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  1. :uhoh21: drug calculations,i told my husband in my sleep i would give him 5cc of demeral he slept on the couch for awhile i just didnt get it and knew i was going to over dose my poor patients.
  2. cathy2005

    Why Do We Tolerate This?

    does anyone know of website for studying for nurses lpn? i would really appreciate it someone please reply.
  3. cathy2005

    CNA's slow me down

    does anyone know website to help me for lpn
  4. cathy2005

    This is sick

    help studing for finals does anyone know website for lpn exam
  5. cathy2005

    This is sick

    :balloons: :uhoh21: does anyone know of websiteshelp me study for lpn?
  6. cathy2005

    Lpn Program Questions???

    :balloons: :) i started as cna and work in hospital in peds as cna if you work in nursing home or hospital they offer tution rembursement iam still in school for lpn and unfortunatley still working as cna.
  7. cathy2005

    Nursing School Bloopers

    i had to give pt care wash pt up no promblem?well shes on heavy side and i lift under neath her breast she screamed ouch whats wrong i asked she said i slaped her in the face with her own breast :rotfl: :chuckle
  8. cathy2005

    Shoes...omg my feet are in heaven!!

    :chuckle :rotfl: im in school lpn and2 kids working as cna not for long graduate in may2005 for lpn but i cant even remeber to put the same pair of shoes onpicture this one white other red omg its so imbarssing lol
  9. cathy2005

    You know you are in nursing school when ctxt

    :rotfl: you know your in school for nursing when .... in my sleep i tols my husband i give him 5cc demeral :chuckle
  10. cathy2005

    ER the T.V. Show

    i saw the show i was off that night and watching that episode with my 15 year old daughter who was asking me what was going on what they were doing the nurse showed more compassion ,concern than the dr kovach .did !!!! iam in school for lpn graduate in may of 2005. hmm! you know when your nurse when you can diagnose pts on tv show and even know treat them !
  11. cathy2005

    Just how many nurses from IL do we have here at allnurses?

    iam kathy in school working as cna while in school for lpn tired of cleaning ****! so does any one have any advice ? does it get better verses cna? iam interested in working in hospital i perfer working with kids elderly on ontired of working in nursing homes elderly i have had it lost patience they driving me nuts!!!!
  12. alot of my friends told me dont let the instuctors know your cna cause they will make lpn program harder for you so like idiot i took there advice and didnt mention it but when we had to learn vitals,anatomy physiology,woundcare cpr,basic cnai passed and they figured it out i have some medicalbackground and still now i am still in school for lpn and the instructures make scool harder they call on me for everything does anyone have any advice?
  13. cathy2005

    questions about nusing, and males in nursing

  14. :uhoh21: :uhoh21: working nights in nursing home in school for lpn alhemizers fl.pts was walking all night put her in geriatric chair she finaally fell asleep assisted to put her in bed something went plop looked down dint know what it was kicked it found out it was prolapsed uterus.