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  1. DenaInWyo

    Stupid mistakes!!!!

    Oh Lisa..LOL I am SO glad to see that I am not the only one up late at night (well, I do work nights..or did) looking around to see if anyone else out there is making mistakes. I made a dumb one this past weekend, which basically involved a situation that I didn't even know enough about to know that I needed to ask a question (hard to ask questions when you don't know what you don't know). Got called into the boss' office today, and though she was very kind, supportive and understanding, I am beating the hell out of myself right now, and will likely continue to do so for days. I think I get a little comfort out of the fact that I am indeed not a complete failure because I make mistakes. What the heck did I think..I would come out of nursing school knowing everything? I feel like nursing school was an exercise in jumping hoops and learning testing skills. I'm one heck of a great test taker..but there are countless nursing things I wouldn't know if they jumped up and bit me on the tookus. Yep, there are times I feel like an absolute fraud.. "I'm not a real nurse, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night".. Deana
  2. DenaInWyo

    NG tube dropped on student

    We were offered the opportunity to practice on each other, but it's a large class, so only the first couple of volunteers were allowed while the rest of the class watched. Guess what we're doing tomorrow? IVs and blood draws. I look at it this way: The discomfort of being the guinea pig is worth being able to practice on someone else .. I don't want my very first time of doing something like that to be on a patient if I can help it. At least my fellow students will know why my hands are shaking. We sign waivers, so no, the school isn't going to get sued. And nope, we didn't practice foleys..though I did threaten to around my male household :chuckle
  3. DenaInWyo

    senior trying to stay motivated

    I start my last two semesters on Tuesday. To be honest, I am not terribly excited about it. It's like the summer made me lazy or something..I just want to be DONE. I'm all schooled out. I sure hope my drive picks up a little once I'm actually in the thick of it. Two big motivators: I really WANT to be a nurse, and, I have to pay back my student loans whether I graduate or not. Best to you! We'll get through! Deana
  4. DenaInWyo

    Smoking among Nurses is hypocritical.

  5. DenaInWyo

    What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    This isn't a ghost story exactly, but it kind of bugs me and is undoubtedly creepy. My grandmother passed away last January. It was a very emotional situation, with a lot of hard feelings on both sides. My last words with her were a terrible argument, and d/t a bunch of insane family strife, my mother and I didn't find out about her death until she'd been dead about a week. We still don't know what my half uncle did with her ashes. Whew..that's a very long story..suffice it to say that it was all ugly enough that the way I found out about her death was that a fellow classmate (I'm a second year adsn as of this fall) works at the nsg home she was in, and on the first day back to school after xmas break, she told me she was "sorry for my loss". I asked her what she meant, and finally worked out that my grandmother had passed. There I was, first day back to class, and had to bail to go and tell my mother that her mom had passed away. Anyway, this past March I got my CNA, and as that particular facility pays best, I ended up there. My grandmother's room was 110, and so help me, even though I walk right past it on my way to break, I always forget to look inside that room, no matter how determined I am on my way. Each time I purposely head that direction, something happens to keep me from getting there, even so far as a resident falling out of his wheelchair right in front of me, and by the time I've resolved whatever problem I encountered, I've forgotten what I'd intended to do. In the five months I've worked in the building, I have never once looked inside room 110. It's probably some subconscious hangup of my own, but whatever it is, it's like a reverse magnet. Deana
  6. DenaInWyo

    RN's - Can this be true?

    Check with your job services/unemployment office on a program called WIA. What your friend describes sounds a lot like that (though I don't know about the money to live on part). They pay for all school expenses, right down to pens and paper. If you qualify for WIA, chances are you'll qualify for other aid too, like Pell etc..which should certainly help you with living expenses.
  7. DenaInWyo

    Pay rate for CNA or nurses aid

    That's me, too. Nope, no way..it's just not where I want to go. They sure are bugging me about it though..that and pressuring me to get my LPN over the summer. Yeah, I know there are a lot of advantages to that, but I can't see forking over the money for it when I'll (God Willing) have my RN in less than a year from now.
  8. DenaInWyo

