Please remind me why..............

  1. OK, sorry venting session here............

    Someone please remind me why in the h*** I am doing this! I ran my butt off for 8 hours straight in the ER. No break, no sitting, hardley any charting. I had everthing today from the ICU pt I had roll through the door seizing with a creatinine of 9.3 in CT with her for an hour (gave her enough drugs to stop an elephant from breathing!) to the 80ish lady with the blood sugar of 13. And they stuck some poor nursing student with me, I felt bad but there was no way I could teach and do all my work today. I had barely reached a point where all my patients were stable and all important items finished. My charge nurse saw me stressed and had me pass off my pt's to two other RN's and take a lunch. No prob, great I thought! Took my lunch, got caffeine and food and was ready to go. I get back and one of the nurses I had passed off to reemed me for leaving the room a mess! ???? All I asked her to do when I left was keep the pt stable and I'll do the rest when I get back. But then she started accusing me of giving poor nursing care and I should be ashamed of myself! She tried to tell me I left the patient laying in her own feces long enough to let it dry??? I had cleaned up the lady's poo twice, not to mention the fact that this is the ER and her blood sugar of 13 was slightly higher on my priority list than her poop. Then she started ripping into me in the pt's room and "how would I feel if that were my mother". I got my charge nurse and we went into another room and she lit into me again. Where does she get off? I finally told her if she wanted to write it up she was free to do so and I left. My charge nurse told me later that I was in the right and she shouldn't have gone off on me like that. I have already left a message with my manager about this.
    I am a pretty easy going person and easy to get along with I think. Two of the docs saw me upset and told me they would have me as a nurse for their patients any day. That made me feel a little better. If I hadn't been so stressed I don't think it would have upset me as bad. I think I need to buy a puching bag for days like this!!

    Some one please remind me why I am a nurse. I felt at the end of my rope today and then this chick comes along!!!

    Ok, I feel better after venting. Thanks all for letting me vent here! I have a couple of days off now, thank goodness!
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  3. by   Chiaramonte
    Sorry you are going through such pressures!!!
    Found this...thought I'd pass it on for what it's worth...

    BEING a Nurse Means
    by Vanessa Kelly

    You will never be bored
    You will always be frustrated
    You will be surrounded by challenges.
    So much to do and so little time
    You will carry immense responsibility
    And limited authority.
    You will step into people's lives
    And you will make a difference.
    Some will bless you,
    Some will curse you.
    You will see people at their worst
    And at their best.
    You will never cease to be amazed
    At people's capacity for
    Love, courage, and endurance.
    You will experience resounding triumphs
    And devastating failures.
    You will cry a lot.
    You will laugh a lot.
    You will know what it is to be human
    And to be humane.
  4. by   webbiedebbie
    Sounds like she has other issues going on. Do you work with this other nurse often? Has she been like this in the past? It's a shame she acted this way. I hope things settle down for you two.

    I wish managers would look more into situations like this. The biggest issues are why we get so stressed like this. Equipment that is outdated and does not work properly is what upsets me when I am really busy. High acuities of patients is also stressful. We are expected to handle these situations everyday.

    This is nursing. I still can't figure out why I do this. I'm drawn to it. I guess the biggest reason I am into it is the challenges. Knowing I did the very best I can for my patients, even when the rest of the nursing world is chaos.

    I think you did your very best considering. Hold on to that. I'm sorry she treated you that way. I'm glad you and your manager are working together on this.

    I wish you the best.
  5. by   gwenith
    I am sending you a virtual foot massage via the internet. UMMMMM do you feel it relaxing you............

    Now repeat after me I did my best today I did my best today. Compulsion to tidy first is her problem not mine................

    People who put tidy work areas ahead of patient stabilization are some of my favourite people. - NOT!
  6. by   P_RN
    Gweneth will do the foot massage and I will donate a long neck massage, some herbal tea and quiet music on the cd player.

    You're a nurse because that is what you are. It's the "toughest job you will ever love." We all know it's not the patiets that drag us down, but the electric undercurrent of interpersonal (and interpersonnel) activity that drain us.

