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  1. barbyann

    Why Do I Care?

    The goal = Make the unit so awesome that nurses pile ten deep to fill out applications for a 1 in 50 shot at the job. Look to those who are doing it well and incorporate that culture. Replicate the format. Not rocket science.
  2. barbyann

    I Lost a Medication: Controlled Substance

    If I have to return a narc to the pyxis I tape it to my badge. This works because I can't swipe my badge to leave with it taped on there.
  3. I will sell you my full-time job for 30k. I will give you 12wks orientation and be on-call via phone for any questions over the first year. Will need to be cash up front with a lawyer written contract. send PM if interested.
  4. I'm going to need video.
  5. barbyann

    "I'm not floating."

    Just to add to the bad experience with floating tidbits: One time I was floated to a surgical floor, east side was ortho and west side was gen/surg. They were both short and arguing over who would get the float nurse. The supervisor decided the only fair thing to do was have me take 3pts from each unit. Yup, I had to deal with two charges, two unit sec. etc. What a mess. I have been floated to another HOSPITAL, across town. Yup, told to get in my car and report to our sister hospital---half-hour drive. I had a great day and I actually transferred over to the other hospital permanently.
  6. barbyann

    "I'm not floating."

    Years back when floating became an option for staffing it was used to solve emergent staffing issues, maybe I floated twice a year. Nowadays, it is a daily, preplanned arrangement, that is disguised as necessity, in morning and afternoon "huddles". Licensed personnel are traded like playing cards. Look around your town. Billboards and newspaper advertising announcing "All Of Our Nurses Are Joint Replacement Certified". Ummm, no, cause half of the staff on ortho tonight are floats or travelers. Hey administrators, take your evidenced based practice and best patient outcomes graphs and charts and study floating and its effects on patients. I remember one hospital that made it protocol to have the resource nurse check in with the float nurse every two hours (in person). The supervisor was required to walk you to the floor and make sure the assignment was balanced and appropriate. I appreciated that support system and felt better about floating then. We gave them an inch and they took a mile. Support unions!
  7. barbyann

    Mental health days

    Don't hate the playa, hate the game. [TABLE] [TR] [TD=class: text, colspan: 3][Do not fault the successful participant in a flawed system; try instead to discern and rebuke that aspect of its organization which allows or encourages the behavior that has provoked your displeasure.] [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]
  8. barbyann

    Personal Experience after Many Years as a Nurse

    Please know I love this article. Well written and informative, also heartbreaking. There isn't a nurse who reads this that doesn't know they could be in your shoes some day. Life is so unpredictable. In my experience (son also) the early stages of grief were spent reliving the horrific chain of events. Trying to figure out how there could have been a better outcome. I remember my brain just wouldn't stop. After a few months I had to put the alternate scenarios to bed. I realized I needed to focus on the huge loss, the pain and how I could go forward. The grief was like a steamer trunk that I would carry around all day, every day. I'd drag that thing everywhere. After another few months I realized it was more like a suitcase, still had to drag it around to hold all my anger, longing, sadness, pain. Eventually the "container" became more portable, like a small clutch bag I could easily carry and hide from view. Please be gentle on yourself. Please know that your child felt no pain because you intervened on his behalf. Please know that the donated organs will make another mother not go through the suffering you are going through right now. My friend in grief, I am so very sorry you have joined the bereaved mother ranks. I attended a support group monthly for the first five years and found much comfort and understanding there. I will be thinking of you as the days go forward. One foot in front of another, good days and bad days, forever changed.
  9. barbyann

    Help with solving a Patient Sitter Staffing problem

    Here are some concrete suggestions you can use: 1. Wear a diaper. 2. Put crackers in your pocket. 3. Whine louder. 4. Get another job. *could not hold it in any longer.
  10. barbyann

    Help with solving a Patient Sitter Staffing problem

    The charge nurse should determine your break time. It might be better suited to 5pm. Do you have a lot of nurses that stay late to chart? They could do the charting in the room and sit at the same time. The patient could be brought out to the desk and the ward clerk can keep an eye out. The most effective method I use is to commit 3 nurses/techs for 10 mins each and then no one is stuck in there too long. You need to talk to the charge when you arrive on the floor and make a plan together that suits the pts needs. Also, if a family or friend arrive to visit ask them if they will be there for a half hour and tell the charge.
  11. barbyann

    Call to organ donation center post pt death

    I am not a fan of the current organ donation process. I have done it probably three times and all three times were as described above. They know after the diagnosis/age/comorbidities/TOD that it is not viable, yet they go on and on and on with the questions. I assume that they get paid by the length of the phone call, probably get an on-call rate that jumps significantly when actively recruiting.
  12. barbyann

    Running PRBC concurrently with NS?!

    I have worked in places where blood can NEVER be infused via pump. Where it always required a dedicated line with NO NS running, just a bag and tubing in the room in case of transfusion reaction. I have worked in places where blood is ALWAYS hung on a pump, always with a NS primer, etc. My point is this nursing game is maddening. You would think something this standard and important would be universal. You will find differences of policies throughout your career. You are doing fine. Don't let the mean nurses get you down.
  13. The correct response to the father would have been "We are, by law, not allowed to differentiate our patients or our staff based on the pigmentation of their skin" "We, as a healthcare entity, treat the caregiver and the patient with equal respect." If he continued to protest...."Sir, we cannot guarantee the ethnicity, religious tendencies, political affiliations, or the gender specifics of any employee" "But I can guarantee you that we have a little of everything here and we do just fine." Sigh, when will nurses get treated with dignity.
  14. Don't worry, they will change the staffing format again, just around the time that everyone finally gets used to it. The only sure bet in nursing is CHANGE. fly under the radar, see how it goes
  15. barbyann

    Nurse with Disdain

    The shift was hellish because I was surrounded by staff who will find ANY excuse to not answer a call light. Basically, they just don't like to attend to the sick needy people.
  16. barbyann

    Nurse with Disdain

    Change your major to Healthcare Administration. No, and I mean NO! proximity to pts. and you get to make pie charts and line graphs all f'in day. Goals are set and you get to make rules up as you go along. You will stay clean and dry, keep lysol in your bottom drawer in case a c-differ walks by, though if you keep your office door closed you can avoid it all together. You can explain all these serious medical conditions to the foundation members who, if you spin it just right, can donate a new player piano for the lobby. Seriously, I just had a shift from H E L L and the thought of a grown adult getting into a NP track and not knowing that their would be sick, needy people on road to his "goal" floors me. PAY YOUR DUES...............then go NP. I promise to apologize for this post tomorrow, but the way I'm feeling right now it stands.