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  1. by   Multicollinearity
    Pretty soon the pain and discomfort will start waning. Then you will just be stuck at home but not in acute agony. Maybe this can be a silver lining in your cloud - your unexpected time off.

    I know I've been so overtired and overworked before, that when I became sick, I actually enjoyed myself laying in bed (even though I was sick!)

    Maybe you can use this time to laze about and read books, watch movies, write in a journal, think deep thoughts that you normally don't have time for, etc.

    Do you have the laparoscopic incisions in your pelvic area, or was this done entirely vag? Mine was done via laparoscopy (sp?). Honestly, I had little pain. It was more slight aching. I took my vicodin for a two full weeks. I just wanted to get ahead of any pain. My pain was emotional - accepting that I would never have children. I think for many women the emotional aspect is underestimated, whether they want (more) children or not. There can be a grieving aspect, even if one doesn't want to have children (further). Dr. Christianne Northrup's book "The Wisdom of Menopause" became my bible.
  2. by   DDRN4me
    I am sorry you had such a terrible experience.
    I had a vag hyst after years of issues about 6 yrs ago. I researched everything i could about post op, and talked to several friends. Did not receive the best post op care in hospital...but not as horrid as yours.
    got sent home 24 hrs later still nauseous and dry heaving, then dh went out for the evening to umpire a game!:uhoh21: seems he didnt realize that it was "real surgery"
    YOu WILL need time to rest...I only took 3 weeks and it was no where enough. read, relax, find a quiet hobby, go on allnurses. your strength will increase a little each day.
    I have had no real hormonal changes until recently (I am 46).
    feel wonderful...this was truly the best thing i could have ever done for myself.
    hope your recovery goes smoothly!! mary
  3. by   santhony44
    I am so sorry you have had such a horrible experience. I learned a long time ago not to make assumptions about what people know or understand. What we know when we're the nurse can leave us completely when we're the patient, the parent, or the family member. I've never had anyone get upset with me because I explained things to them just as I would with a non-medical-professional patient.

    I really don't believe it's typical. I've had five surgeries in four different hospitals and had the best of care, even with the staff knowing I'm a nurse.

    Definitely let the hospital management know of your experience. You weren't there as a nurse, you were there as a patient and deserved the same care that anyone else gets.
  4. by   CoffeeRTC
    I have no advice on what to expect post op, but I'm sure the others here will be able to offer some. :wink2:

    You all know those pts that we get that demand everything under the sun. Now it's your time. I would find out who to complain to and start doing it. The nurse's behaviors are astonishing. Wow. To tell someone "You do it" Wow. Now a simple...the cup is right in front of you is okay, but to make you check drains,monitor your drainage etc....no. Post op,you are in no condition.

    I work LTC, so when they find out I am an RN, for the most part they assume I know nothing:uhoh21: LOL. I had a bad time post op from an emergent C section...no help,no advice until thank goodness my mom came in to the hospital (she's an LPN) and took over.

    Start making the wheel squeek. BTW,I'm sure its not emotions related to your medical condition..DH was there with you and prob saw the same thing you did.
  5. by   NurseCard
    Horrible experience that you had. So sorry.

    This might make the other psych nurses in here mad but... from now on, if I have to have a procedure and the nurses find out I'm an RN, I'll be sure to tell them "I work in PSYCH!"

    (Never mind that I WAS a med surge nurse for three years)
  6. by   gonzo1
    I am so sorry at the horrific experience you had. It may be therapeutic to use a little bit of your recovery time off to file many complaints about the care you received. I bet the CEO of the hospital would be shocked and upset to hear this. I once had a horrible experience and went over everyones head to complain to the "top" guy and got very good results from doing this. My evil twin hopes that these nurses end up on the recieving end some day.
    When ever I have a nurse as a patient I try to give extra special care because I know how hard we work and I think we deserve to give and recieve the best care possible.
    Take strenght from your allnurses friends, we are here for you.
  7. by   see2mee
    I'm so sorry you were treated so badly. That's horrible, and it's completely irresponsible for them to send you off without instructions.

    Not knowing what to expect during your recovery just makes your anxiety worse, which is not good for the healing process. I had a TAH in July, and I HIGHLY recommend a web site called Hystersisters at http://www.hystersisters.com/ There are many message boards, including pre-op and post-op from which you can learn what others have experienced as well as receive encouragement and support. It's a wonderful site. The site is also filled with lots of information and other resources. It helped me tremendously to know what was going on as I healed.

