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Who would you go to????? We work at a small close knit facility. Our payroll clerk has been employed here for years and has been groping female employees for YEARS. Most of the women push him away... Read More

  1. by   gitterbug
    Agree that legal advice is needed, journal of events from today is needed, group meeting with DON is needed. But mostly, I agree with Clee, this fellow needs some serious physical punishment. Like being tied to a tree and whipped with a board over every inch of his body. I wonder what females in his family have suffered? You know the underage ones who can be easily scared if they open their mouths.
  2. by   tencat
    I suppose he would press charges if you fought back physically, like kicking him square in his nether regions. I would definitely start documenting and make some formal complaints. As another poster said, even though it's blatantly wrong, you will STILL get bozos who will give you flak about standing up for yourself. People don't like to confront a bully, even though everyone knows the person is wrong. Just be prepared for some rough times ahead if you decide to go through with it. I really think you should go after the bast$%#.
  3. by   muffie
    my kneejerk reaction would be a knee to the groin in self-defense

    yuck yuck yucky
  4. by   GingerSue
    he's not suitable for working where he is (and he's getting paid to do this!!)

    should he maybe be in jail?
    does he need professional help, behaviour modification, monitoring?
    does his family and the community need protection from him?

    is he supporting a family?
    are they relying on his support?

    HE has to change, to stop, and experience some consequences.
  5. by   Cattitude
    Quote from christinav
    .. what would you do??????? thanks.
    well i'd probably break the hands that tried to touch me:d . but anyway, i do applaud you for taking a stand. make this guy stop this criminal,disgusting behavior now! get the police involved, it is sexual assault.

  6. by   TazziRN
    It's definitely time to get the police involved. This is not harassment but assault. You wouldn't tolerate it in any other setting so why tolerate it at work? I would be extremely surprised if the DON truly knows nothing about this; if he's done that to that many women then I'm sure she's at least heard rumors. In any other setting you would not go to the bosses first about an assault, so why do that now? Harassment, yes, but not assault.
  7. by   chuck1234
    Quote from ChristinaV
    Who would you go to?????

    We work at a small close knit facility. Our payroll clerk has been employed here for years and has been groping female employees for YEARS. Most of the women push him away and tend to laugh it off in front of him, Im sure out of embarrasment and fear that he will manipulate the paychecks in some way. Some employees have been more vocal towards him and he leaves them alone for a time but usually resorts back to his old behavior. Lately his behavior has become more disgusting as he now reaches between the legs from behind and gropes private parts then laughs about it. He does this to the aides, nurses and housekeepers. Young and old!!! Problem is he is personal friends with our DON so no one has gone to her. Our new ADON is a very timid woman and the owners are absent. This behavior must stop. It isnt funny! I am a new employee who has been "chosen" to bring this problem to someone who will put an end to it. I have no idea who to go to. One of the employees wants to go to the local police but Im not sure if its a police problem. We cant afford to lose our jobs due to the friendship between our DON and this pervert. Any advice??? I have even spoken to this man about the possiblity of losing his job and possibly his home. I asked if it was worth it. He responded by poking at my breast and walking away. Nothing seems to deter his behavior. What would YOU do??????? Thanks.
    It happened to so many workers...and nobody wants to do something about it!!!! It is hard to believe....and all these victims have never talked to their loved ones about this....this is my first question you have to faced!
    If I were you, I would video taped this crime, and send it to 60-minutes or 20/20, and I am sure not only the local police will do something about it, the DON will also do something about it to stop it....including a decision leads to firing him...I am also sure the district attorney will try very hard to contact you. THE BOTTOM LINE IS NOBODY LIKES THE PUBLICITY!
  8. by   GregRN
    I spent 9 years in HR before coming to healthcare. So far what you have is hearsay evidence of what people have told you he has done. Further, if you take this to HR or the police saying that you want to press charges, you won't have a leg to stand on unless he has done this to you (the breast poking incident is yours, not the other incidents described to you). So far as you have explained, he has done nothing to you. Now you've put yourself in the middle of a mess that has nothing to do with you. My advice: stay out of it, but encourage those who have told you of his actions to pursue other avenues to get it to stop, including the incident you experienced. I can't imagine that if his actions were as you have been told that these people wouldn't do anything about it, especially if it really has been going on for years, as you say. Is it as serious as they are making it sound? Have you yourself witnessed any of this? It doesn't sound like it. Now, they want to stir up a brand new employee to go in and take the fall for them and you have not even witnessed a hint of this yourself. No thanks. Again, stay far away from being directly involved but encourage those who have experienced this to go the proper routes to get this behavior stopped.
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  9. by   nurse_nan
    You yourself can only speak to what has happened to you. If others wish to report this behavior, they must go and be willing to discuss what has happened to them. If he is groping genitals, he is guilty of assault. But no one will arrest him if you go and say, I've heard this happened to others. They must report it themselves.

