Shift and weekend differentials- what are yours?

  1. Just wondering how other hospitals/facilities work their differentials

    How much do you get?
    Is it fixed or percentage based?
    Is there a maximum you can get?

    Where I work it is percentage based with pretty low maximums: you get 10% of your base for evening and weekends with a max of $2.00, and 20% for nights with a max of $6.50, And $1.00/hr for charge.
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  3. by   AuntieRN
    We get:
    Daytime weekends $4.00/hr...nights $5.00/hr
    nights gets $2.50/hr shift differential
    $1.00/hr charge
    We do not have an evening shift as we do 12's
  4. by   nursepearl
    we get $4.00 for night shift and $2.50 for weekends
  5. by   Indy
    I have managed to forget the exact amounts. Differentials are done in 8 hour time slots but we work 12 hour shifts, for the most part. So it gets fun.

    7a-3p no differential
    3p-11p it's something around 1.50?
    11p-7a ... I have $2. and some change stuck in my head

    Weekends are double differential for whatever timeslot it is.
    Charge is $1.75 per hour.

    Again I lost the paper I jotted those exact figures on, sometime last year.

    If you're baylor then you work 2 shifts in a weekend, equalling 24 hours and get paid time and a half; but they don't have a differential for baylor nurses, just the time and a half. For that reason I won't work baylor as I know other facilities pay differentials for nights, but I will put my on call hours on the weekends when I can.
  6. by   RN4NICU
    $5 nights + $5 weekends
  7. by   TheCommuter
    I work at a facility that does not pay competitively.

    They offer a $0.50 hourly differential for weekends, plus a bonus of four times our hourly pay rate for every weekend double shift that we work. This ensures that I am paid for 40 hours for working 2 double shifts on Saturday and Sunday. It's called the Baylor plan.

    My facility offers no differential to work evenings or nights.
  8. by   ICU_floater
    3-11pm = $3.50/hr
    11-7a = 4.25/hr

    weekend aprox $3.75 per hour, in addition to the night pay.

    Bonuses- crisis pay, ie... sign up for extra, we do 12 hr. shifts, for the 4 hrs. until 40 add $7 per hour, from 40 hrs on add $10 per hr. , then ot pay. each is seperated so that one does not compound the other for the total of OT pay. Used to be "red team", where we were available to float to any ICU for double time, the staff preferred the cut in pay to insure that we're only on our unit for crises pay... ie, no floating without consent. We took the hit to staff our own unit and not float.

    we sign up for a mandatory OT shift on our choosing once per month schedule, float in turn... this does not give us crisis pay, the crisis pay is done above the mandatory OT..... do it in the same week for better pay.
  9. by   seeandwhy
    I think my hospital is one of the best in giving shift diff... $5.50 for evening M-F
    $6.25 S-S
    $7.50 for night M-F
    $8.25 S-S
    plus the hospital's benefits are are excellent!
  10. by   miko014
    Evenings & Nights = 4.75
    Evening & Night weekends = 4.75 + an extra 4.75

    BUT - we have 8 hour people and 12 hour people, and the 7a - 7p people do NOT get the diff for their last 4 hours, which I think is very unfair.

    We also do have crisis pay, which I think it $40 per 4 hours...but they hardly EVER offer it.
  11. by   scrubsnhugsRN
    My hospital which is non union offers 1 dollar extra for evenings, and 2 dollars for nights.....that is it, no extras for charge or weekends:trout:
  12. by   barbyann
    15% evening diff., 20% night diff., $2 an hour all weekend shifts, $1 an hour charge (plus full patient load)
  13. by   Roy Fokker
    I work at a not for profit regional medical center.

    Base pay for days
    Base pay + 7% for eves
    Base pay + 13% for nights

    Nothing extra for weekends. Call-in/overtime/holiday pay is time (base pay+ differential) -and-half.

    I don't know what charge makes - I hope they make extra! :uhoh21:
  14. by   Tweety
    3-11 is $2.00/hr
    11-7 is $4.00/hr
    weekends is $1.00/hr.
    charge is .75/hr.