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I received the following email today from a RN/friend that I worked with and I am ticked! I cannot believe that this is making its way around the world wide web. At first I thought that they had... Read More

  1. by   grinnurse
    I loved this and wasn't offended by it at all!! I am a new nurse (older) but related to both the new and the old especially about the psych pts!! I think it is really important to laugh at yourself from time to time. Thanks for sharing it, taking it to work tomorrow to share the laughter!!
  2. by   jennyga
    i have not finished school yet still just a student nurse:stone but i found this very funny!!! i guess people take things in diff ways
  3. by   grace90
    >A Graduate Nurse throws up when the patient does.
    >An experienced nurse calls housekeeping when a patient throws up

    >A Graduate Nurse doesn't find this funny.
    >An experienced nurse does[/QUOTE]

    After 7 months as an LPN and then 19 months as an RN, I find this pretty funny. Unfortunately, I still do get the gags with overly pungent body fluids:uhoh21: . I just have to learn not to take a deep breath, I guess. Thank God for peppermint oil to smear under my nose and all over my mouth and cheeks . (PS, did y'all know that taking deep whiffs of peppermint oil clears your mind and helps you think clearer?)
  4. by   starryx2
    Im a graduating in 4 months and I think this is funny..... and I'm sorry but so true.... maybe not for everybody but for the most part.. from the people ive been around.. yes this is true.. and I find it quite amusing.
  5. by   DapperRN
    I thought it was hilarious and have been showing everyone at work! Thanks for the joke! We all needed a good chuckle!
  6. by   tiffanycmt
    I laughed my but off and i'm not a nurse yet but i work with nurses and i find that to be very true i could even say alot of that applys to a exp cna and a new na God bless Tiffany
  7. by   DutchgirlRN
    This is an old thread. At least 3 months old. No need to get all steamed up again. Anyway I concur, I thought it was hillarious and so true! I passed it around when it was first posted and everyone got a kick out of it.
  8. by   SACREG
    I'm a nursing student, 2nd semester, I began my rotation into med-surg at my hospital 2 weeks ago and was lucky enough to land in with the greatest bunch of RNs I've met to date... at the end of a very long tiring evening i was doing my final charting and one of them laid this joke in front of me... I'll tell you i was laughing so hard 1/2 way thru i was crying... What a great way to end an evening... truthfully I'll be happy when vomiting is just a signal to call housekeeping...
  9. by   oldnurse newnurse
    I love this joke it is an all time favorite of mine I actually have it on a tshirt I bought from the uniform store.
  10. by   TazziRN
    I'm an experienced nurse of 18 years and I thought it was hilarious and that some of it was right on the mark.
  11. by   TopherSRN
    still a student and saw a lot of truths and humor in it. the last 2 lines say it all. you have to be able to laugh at yourself and stuff like this or you won't make it.
  12. by   renerian
    I loved it. Thanks for the chuckle over my AM cup o joe!

  13. by   pattyzaccy
    the reason i thought it made me smile because being in this profession for 25 years is because its really so true!!!