    When he touched you inappropriately, what did you do/say? If you laughed it off, you implied that you were okay with it and he will stand up and court and say, she laughed when I touched her. If you said, Do not touch me like that or Keep your hands to yourself, you were indicating to him very clearly that he was out of line. If he does it again, he is in the wrong and YOU have a case.

    These others must handle their own complaints. But I totally agree that this is so inappropriate, even criminal. Do not allow yourself to be intimidated into accepting his behavior.

    And yes, if he'd done it to me, he'd have drawn back a bloody stub.
    Good luck.
  10. by   wasacop
    When one person makes uninvited/unwelcome physical contact with another person that is a battery, a criminal law violation. If no one at your facility will do anything go to the local law enforcement agency. You may also consider contacting your state's labor practices department in regards to a hostile work environment. Whatever you choose to do please do something, this person needs to be terminated and/or prosecuted for his sexually aggressive behavior.

  11. by   txspadequeenRN
    I agree with going to the DON as a group , but if they are real good friends that discipline wont last long. Personally I would slap the sh*t out of him, but that is just me... I don't even think I would have to do that cause my mountain man husband would take care of it...
  12. by   Altra
    Have you witnessed this yourself? (I won't ask if you have personally been the victim of this alleged behavior)

    I just find it hard to believe that multiple sexual assaults have occurred repeatedly and everyone tolerates it. What you have described is way beyond the co-worker who is perhaps a bit too touchy-feely. What you are describing is sexual assault, and my response, as others have said, would be be physical (if I were the one being assaulted) and a call to local police. Then, a call to owners/managers if they are not on-site.
  13. by   58flyer
    The behavior you describe definitely constitutes sexual harrassment as well as battery. In most states, if not all, simply touching another person against their will is battery, even if there is no physical harm. Simply touching a sexual body part is not sexual assault unless specific criteria is met. Your first step is to get the police involved. Make a criminal complaint. His poking your breast is enough of a violation to get the ball rolling. Don't delay, do it right now.

    Legal procedures will vary from state to state, but most likely you will get a form to take to the prosecutor's office to start formal proceedings. How the prosecutor deals with it will depend on many factors.

    Be careful of retaliatory conduct. Most likely this guy has a screw loose and you might trigger tragic consequences. But you still shouldn't have to put up with his poor conduct. The laws of most states allow you to protect yourself and another from an ongoing attack, but will not allow for a retaliatory attack. If he improperly touches you, you can use reasonable force to protect yourself or another.

    Consider also that there may be other people working there who may have encouraged this kind of conduct, strange as it may seem. That also has to be addressed. There may be a woman or two pawing all over him! I have worked with aggressive and assertive women, I know from experience that that can happen. Of course, it doesn't give him the right to do it to you.

    The longer you wait to take action the more it looks like tacit approval of his conduct. To be safe from sexual harrassment or violence in the workplace is not a luxury, it is your right.