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"Nurses, It has come to my attention that BREAKS are being taken at the BEGINNING of the shift DURING BUSY times on the unit. This is unacceptable and it is the responsibility of each staff member... Read More

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    Quote from GummibearsRN
    I guess...I was just looking for some thoughts. I personally just do my job and leave. I need to find somewhere else to work. So many problems on that floor... so I guess I'm looking at this as one MORE problem on top of a lot of others.
    The NM has identified a few problems, notified everyone she is aware of the problems, stated how the problems will be handled, and now you want to look for another job due to the NM's plan of action to correct the problems? I could be way off base but it appears from your response you may well be one of the nurses that caused her to have to send out this email.

    The mass email may have been sent out to give those childish nurses the opportunity to correct their behavior before they are embarrassed by being called into her office and threatened with being fired.
  2. by   Esme12
    Yes......surfing the internet, shopping, Facebooking, tweeting during work hours is an out of control behavior that needs to stop. If I had non compliant staff members.......Personally..... I would have IT block social media sights from the computers all together.

    Unfortunately, unless you have a contract. It's perfectly legal. If the "punishment" is applied equally and everyone is aware of the expectations........There are no laws that state that you need to make more money than someone else to be their boss. She may be a co-worker....but she has the title of charge nurse (which does make her "above" you) and if your boss gives her the authority AND puts in in writing that she has the power/responsibility to send you home.....she can send you home. Usually in the charge nurse job description there will be a statement to the effect......"and other duties as assigned by the Nurse Manger"....that is the charge nurses assigned duty....she can send you home.

    Your manager has made it perfectly clear what her expectations are and what consequence non-compliance will's perfectly legal.
    If she feels at any time that a particular staff member is not performing standard care, she will not hesitate to take action and dismiss the staff member from work for the rest of shift without pay with instruction to follow up with me before returning.
    Many people are under the misconception of all these laws that "protect them" when in actuality there are very few that actually apply.

    My take is that your manager means business.....I would comply.

    Quote from GummibearsRN
    I guess...I was just looking for some thoughts. I personally just do my job and leave. I need to find somewhere else to work. So many problems on that floor... so I guess I'm looking at this as one MORE problem on top of a lot of others.
    I think you have gotten a lot of thoughts....maybe not the ones you wanted to hear......but thoughts just the same.
  3. by   Altra
    OP, I'm curious what laws you feel are being broken by an employer delegating responsibility to determine which employees are fit for duty, as it were, to the charge nurse present on the unit?
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    I hope your NM isn't a member on Allnurses
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    I have no problem with it. I considered it a warning that from here on out, this behavior will not be tolerated, so straighten up and fly right if you want to keep your job. I think people who do the things described are well aware of their poor work ethic, but figure that as long as others pick up their slack there's no reason to be a grown-up and do your job.
  6. by   Anna Flaxis
    Regardless of what behavioral problems are present on the unit on the part of the nursing staff. that email was completely unprofessional.

    I don't question the need to deal with such issues as outlines in the email, but the language and tone of the email was not consistent with professional communication.
  7. by   rn999
    I don't have a problem with this email sent by a NM. It is my belief that the situation on her floor became to be problematic that it needs to be adressed to everyone concern. Truth hurts but it sets us free. We just need to be honest to ourselves what kind of job we're doing and if we can honestly say to ourselves that we are not those who abuses breaks or inappropriate use of their time shopping, gossiping, etc. then we should not negatively react with this this email, but rather be glad that a NM is addressing it.

    It is unfair when you're running your behind on the floor and some other nurses sits around in front of a computer and you clearly see they are looking at a screen other than charting then they will call you because one of your patients IV is beeping within their earshot. These people are the ones who needs this kind of email. But then, just like one of the posts said - do they really recognize themselves?

    Just my thoughts.
  8. by   OCNRN63
    Quote from GummibearsRN
    The comments about the surfing the internet, breaks and loud talking were not what I really took aim at. They are the same problems in nurses stations everywhere.

    Its more the part that I put in bold. The part where the NM thinks she can give power to the charge nurse (who doesn't take pt's on our floor) to suspend a nurse home for the day. THAT is the bigger picture I was trying to get you guys to comment on. The charge nurse only makes $1 more an hr than regular his/her regular pay. He/She is a "staff nurse" and I seriously doubt (would bet money on) that the charge nurse has no such power legally. Think about a co-worker suspending you without pay from your job. Cannot be legal.
    She's delegated the day to day administration of the unit to the charge nurses. So what if the differential is $1/h. That has nothing to do with it.

    I seriously doubt this NM wouldn't have squared this with HR before sending out this message.

    I sense some sour grapes in this clarification.
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    Quote from Susie2310
    Ouch GummibearsRN. Are you sure you want to post a work e-mail on the internet where everyone can read it?
    My thoughts exactly. Managers do read this site, and people have been burned before for doing this.
  10. by   SoldierNurse22
    Sounds like fair warning to me. In situations like those described in the email, anything less threatening would probably not be taken seriously.

    My ward has these exact same issues. My OIC has done the same thing in email form before. It's not that she hasn't talked to specific nurses about their behavior, but this is a blanket message that gets the word out in case someone tries to say they weren't told that the type of behavior described was no longer going to be accepted on the ward (as if it should even have to be said!).

    All that said, I've received emails like this at work, too, and being that I do my job, I enjoy getting those emails. It tells me that the leadership is about to get to work and things are about to improve for me.
  11. by   SoldierNurse22
    Quote from GummibearsRN
    Think about a co-worker suspending you without pay from your job. Cannot be legal.
    In my world, coworkers can strip each other of their rank--their entire career. Being suspended by a charge nurse who (despite pay differences) is clearly in authority and acting under the authority of the NM seems perfectly reasonable, especially if they are not doing their job and in doing so, endangering patient safety, tanking ward morale and pushing their work off on other nurses. THAT is bullying, not being sent home because of failure to do one's job.
  12. by   Anna Flaxis
    It sounds histrionic and desperate. I would imagine this is a unit that has had ineffective leadership for a significant period of time.
  13. by   tewdles
    It's easy to be an armchair critic...or manager.

    It may not have been impressively eloquent but it conveyed her meaning...she means business and is fed up with the embarrassingly unprofessional behavior of the nursing staff.

    I am distressed that the OP read the email, laughed, and thought it should be posted on AN...makes me wonder.