sick and tired........

  1. I know why nurses are leaving the profession, it isd becuase they are sick and tired of being kicked in the teeth.
    Got a heads up from a co-worker last night that my so-called manager is on one of her latest witch hunts, and its my turn again.
    A few weeks ago on a busy shift through the course of a 12 hour shift I managed to overlook changing a diaper for the whole shift. I realized my mistake at the end of the shift when I completed mu last round of care for this baby and realized that my diaper was very heavy. Never mind that I was in charge that day with as many agency staff as core that could not give meds, start Iv's or draw heelstick lab, now who do you think did all that??? I also managed to start a picc on one of the other nurses pt that day, and only needed others to vital or feed my babies for one round. Or that I am the one who told on myself, if I had not said it out loud, no one would have ever known.
    she has gone around to collect written statements regarding this event from those that were there that day. WTF. I am sure that it can just go right in my employee file with all of her commendations for coming in on my day off to put in piccs, all of the OT that I put in, the extra projects that I complete on my own time.... Oh wait, I don't think she has mentioned any of that.
    Except for her couple of golden children, the one who carry those sharp little daggers that slide in your back so sharply, and of course they never make mistakes..... like forgetting to restart insulin infusions, of incorrectly running dopamine infusions, or accidently setting an iv rate at 40 that should have been 14. The only times us peons exist is when we are in trouble.
    sorry for the rant, but just had to blow some steam.
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  3. by   tonchitoRN
    been there. when she brings up the subject with you be sure to write down all the extra items you did. be specific. at least if the complaint is your file it will look silly next to all the stuff you did do. good luck.
  4. by   LilgirlRN
    Sounds like you have a boss that plays favorites, they can do NO wrong and you catch heck for everything you do. It seems to not matter how much you do for a place, how much time you put in, how you are there when they call you no matter how tired you are, they still find something to complain about. I doubt very seriously that the baby was hurt because his/her diaper wasn't changed, but it sounds like you're unit can be unsafe because of the way it is staffed and that can kill a person. I would go back and copy everything I did that day and then dare her to complain. Sure babies can get skin breakdown from a dirty diaper but I would rather have a competent person like you take care of my baby and not change it's diaper than to have a skilless nurse do the care. btw was this baby's butt bigger than your hand? lol wendy
  5. by   canoehead
    If someone was asked to feed the baby what happened that they didn't notice that the diaper needed to be changed? Where I work you put it in, you clean it when it comes out, the two just go together, and I wouldn't think to TELL someone that one follows the other.
  6. by   prmenrs
    Been there, done that. I could've walked on water and still caught flack. That's why I retired. It's just too hard sometimes.

    About all you can do is keep a diary of your activities as an attempt to defend yourself.

    I feel for you, kiddo....
  7. by   P_RN
  8. by   sixes
    Been there done that although my field was home care.
    Worked 45 days striaght. On call from 0700-2300 on top of it all I carried the in town beeper all the weekends because as the boss said your on call for your districts anywas.I'd like to mention I was on the out of town primary care nurse duty the closest home was 55 Km the furthest 150km one way. Doctor put me on stress leave on day 45 and i had a scope done for undiagnosed stomach pain. It was Monday. Tuesday she call me to ask if I felt I was well enough to do the out of town wellness clinic. She siad itls only a 1 hour drive and the clinic is only 6 hours long.
    I told her I wasn't feeling well enough Low and behold Friday I recieved my walking papers via registered mail.
    I was PO'D. To make a long story short I sued and won a nice settlement. She called when she was stuck to ask if i'd work I told her to stick it. It's a small town and now I've been labeled a trouble maker. Fun thing is 3 months later the board of directors fired her
    I guess Igot the last laugh
  9. by   yannadey
    I hope you're still laughing sixes.
    Had one of those so called manager came in like a lion firing & threatening everyone in her path well seven months later she was fired & escorted out with her tail tucked between her legs like the cowardly lion. needless to say those of us left standing lined the hallway cheering.
  10. by   laurako
    Why is there such a fight between nursing and administration?!?!? I am such a patient advocate, and stick up for my floor, the patient, my staff, schedules, and it seems administration fights me in every way. Dietary called the other day and said they were short staffed, and nursing had to pass trays. I fought it saying "when we are short on aides, we don't call dietary to do baths!" Nursing passed trays. Administration said so. Talk about kicked in the teeth....When money and patient care are mixed, they don't go together. Changing a diaper????? There are so many more important things.... but forget what good you do, and the 90 patients who loved you this week, but someone will come down on you for the 1 patient, who had a bad experience. Look inside, and think of those 90 patients, and how you made them feel special, and feel good about what kind of nurse you are. Even if no one else notices.
  11. by   Tweety
    Sorry to hear about your day. Hope things get better soon. I hate those witch hunts, because if you follow ANYONE, I don't care who they are and what kind of nurse they think they are, if you look and search hard enough, you are going to find someone to pick on.

    You manager needs to look into the processes that are preventing you from properly caring for your patients. The lack of support from others. How about one of those nurses whose meds you are passing change a diaper?
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  12. by   SnowymtnRN
    (((hugs)))) btdt...i wish i could tell you what to do or offer advice. unfortunately management LOVES supervisors like that. They suck. You are awesome tho, look at all the good you did and people you helped. Try to keep your chin up and stand your ground.
  13. by   webbiedebbie
    I guess management has to find something to do. Of coure, no one notices the good things.
  14. by   sixes
    Originally posted by yannadey
    I hope you're still laughing sixes.
    Had one of those so called manager came in like a lion firing & threatening everyone in her path well seven months later she was fired & escorted out with her tail tucked between her legs like the cowardly lion. needless to say those of us left standing lined the hallway cheering.
    I'm still laughing but Im not working. Will be back in school to take OR Nursing soon .New City New Life. BTW she is in the United states somewhere!! Look Out