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  1. ben123

    Contacted Oprah Show About Nursing Issues

    I will PM you
  2. ben123

    Would you recommend nursing to your daughter?

    I agree with you 100%. I do not know what all the other people are saying that they would not reccomend nursing. OK everybody if not nursing what would you reccomend???
  3. ben123

    is it possible 2 afford a 3br/2ba house in cal?

    Good deal. Where I live the average house (and that is 3 bed 2 bath) is 700k. I have a lot of saving to do.
  4. ben123

    is it possible 2 afford a 3br/2ba house in cal?

    Good research. I like henderson its a beautiful town. I would not live in palmdale or lancaster if you gave me a house and paid all my bills, seriously. No offense, but have you been to either one of those towns recently?
  5. ben123

    Contacted Oprah Show About Nursing Issues

    I don't think so see what he said on a recent show.:angryfire http://www.nursingadvocacy.org/news/2004dec/20_dr_phil.html
  6. ben123

    Contacted Oprah Show About Nursing Issues

    yep, a newb but not a student. so i guess i am like you all eager and happy everything honkey dorey. oh, and if oprah were in the hospital she would probably 2 rns just for her. we had arnold schwartzneger(sp) govenor of california and he wanted to change our ratios which are 5-1. well this was a big deal over hear because he basically said there need to be no ratios and our job is easy just passing meds. well word went around and was a big issue about 2 yeas ago. anyway he was here at the hospital at ucla med center in santa monica ( no patient confidenatlity was on news). anyway he had his own private rn just for him when he was in the hospital. and he was in for something minor, anyway they show his nurse on tv fluffing his pillow, giving him a vicodin. so i don't think that oprah would have any concept of having 5 or more other patients to care for. ben
  7. ben123

    Contacted Oprah Show About Nursing Issues

    I don't know where these people are working. I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvve my job. We got great ratio 5-1, i said b4 my work pays 10k a year to continue my education as a BSN. I am probably the first one on here to say that I am happy as far as pay. For all those people on here bi*****g then you are at the wrong hospital. Ben
  8. ben123

    is it possible 2 afford a 3br/2ba house in cal?

    Oh no, sorry? Not every desert town is a dump. I have been to most of the ones that were mentioned and yes they are pretty bad. The thing is: I can live in LA and have the same crime problem. It is also much higher in those areas because of the affordable housing. I do agree that the houses are beautiful, but if you are traveling to LA to work i don't think it would be worth it. My 2 cents. You can get the same house in las vegas and be in a safe neighborhood making almost the same amount of money. Just beware that that their is a reason these houses are so cheap (by cali standards). Isolated, hot weather, crime, etc..... but you will be in a beautiful house. Ben
  9. ben123

    is it possible 2 afford a 3br/2ba house in cal?

    Just for the record you named every DUMP considerable in California. These city's are in the desert and are notorious for crystal meth and gangs. I would not recodmmend any of these city's. If you don't believe me, see for your self. You might as well move to compoton or watts.
  10. ben123

    is it possible 2 afford a 3br/2ba house in cal?

    Houses around LA in a decent SAFE neighborhood are 600,000-700,000. You can find something maybe half a mil in gardena, carson, long beach If you want something cheaper you can go to a bad neighborhood or what alot of people are doing is living in the desert like palmdale and lancaster ( which I believe are unsafe but very affordable I think like 250k or so ) If it is only u, u can get a nice townhome and a half way decent neighborhood for like 350k for 2bed 2bath. If u are marriend i hope your other half makes the same or more. Pay in la would probably be around 35 an hour w/o differential. Good luck. Ben
  11. ben123

    Whats to Enjoy about Nursing?

    1. Pay- where else can you get this kind of money with an AA degree 2. Overtime- as much as you want 3. Ratios are awesome in Cali 5-1 4. This is a job wehre you can go as high as you want. If u want to be a doctor of nursing its out there 5. Variety- If u only wnt to work with kids, pregnant women, psych patients, if you don't want to have any patients the variety is vast 6. Move any time any where you will always have a job 7. shifts- Hey do you know people who would rather work 3 days a week than 5 (Come on now I know people who work 2 days a week sat and sun 16 hours a day and get paid for 40 and get all benefits) 8. Benefits, time off, insurance, holidays etc... 9. IN demand, will always be in demand especially since baby boomers are reaching retirement age. 10. Working with some great people. patients and other staff:lol2:
  12. ben123

    Tips for soon-to-be RN

    1. Time management - try not go back in and out of room for stuff you should have brought in the first place ie. prep pads, xtra saline syringe 2. Be organized- 3. Don't allow yourself to be disrespected by other nurses, staff, Drs, patients, family members of patients 4. Take your breaks and lunch. 5. See rule #3 Good luck. Ben
  13. ben123

    TIPS/Info for passing NCLEX

    Took Kaplan where you go to the class and only read their one book. Where to focus--You will get questions like "You just get report which patient do you see first and then the choices some will only have lab values (so learn your labs) others will have different s/s. You want to choose the most critical and most unstable. Questions like you work on a med surg floor and a nurse is floating from ob which pt do you assign them. You want to give them the easiest most stable patient. I even had like 2 cane walking questions. Take Kaplan and they will give you review strategies. Well worth the $500. Passed with 75 questions. Best of luck. Ben
  14. ben123

    BEST NYCLEX Prep courses

    I agree 100%. I took Kaplan and passed with 75 questions also. Don't buy all different books it will just confuse you. Just stay with the one you get from Kaplan. Good luck. Ben
  15. ben123

    Specifically, which L.A. hospitals pay more???

    If you only want the money 2 hositals come to mind. First, Cedars Sinai it is I think on the outskirts of beverly hills. I think they pay what everyone else pays like 30 an hour but their night shift differential is insane. It is like 7 bucks an hour. So it really adds up. I know people who work their and hate it because the patients are very needy and complain about the smallest things. That is all from a friend. The second hospital is King Drew medical center. You might have heard of them because they lost their accrediation and closed their major trauma ER ( i hope i got that right) They pay more because noone wants to work their, it is in the heart of the worst neighborhood in los angeles. It is just south of watts in willow brook. It is crazy, I think i would only work their for like 45 or more an hour. You have to worry about getting your car stolen and robbed. It is very bad. I would reccomend going to a different hospital and getting a little overtime hear and their. I personally do not believe either of these hospitals is worth the extra money. Good luck. Ben
  16. ben123

    Is it professional??????????

    It is very unprofessional. I understand tagalog and I hear nurses talk about penis sizes, who is a b----, that dr. is so hot, she is really fat (sitting right there completely oblivious to what they are saying. Who was on wowowee and lots and lots of gossip.

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