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Who would you go to????? We work at a small close knit facility. Our payroll clerk has been employed here for years and has been groping female employees for YEARS. Most of the women push him away... Read More

  1. by   aviator411
    You should be able to find any number of attorneys who would absolutely drool over the opportunity to turn this case into BIG $$$$$! However, I suspect that federal and local laws are structured such that you would probably be required to attempt to resolve this problem through any government agencies which have been established for this purpose before you would be able to pursue it in court individually. Just about any attorney will discuss such a case with you at no cost and would very probably take such a case on a contingency basis with no money up front if they feel you have grounds for suit. With this guy's blatant and defiant behavior, any attorney ought to be able to assist or advise you on how to collect unimpeachable evidence, audio, video, whatever to turn this case into a money-maker. This guy is just begging to be set up for a jackpot lawsuit and so is your employer if they are stupid enough to try to cover for him.

    Get some legal advice before you do anything. It will cost nothing and could pay off big time.
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    I think you should present each of your co-workers with their very own can of pepper spray......I understand what you are saying about the area in which you live and the type of people you work with.They basically are trapped.People like that feel (are made to feel ) powerless and will put up with alot...Good luck
  4. by   Ruby Vee
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    then go up the nursing ladder. if your boss or his won't address the situation, go up to the next level.

    if no one addresses the situation, call a lawyer.

    this may be a police matter, but you're better off in terms of keeping your job (or getting another) addressing it through channels within the institution if possible.
  5. by   ben123
    How sad. As you stated, "We cant afford to lose our jobs due to the friendship between our DON and this pervert." Well you might as well just keep letting him do what he is doing because nobody seems to be doing anything about it. NURSES NEED A BACKBONE!!!!!!!! You should not be subject to this abuse. The first and only first time it happened YOU should have ripped his hand right off his wrist. I don't blame him. I blame all of you for letting it go on!!! Once shame on him, twice shame on you.
  6. by   MAP1
    THe first thing I would do is let him know legal action is being started and let him sweat alittle - then If he touched me again I would call the police
  7. by   burn out
    Just exactly how were you "chosen" to bring an end to this thing? Did all of you have a vote or something? If you have so much as witnessed the sexual assault/harrassment of another employee you can bring sexual harrassment charges. For you and the rest of the employess that tolerate this behavior and do nothing is to condone it and you can be also found guilty for sexual harrassment for knowing about it and doing nothing should another employee file charges. Every institution I believe have to have a process and have to educate their employees on what sexual harrassment is and what the proper channels are to report it.
  8. by   nj1grlcrus
    Over 23 years ago I was working as a technician, traveling to different offices, fixing equipment. One day, one of the clients hugged me, long and pretty snuggly. It was CREEPY. I mentioned it to my dispatcher, and the s**t hit the fan. That guy got in big trouble for one incident! I NEVER had to service that client again, and everyone at my company got sexual harrassment training. Have we gone backwards? This should have stopped years ago!!!
  9. by   meownsmile
    I know there have been a lot of good advice on the previous pages,, but time constraints arent going to allow all that reading right now. But,, i can express what we did one place i worked when we had a manager that acted in similar manner. He would walk up and do the "bear hug" thing,, make suggestive comments as employees walked by. It was a place where most of the employees were young and female.

    We wrote a long letter explaining our grievances,, his actions, behaviors and comments,, made copies sent it to corperate and his superiors, (in this case id go with the ADON and owners, with the expressed intent to take things further if something wasnt done about the situation immediately. Everyone in the place that had been "victimized" signed it and it was sent by registered mail to make sure that who was supposed to recieve it actually got it.
    It didnt take long and he was gone. They knew if they didnt do something quickly they would find themselves in court and they didnt want to have to defend the reputation of their business for one idiot.
    Good luck,, go forth and do something about it.
  10. by   squeakykitty
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    I think you should present each of your co-workers with their very own can of pepper spray......I understand what you are saying about the area in which you live and the type of people you work with.They basically are trapped.People like that feel (are made to feel ) powerless and will put up with alot...Good luck
    Love the pepper spray idea.
  11. by   ktwlpn
    I thought of something else today- do you have female residents in your facility that this man could come into contact with? You should make an anonymous call to the dept. of health and the ombudsman.If this guy is so brazen towards your female co-workers what is to stop him from behaving in an inappropriate manners towards the residents? .I think unless the residents are all in locked units then there is a good chance he has crossed the line with them,too.....The complaints will be kept anonymous and they will investigate.Keep us posted
  12. by   GregRN
    Quote from squeakynurse
    Love the pepper spray idea.
    If it's good enough for astronauts, nurses should be able to use it, too...
  13. by   CrunchRN
    All though we would all like to kick him in the gonads it really is simple.

    Complain in writing to HR and admin.

    If no action taken then you can a) call the police and file an assault charge or b) take it to an employment attorney or the appropriate agency.

    It should be done as soon as there is an occurence.

    The reactive stuff is fun to think about, but it won't accomplish waht needs to be accomplished and might even leave YOU open to charges or termination.

    I would LOVE to do the kicking for you though!

    This has happened for a long time because it has been allowed to happen. That needs to stop.