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As if having the flu hasn't been miserable enough, I now have an outbreak of shingles on my back. WTH?? I'm only 45.......why on earth am I dealing with this now? So far, it's not too... Read More

  1. by   LittleCatB
    Quote from Gompers
    LittleCatB - I wonder if maybe the school thing is okay because of some kind of immunization rule? Do they require that all kids have the varicella vaccine if they haven't had chicken pox before entering grade school? Maybe this is the reason they let her go to work. Ideas, anyone?
    Out of curiosity I looked up the immunization requirements for FL (the state she's in) and it looks like you're correct:

    I checked it out for my state (MI) and the varicella vaccine is mandatory here, too. I had no idea; I have a 6 yr. old and when he got the chicken pox vaccine last year I assumed it was my choice... I guess this generation of kids won't have to deal with chicken pox scars, LOL
  2. by   mitchsmom
    stsdoc I think you are right.

    In FL you have to get the chicken pox vaccine but also remember, there may be kids with waivers for medical or religious reasons, plus staff who haven't had it. The vaccine is also not 100% effective.
  3. by   VivaLasViejas
    Well, I guess there's plenty of evidence that shingles isn't just an elderly person's concern! I don't feel so ridiculous now......but who'da thunk it when I never even had the chicken pox? (Although I did get exposed to it when my kids got it some 15 years ago.) I'm also glad I checked with the employee health nurse and got the green light to go in tomorrow......I can't afford to take any more sick days, I'm already going to have to postpone my surgery until late summer or even early fall now in order to build up enough vacation time.

    Oh well, that's the way it goes! But I WILL be sure to warn my pregnant and childbearing-age co-workers to stay away from me.....I'd hate for them to have problems because of my illness.
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  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I truly hope you feel better SOON! See the doctor for antiviral tx. it does help. My cousin got shingles in her 30s, so yea, it can happen to anyone. One thing I learned is extreme stress can trigger it....go figure .

    You are a nurse and have been sick. I am so sorry this happened to you. HUGS.
  5. by   MikeLPN
    Had a resident this weekend come down with BAD shingles. Examined by NP on Fri. PM for continuing headache. Started on Neurontin 100mg tid . Sat. AM on call gives new orders for Neurontin 300mg, amatriptyline 10 mg, zaroxolyn 2.5 mg (for increased l/e edema). Presenting with a reddened ear, continuing headache and a canker sore on Sat. nite. I checked her ear, neuros, vs, lungs, ambulated without problem (with O2) better than usual, excellent appetite, blood sugars good and decreased edema (she finally layed down and got some rest and I put TEDs on her at start of shift), cold pack to ear with slight relief, small lesion on tongue. Pretty much gold standard where I work. All seemed good with family present. And Thank God I Charted It

    Now has totally swollen ear with lesions, open sores entire mouth infected and exacerbation of CHF. Transferred to hospital Sunday AM when she started to develop facial spasms/weakness. I feel kind of bad cause I was telling family that I thought she'd be OK and I'd keep an eye on it and we'll run it by NP on Mon. AM. Family stopped by to pick up some of her stuff and we talked about it tonite

    OK, so what did I miss? Is this like shingles of the ear and mouth?
  6. by   Gompers
    Actually, if I'm not mistaken, you can only get shingles if you've had the chickenpox. If you haven't had chickenpox, you can get chickenpox (but not shingles) from a person who has shingles. Whew! In other words, the virus has to already be dormant in a person (via chickenpox) for them to develop shingles later on.
    That's what I meant, sorry if it came out wrong. I was referring to the fact that when you have shingles, the varicella virus is shedding, so if you haven't had chicken pox you might end up getting them!
  7. by   caroladybelle
    As an oncology nurse, I have had 80 - 90 year old ladies with shingles.
  8. by   NRSKarenRN
    shingles medical info:

    if you have shingles you should stay away from other people until the blisters have dried (usually about seven days), as there are virus particles in the blister fluid. the risk is that people who have not had chickenpox might catch that from you.
  9. by   uk_nurse
    my son when he was 8 yrs old got shingles.not stressed, no worries no nothing.He had chickenpox when he was 4yrs old. Doctors were amazed at him getting it as they said it is very very rare children get shingles. He was on paracetamol and ibuprofen but had to watch his respiratory rate cos of ibuprofen, as he is asthmatic.He is 11 yrs old now and has scars on his back, but only noticeable if he has a suntan, which in England is not very often. He was in alot of pain but was very brave. To be honest i dont know how he coped.He is fine now.
  10. by   Ruby Vee
    I just got over a bout of shingles on my FACE! I was scared to death it would involve my eye, but thankfully it didn't. The pain was bad, but the worst part was the "creepy crawlies" all over my face! And the scabs, of course. I didn't leave the apartment until the swelling and draining were all over with and the scabs were about to fall off. My doctor told me to stay away from work until the scabs fell off . . . about 10 days, with no pay since I'm traveling right now.
  11. by   Ortho_RN
    MIne were the textbook case..... Started on my chest and wrapped around to my back.. Talk about intense pain, it felt like someone was sticking a needle straight into my nerves... And I was only 22 when I got it... Crazy
  12. by   Kaylesh
    I was only 15 when I had them(now 41).. Had gone to the Doc for a earache and while there my mum said why don't you show the doctor the rash you have..
    It was itchy and painful..
    Low and behold.. It was shingles.. Had it running down below my sternum around my left side and up my back.. yep followed that nerver path.. Was the youngest patient they had ever had with shingles so i got to be the teaching tool for the hour. lol.. every doc that was on in the office had a look.. Not what a 15 year old girl wants.. sigggh.. ohhh well.. hehehe.. Still that area gets itchy from time to time but fortunately no residual pain least not for me..
  13. by   Seelo
    Quote from mjlrn97
    As if having the flu hasn't been miserable enough, I now have an outbreak of shingles on my back. WTH?? I'm only 45.......why on earth am I dealing with this now?

    So far, it's not too painful.......the rash is more itchy and irritating than anything else......and the Urgent Care folks put me on Famvir, so hopefully it won't last too long. But now I'm wondering about work---I'm due to go back tomorrow---should I take care of patients when I've got an active case of this crazy stuff? And how dangerous might it be for my co-worker who's 8 months pregnant?

    Of all things......sigh.......
    I had shingles at 24 and it was super thing that the MD prescribed to relieve the discomfort was an aluminum acetate solution "Burows or Domeboro's solution", (available at your pharmacy). It is also used to help dry up the blisters and oozing.