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I am of the male species, and was wondering how the male population does in the nursing field? Right now I am currently looking for programs in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area. Are guys accepted with open... Read More

  1. by   begalli
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    i think i might have adult add, because its really hard for me to focus on anything unless i am doing 10 things at once, and if i am only doing 1 thing or just sitting around, i am always figgiting. my mind is always going 700 mph, and i dont want to lose focus if i do find a school to go to. i took some of those online tests, and they say its possible i have add.
    if you believe that you may suffer from adult add, find a good doctor (psychiatrist) who specializes in add. unfortunately, they are few and far between, but it's getting better.

    i have been going through this with my 26 year old daughter. i don't know how, but this kid managed to get through a master's degree in math and was starting to work on her phd when she just lost it. the doctors at first diagnosed her bipolar, but a friend who's a family and child psychotherapist that specializes in add suggested we get her checked out by an md that she knew. this friend always had a feeling that my daughter might suffer from add even as a young child, but she was very functional and it really didn't rear it's really ugly head until the last year.

    this is still ongoing, she has not started any add meds and actually she's been on the spectrum of antidepressants over the last year. she just came off lexapro which was a horrid experience. nothing really helped with the anxiety and ocd like behaviors. right now, she's drug free and doing quite well in psychotherapy.

    here is an excellent resource for adult add:

    good luck!
  2. by   Ruby Vee
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    i am of the male species, and was wondering how the male population does in the nursing field? right now i am currently looking for programs in the dallas/ft.worth area. are guys accepted with open arms, or do they get the cold shoulder? does it help if thier cute??!!!.

    males are welcomed with open arms, but it helps if they're smart, mature and have common sense. nursing is not a field where you can get by on your alledged "cuteness" for very long. if this is your attitude, perhaps look in another field.
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    i'm beginning to get some of the shorthand, here. dh is "darling husband" who, hopefully, is not a designated hitter. sil is "sister in law." it goes like that. good luck.
    dh can be "dear hubby," "darling husband" or "dickhead" depending on my mood and his behavior. my dh is a nurse as well, and usually (but not always) he's not the last of the three.
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    I think they do fine. DH is an RN, and he doesn't have any complaints. i feel there just as qualified as females no matter color, gender preferance. ive worked with them all. and the scubs they were wants you to have pemark seems a little insulting. If you're looking for a free or easy ride based on looks, look elsewhere. I think it's safe to say that we all worked hard to get our credentials, and that comment is a little demeaning, through my eyes anyway.
  5. by   Tweety
    You will do fine as a nurse and being a male good luck.

    I would definately try to deal with the ADD, both medically, and holistically. Do you exercise, meditate, yoga? That kind of thing.

    Nursing is funny. You must be focused, relaxed and not figiting. Plus you need the ability to sit through classes, and lots and lots of reading. On the other hand once you're out there on the floor, you often have to multi-task, and be able to handle interruptions.

    While I know there are lots and lots of adult ADDers out there in nursing, it can be a hinderence if takes over you.

    Good luck!

    (Cuteness has gotten me very far in my life, particularly my cute butt. )
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    (Cuteness has gotten me very far in my life, particularly my cute butt. )
  7. by   DenaInWyo

    Before I threw out the idea of starting out in RN school and doing LPN first, I would check to see what kind of financial aid is available to help pay for it. You might be very pleasantly suprised. If you haven't already, fill out a FAFSA online (quick run through askjeeves or somesuch should get the page for you) and see what's available to you by visiting your financial aid office after you've done that. Might as well do the FAFSA before you go talk to them..they'll just send you back to do it anyway

  8. by   akcarmean
    Good Luck I am sure you can do the LPN program but seriously do get the ADD thing checked out. I two children have ADHD so I deal with it every day. Go for it, first check out ADD, second check out the financial aid department at the school you are looking at. Ask about the FAFSA and grants, scholarships etc.

  9. by   nursemike
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    (Cuteness has gotten me very far in my life, particularly my cute butt. )
    I'm not real sure about my butt. As far as I can tell, it's okay, but every time I turn around to admire it, it hides. Eventually, I get dizzy and give up.
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    :lol_hitti lol