please give advice/Orientation from hell

  1. AAAh I am starting a new job soon and just went to orientation. Immediately I knew the women was a little off. By the time I left I already felt like I had done something wrong! She would say if your caught doing this...automatic termination. If your caught doing that... automatic termination. It was far from a warm welcome. There was no "welcome to our facility were so glad your are joining our team." The women was apparently very angry as she slammed through her notes, and stared people down as if we had killed her cat. The environment was far from friendly and I couldn't help but think, these other people must be desperate for a job. It was awful!! I have been to hospital orientations before and they really made you feel like you were part of something great and you were valuable, even if they didn't treat you that way for long.

    I can't help but think this is a reflection of how this particular facility treats their nurses. They are always hiring, so I guess a lot of people don't stay long. They made me wait almost two hours for a scheduled interview and when I came back a couple days later to fill out paper work, at a scheduled time, they made me wait an hour!! However, the first few people I interacted with were very polite and professional, so I immediately forgot.

    The facility has the highest pay rate in the area, but I'm begining to see why. I'm having second thoughts, what do you think?? Should I get out now based on what I've already experienced. I really think so, but I could definately use some advice.

    Am I just being niave to expect more? Or is this as much of a disaster as I imagine??
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  3. by   Rizpah
    Was the woman an HR person? the DON? what was her position? I suppose if you said anything, you'd instantly be labeled as a trouble maker. Can you maybe talk to some of the people who will be your co-workers? And if you get the same treatment make a decision from that? You'd hate to make a rash decision based on the behavior of one person. But then again they did make you wait an awfully long time for your scheduled appointments.....
  4. by   GregRN
    I had a very wise intructor tell me, "Listen to those voices, listen to that gut..." There's a reason you're questioning if you're in the right place. Listen to it...and do what you have to do for the voices and gut to stop telling you something.
  5. by   caliotter3
    Perhaps what you experienced is a true picture of this workplace.
  6. by   Halinja
    Quote from GregRN
    I had a very wise intructor tell me, "Listen to those voices, listen to that gut..." There's a reason you're questioning if you're in the right place. Listen to it...and do what you have to do for the voices and gut to stop telling you something.

    Trust your instincts
  7. by   meownsmile
    Fist off, that 2 hours wait?? NO WAY,, i dont wait to see doctors for 2 hours, i sure wouldnt wait to have a SCHEDULED interview 2 hours. So, you did,, and then you had to wait an hour the second time you went in. NOPE,, they lose.
    Id move on along, wish them well with whoever they get to stay. If they treat someone like this on the way in the door, just imagine what it would be like after you been through the door a few times. RUN!~
    And ditto to the little voices. Always trust your gut.
  8. by   TazziRN
    If your gut is yelling at you, you really should listen. The high turnover should be slapping you upside the head too. If it was a good place to work the turnover wouldn't be high. People like this woman might be one reason why.
  9. by   TraumaICURN
    The person doing orientation is definitely a reflection of the values of the hospital and he/she should know it and act appropriately. S/he is one of the first people you interact with besides HR. Maybe you should try working on the floor for a couple of weeks to see how it works out. Maybe he/she was just having a bad day....maybe not! I stayed at a hospital right after graduation because their new grad pay rate was the highest. I was immediately put with a preceptor and thrown into a nursing role with 12 pt's on day shift (prior to being licensed!). Sometimes higher pay isn't worth it!
  10. by   Agent99
    Run! Run far away!
  11. by   Medic/Nurse
    I think you KNOW the ANSWER already.

    If you are treated this BAD on the front end, imagine getting the a** end!

    Believe me, you CAN do BETTER. Yeah, maybe the $$$ is good - but, trust me, if you are treated as if you have so little VALUE now - imagine, if you ever had to test the relationship. Turnover. Well, return and repeat - repeat and return. Wonder WHAT the problem could be???? Hmm....

    The job is difficult enough (due the nature of nursing - it can easily support built-in areas of near abuse/co-dependency) --- without the type of administrative culture that you describe. They may even be too STUPID/OBLIVIOUS to even recognize that they have a problem. Don't become a part of it.

  12. by   Suninmyheart
    I was in a similar situation once but it was for a CNA job B4 nursing school. I pushed my papers across the table and told this lady I can understand why there is such a turnover and I don't think this is the place for me. I then got up and walked out. I am so glad I listened to my gut and left. I felt empowered by leaving. Go find a job that is respectful and professional and leaves you feeling good about what you do.:spin:
  13. by   CHATSDALE
    may i digress?

    you know what the peter principle is, i think that this woman has risen past her capabilites and she can feel the axe on her own neck

    if the pay, hours, floor is to your liking give them a couple of won't be out much and they will not have invested a great deal into you

    that will give you a chance to talk to the nurses that you will be working with, the patient/nurse ratio, and the real nitty gritty of the hospital

    this woman may have nothing to do with the actual running of the hospital
  14. by   MelodyRNurse

    I'm going to keep looking. I not scheduled to start for a couple weeks, so I have some time...If nothing else works, however, I don't have an option unless I move or stick it out until something else comes up. But I think your right the money is probably not worth it!!