    Take care of yourself so you will heal properly.
  8. by   TazziRN
    I recommend the hystersisters site. I still have my plumbing but I've heard of this site from many of the sisters and it sounds like a Godsend.

    Haunted, you need to address the money issue. That is outright theft to take a second down payment without your knowledge. And you're right, that you have a cardiac issue and was never told is negligence on the doctor's part. It needs to be dealt with. What if it had been a malignant problem that could have been treated had you known? That's malpractice.

    I understand about being overwhelmed with the diagnosis and everything happening so fast. I hope my question didn't come across as mean, that wasn't how I meant it.
  9. by   nurscee
    I am so sorry about your experience.
    I never tell anyone I'm a nurse if it concerns my health care.
    Right now I'm going through several root canals and I certainly don't want them to know. (you got a follow up call from your root canal???? Wow...I'm impressed.)
    One night I rushed my postpartum daughter-in-law to ER. I was watching the monitor (her b/p was outta sight).
    My son thought it would be nice if the staff knew I was a nurse.
    Well, off went the monitor, and I was no longer informed of her condition after that.
    Anyway, what happened to you is a good lesson for us all.
    I'm sure it will make you a better nurse in the long run (if that's any comfort).
    And BTY the movie about the dr turned patient is excellent!
    Hugs, Nurscee
  10. by   Miss Ludie
    Haunted, I am very sorry for your pain, both physical and emotional. I try not to reveal my "Nurse-dom" to other medical providers. However, recently for a different procedure I had horrible care and I fully intend to follow the previous members' recommendations.

    You need to take your healing time. I wouldn't advise doing anything while you are still feeling the trauma.

    Call the group on the illegal double billing-your husband can do that. If it is a credit or debit card call the bank or cc company and dispute the charge.

    I remember we had a doctor as a patient who said....FORGET what you think I know, and treat me as if I KNOW NOTHING. Excellent.

    It's been neary two decades since I had my hx and it does attack your whole body/emotions and takes time....in my case 20+ years. You don't forget, but you will be able to look back easier.

    If you continue to have problems you may want to consider changing doctors.

    Good luck and HUGS.
  11. by   Spidey's mom
    I'm sorry about your experience - I had similar attitudes when I ended up with a cesarean with my last child. I had three vag deliveries prior. I am an OB nurse. HOWEVER, it is different when you are the patient.

    I did get treated like I should know everything after the surgery - prior, my doc was really wonderful explaining the emergent need and all.

    The problem with keeping my RN a secret was that some of the nurses who cared for me also went to school with me.

    Post-partum was hard - I was alone most of the time.

    I too would complain, in writing.

    I suffer from heavy bleeding too - just last night in fact I just about soaked the bed. I'm thinking about ablation.

    Good luck with your recovery.

  12. by   CHATSDALE
    i can sympathize, post tvh i had a pe..i knew what it was when i took a deep breath and felt the pain...couldn't get anyone on floor to take me seriously...called the floor that i worked on and they called the surgeon who said it wasn't for him to tell the pcg on rounds in the morning...co-workers finally got a hold of someone on call and he ordered a lung scan which confirmed dx
    when i went in for my six-week checkup the nurse told me i could start driving again ??? i had driven myself home from the hospital and had driven every day after that i would have had to anyway because everyone was living out of area at that time except 5 y/o but the point is they didn't mentioned any restrictions when i was discharged

    on another admission i was given followup instruction..when i got home i took them out and found out that they were for another patient when i called the floor the nurse told me that it was alright because the other patient was given oral instructions before she left and i was a nurse i would recognize that the meds were not for my condition
  13. by   TazziRN
    Quote from stevielynn
    I'm sorry about your experience - I had similar attitudes when I ended up with a cesarean with my last child. I had three vag deliveries prior. I am an OB nurse. HOWEVER, it is different when you are the patient.

    I did get treated like I should know everything after the surgery - prior, my doc was really wonderful explaining the emergent need and all.

    The problem with keeping my RN a secret was that some of the nurses who cared for me also went to school with me.

    Post-partum was hard - I was alone most of the time.
    Oooooh, I know that feeling! My OB nurses were my coworkers....no choice, our insurance at the time was not accepted at any other hospital in the county without a HUGE co-pay....in the thousands. I had a c/s also and loved the experience, except for the attempts at breastfeeding. All the nurses except one assumed that I knew enough.....all they did was tell me how to fix the problems but did not stay around to show me or to even see that I understood.