  7. by   Nurse Ratched
    Originally posted by gwenith
    Now repeat after me I did my best today I did my best today. Compulsion to tidy first is her problem not mine................

    I love it!

    Andy, you did great. The fact that everyone lived is a feat worthy of huge praise. Sometimes your co-workers will do the idiot patient equivalent of getting irked because you haven't brought a box of kleenex (gee - sorry - I was kinda busy running a code!) Recognize that you did your best to make sure everyone was alive and well, and if that took all the time you had, she can just deal with some wrappers on the floor. (((hugs)))
  8. by   nursemouse
    HI, Andy. ((( I'm pouring out your bubble bath and adding some great-smelling stuff!))) Yes, you did what was right. If I see a trashed room and a patient lying in feces, particularly in an emergent or acute setting, I tend to feel sorry that the nurse involved has obviously been having a rough time. Warm thoughts and wishes; you're doing a great job. Nursemouse:kiss :kiss
  9. by   Liddle Noodnik
    Originally posted by andylane78
    Hey girl, {{{{{{{{{{{Andy}}}}}}}}}}}

    So sorry. That witch! Oh, sorry if I offended any witches here but you know what I mean. That nurse who reamed your butt probably was already overworked and stressed and "why didn't anybody pave the way for MY break!" She was probably TOLD, not asked, to cover; she was probably mad at THAT nurse, NOT you! Jealous jealous jealous that you can take care of yourself!

    It sounds like you had your priorities straight, I'd rather get the glucose UP than worry so much about the OTHER end, at least til there's time and/or things are stable!

    Ahhhhhhh how well we take care of each other, eh? Thank God many of us DO look out for each other and ease the hard times.

    We ALL have days/nites/eves/weekends/even weeks! like that. But the number of GOOD days should outweigh the bad. If that isn't the case, guess what?

    You get to go "new job" shopping!
  10. by   traumaRUs
    I work a level one trauma center, so I can feel your pain. But, there's still nowhere else I'd rather be. The only thing I could suggest, is make sure you have a solid education (BSN/MSN) so that when you get older, you won't HAVE to work the floors. Take care - you can come on over to central Illinois - we'd love to have you - $5000 sign on bonus and wonderful management!!!
  11. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Maybe you need a fresh perspective or new start? Or at the very least a nice massage. A massage is something I have learned is NOT an indulgence, but a need for Nursing is hard, physically punishing work, as my 5 foot 2 small frame tells me after spending a night moving folks that weigh 2 to 3 times what I DO. Matter of fact, I am going to have a massage today. WELL worth the money and I deserve it. So do YOU!!

    Now why are you a nurse? That is easy, I am thinking. You do this cause you make a difference in COUNTLESS LIVES. But if you feel like you are burning out, ( Maybe not, I don't know) then maybe it's time to re-examine your career and priorities. If you are just venting, well then, you came to the right people. We ALL have felt this way.

    I wish you well. NOW GO GET THAT MASSAGE POST HASTE!!!!
  12. by   Andy S.
    You all ROCK!!! I think I will go get a massage............hmmmmmmm sounds nice! Most days I love my job and I don't have too many days like yesterday. But she was the cake topper! LOL, at least I can laugh at it now. This gal has been out of nursing for about 6 years and just started at our facility a few weeks ago. Also I don't think she has ever worked in the ER before. Still no excuse for her reeming me!
    You all are awesome, and I will love my job once again---- in a few days!
  13. by   ga.bones
    I think we all respond to this kind of thing because it is human to want to be validated at least by your peers. Remember that you can't always control your stressors, but you can control how you respond to them. I would have laughed in her face and walked away!
  14. by   mattsmom81
    She's been out of nursing for a few years so she's trying to bully her way back in, eh? Hope everyone in your unit puts her in her place stat. And hope your manager reintroduces her to 'priorities'.

    Hang in there girlfriend! (and get that massage by all means..).