusiasm was infectious, his dedication to his education impressive, and it was a pleasure to sit around all night with him waiting for patients. I knew when he said "Hey, come in and look at this" that I was going to see something interesting and learn something new.

    And Dr S- she overcame some seriously bad odds (including leaving an arranged marriage and bucking some serious cultural issues) to go to school. She was so sweet in temperment, I often wondered how she survived the rigors of medical school.
  12. by   traumaRUs
    In the 15 years I've been a nurse and in particular, the last 10 years in the ER, I have been priviledged to work with so many fantastic doctors that I can't name them all!
  13. by   Homesick Gypsy
    I'm not a nurse (used to be NA) but wanted to chime in about my ob/gyn. I've been with him for 10 years and besides his gentle manner and jokes, he's an excellent doctor and surgeon. Several years ago I had day surgery where I was awake. I had an adverse reaction to the local and everyone came rushing in and he stopped them in their tracks, made them be quiet, and asked ME what I needed. All I needed was to do my breathing technique and get my heart rate down and I was fine. Surgery proceeded with excellent results. After surgery, I began shaking uncontrollably and he personally wrapped me in warm blankets, and held me all the while rolling me back to my room on the gurney, then sat with me to make sure I was okay. Some friends have suggested he was afraid of a malpractice suit (first of all there was no malpractice) but I feel like he went out of his way. I just went through a hysterectomy with him and his surgical skills saved the day, and I've had amazingly few hitches in my recovery. His joking and humble attitude always put me at ease in those embarrassing physical positions. I recommended him to one of my daughter's friends when she was pregnant and although she never thought she would go to a male gynecologist, she loved him, and so did my daughter, who assisted with the delivery. He was voted one of the best ob/gyns in Dallas (by other doctors) several years running and I couldn't agree more.
  14. by   ShayRN
    You all will never believe this but I swear to God it is true. I started working for a primary doc, Dr. B, when I was 17. He supported my decision to go back to nursing school and allowed me the flexability to do so. THEN when I got pregnant with my dd, I went into his office in my 8th month (I had worked for him for 12 years by this time) and told him that I was going to put my dd in daycare across the street. I was planning on breastfeeding and running over every couple of hours to do so... he started shaking his head and my heart sank. He said to me, NOWAY are you taking that tiny little baby to daycare, we have room here, just bring her with you. So that is what I did The patients LOVED it, for the first nine monthes of my dd's life she came to work with me, then this wonderful, kind man had a stroke and had to retire. After we closed up, I still went to his house and did some work for him. His wife still calls me with updates, last I heard they just went to Scotland for vacation. (He is hard of hearing now so phone conversations are very difficult for him )