    Pay rate for CNA or nurses aid

    Here in Wyoming, LTC pays MORE than than the hospital..by a good 3-5 bucks an hour, depending on the facility. My base pay is 9.00/hr, with a .50 evening differential and a 1.00 weekend one..so on Saturday nights, I make 11.00/hr. But yeah, I'd say that is definitely going to be a ginormous pay cut for a microbiologist Deana
  9. Kasey, Just to point out a couple of things.. CNAs don't just work in Nursing homes..they work in hospitals, home health, doctor's offices..lots of places. Also, you may want to be careful about referring to a patient's brief as a diaper. I have a couple of instructors that will take a student's head off for that, and I do see their point. It's not a very dignified term. :) Deana
  10. 1) I think being a CNA should be required as well. It's not a requirement of our school, but I have mine now and have learned SO much. There's a lot to be said for even just working in that environment..you pick up a lot of information indirectly. Also, I agree that all nurses should have an idea of what the CNA's job is like before they are put in charge of a bunch of them. 2) I do NOT agree with a GPA having to be above a C. First of all, letter grades are only a measure of so much. Secondly, not everyone starts out with nursing as their major. There are those of us who have to find out the hard way that a certain field is not for them..and their GPAs suffer in the meantime. I was very grateful that my school runs on a points system..my GPA at the time was only 2.6, but all of my nursing pre-reqs were As and Bs, and that was what counted. The nursing department really didn't care that I had failed at a computer programming course..but they were interested in my A in A&P. Deana
  11. Have a barbeque with some of your friends who are in the same boat..misery loves company :chuckle Go buy yourself some cute new scrubs..you're gonna need 'em when those positive results come in!! Ah..I can't wait till I am waiting for those results myself!
  12. [quote= WHile I am a proponet of group work, in school, it doesn't work. At work, it has a better chance, as your job depends on it, not just a grade. If I had to pick just one thing as the part of school I dislike the most, it would be group work. The only justification I have ever heard an instructor come up with for it is that tired old "It teaches you real world experience" BS. In the real world, when your team members are slacking, you don't loose a dollar an hour from your pay. We are all paying WAAAAAAAAY too much for school and have WAAAAAAY too much riding on it to have our grades depend on the dedication of someone other than ourselves. That said, I sure wish I had some good advice for you. Sorry you are facing this rotten situation. Would it help to have a meeting with your instructor and see what she has to say in the way of advice? At least she would know that SOMEONE in your group gives a d*mn about their grade. Deana
  13. DenaInWyo

    bachelorette degree RN vs. Associate degree RN

    I certainly didn't mean it in an offensive way. It was meant in the same spirit as letting someone know they've walked out of the restroom with toilet paper on their shoe. Better on a message board than a resume. If I did offend you, original poster, I apologize. Deana
  14. DenaInWyo

    bachelorette degree RN vs. Associate degree RN

    Baccalaureate Couldn't resist..was just killin' me.
  15. DenaInWyo

    Mc Donalds pays more for CNA with 8 yrs exp

    I just took a pay cut from $15 or more per hour as a waitress to take my first CNA job at a LTC. Yep, I'm nuts :chuckle I'm also REALLY sick of being a waitress. Mostly I really feel that the experience will benefit me during nursing school (I'm semester 2 of 4 in an ADN program). I feel like I'm really at a disadvantage right now compared to my CNA classmates. Where I'm at though, it isn't going to be TOO bad compared to what I've been reading on here. I start at 8.50/hr (.30-.80 shift differentials) until my liscense finally comes in from the BON, then go to 9.50/hr with .50-1.00 differentials. The differentials are great for me because I will be working nights and weekends. Saturday night, once I have my official liscense, I'll be looking at 11.00 an hour. Oh yeah, and there's that $500 sign on bonus, and a $30 bonus for coming in if you get called to pick up a shift. Personally, I don't know how the heck a person could get by on less, especially someplace like California where the cost of living is so much higher. 6 bucks an hour is like 4 an hour (maybe less!) here in Wyoming.
  16. DenaInWyo

    CNA Interview

    I have no doubt about that In fact, at a recent doctor's office clinical (we have to do several "community" clinicals) I caught myself right before I saying "Will this be okay for you?" while putting a pt in a room. The difference, I hope, is that when they get nasty with you, it will be because they are ill/stressed, not because you forgot to put a lemon in their ice water. Deana