Scrubs for the Blesses in size

  1. hello everyone. was just curious as to where the "blessed in size" shop for scrubs? any particular brand wear better than others? any online outlet suggestions? thanks !
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  3. by   Multicollinearity
    I don't understand what you mean by "blessed in size." Is this the name of a particular store?
  4. by   RNOTODAY
    Quote from multicollinarity
    I don't understand what you mean by "blessed in size." Is this the name of a particular store?
    She means where do the overweight people find the best fit in scrubs....
    get it... "blessed" in size?

    To answer your question, I too, am a lil blessed, lol, and I find my best fit in the cheap cotton sheating ones... really... and they are comfortable too
  5. by   laverty
    [s]Sorry for the confusion. I mean 3x-4x[/s].
  6. by   scizzerin
    I wear a 1x, so I'm probably not helpful. I am very short, though, and I find the higher the size is, the longer they think your legs are! Mine are usually about a foot too long, then I have to hem them. The irony is that most places charge more for the extra fabric if you're heavy, and here I am cutting off a foot on the bottom! Good luck!
  7. by   LoveMyBugs
    I typed in 3X-4X scrubs into a search and recived a lot of online stores. If you or someone you know sews you can make your own. What I did was buy a pair online and my mom made me a pair. The ones that my mom has made do fit better, as they are tailored to me and I am able to add as many pockets to the scrubs as I need.
  8. by   charebec65
    I have a nurse friend who is no longer able to work who offered to make me some scrubs for a very low cost. Since I stopped smoking, I've become quite blessed myself, maybe I'll have to take her up on it.... Love the way you put that Laverty...... It's strange not going to school isn't it?
  9. by   swthrt124
    The best and cheapest place to purchase scrubs is Wal-Mart but you won't ever be the most original fashionista because everyone else will be wearing the exact same scrubs. They offer up to 3X which is like a 26W. I'm tall so I like the unisex dawstring pants but they offer different kinds. Hope this helps.
  10. by   suzy253
    Landau and Peaches are two brands I know of (and use) in larger sizes. One online is Lydia's uniforms and you can search by specific size:
    They also have their own brand (?) ProScrubs which are very very soft.

    A great selection of Peaches uniforms is from:

    A lot of choice and fun styles as well. Have fun!
  11. by   RNsRWe
    I'm not a large size, but I CAN tell you that Crest scrub tops run WAY on the large side! If they have 1x or 2x, I'd be willing to bet they'd fit fine.

    I found a site that had some nice Crest tops on clearance, REALLY low prices, so I figured I'd take a try. I typically wear a medium top in other brands; sometimes a large if its small in the bust (cause I'm not, lol). According to their measurement charts, I was a medium bordering on large; I opted for one medium and one large just in case. ROFL, what a joke! The medium I could literally hold the belly part out in front of me and from the side looked nine months pregnant: it was THAT much oversized! And the large, well....I looked like I was wearing Mommy's clothes. The shoulder seams were on my deltoid on each side, and it was the most ridiculous width ever. Unfortunately it'll cost more to have it altered than the top cost to buy

    SO.....check out Crest, even if the sizes aren't SUPPOSED to go higher, they sure do!
  12. by   RNSacht
    I find the best scrubs for the "more" endowed woman is the Lane Bryant catalog scrubs. The tops are made very well, wash well and fit even better. Check them out!!!!!!! I buy the one that DOES NoT tie in the back They have three pockets. I LUv, LUv, LUv theM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Check out the website.
    Just checked out the site and they go up to 5X. There are not a lot of styles (fancy styles) to choose from, however I can only wear navy so It works for me
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  13. by   RebeccaJeanRN
    Got a kick out of the 'Blessed in Size'...and while unfortunately i fall into this category too, I personally think the ones who are 'Blessed in Size' are about a size 8 Woman's. LOL.

    [I'm about a 16, which is a really crappy size to be. As anyone else in my size range knows, it makes those 1X's too big, and a woman's Large too small. I have found my best fit to be in the 'Scrub's' Brand unisex scrub store. I buy either a Large or Extra Large and they fit me pretty well, but I still need to tailor: I tend to shorten BOTH the top by an inch- whatever I can shorten without moving pockets- and the bottoms by about 2 inches. And here I am - about 5' 8" tall!! Guess they think only Giants wear Large/Extra Large, and not just those of us 'blessed' with really big booties or big bosoms! LOL]