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Suninmyheart has 6 years experience and specializes in Cardiac/Telemetry, Hospice, Home Health.

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  1. Suninmyheart

    Favorite sayings

    "Don't Believe Everything You Think".
  2. Suninmyheart


    I am nervous that you have to ask this question.
  3. Suninmyheart

    Salary for home healthcare nursing

    I make $65 per routine visit, $110 for an admission and $50 an hour for misc. I live in San Diego.
  4. Suninmyheart

    Priority questions on nclex

    Despite the experience your wife has, moving to another country and adapting can be difficult. Certain working environments can be very toxic, especially in healthcare. Support her by letting her know you are there for her. Perhaps encourage her to seek support with the hospitals EAP (Employee Assistance Program). Or since money isn't an issue, suggest she retire and seek out some more fulfilling ways to spend her time.
  5. Suninmyheart

    What do you love/hate about home health nursing?

    Pros: Being able to get to know my patients and their families. Not just a 12 hr shift with hospital patients being admitted and discharged daily. Providing more holistic care. Feeling like I make more of a difference. Flexibility, being able to set my own schedule. If I need a specific day off I just schedule around it. Autonomy. Knowing what I am responsible for and having the trust and freedom to do a good job without someone breathing down my neck. LOL. Opportunity to make more income. I am per-diem and if I take on a lot of visits, I make A LOT of money. Cons: Having patients all over the county. The mileage on the car can get horrendous. Last minute scheduling changes. it can turn a productive day into a long drawn out one by having to reschedule patients. Any scheduling I have carefully arranged to see patients according to area goes out the window, and it happens a lot.
  6. Suninmyheart

    Lets talk about $$$

    San Diego $65 for routine RN visits, $100 for SOC, ROC, $50 an hour for office, meetings etc. I am per diem. No benefits or perks. .40 a mile. I negotiated strong when I first got hired.
  7. Suninmyheart

    Time saving tips for HH nurse

    My biggest time saver is I use voice dictation for the narrative parts of my documentation on my ipad or iphone in between visits.
  8. Suninmyheart

    Pt's home infested with bed bugs, fleas, etc..

    I could not refuse providing care to my patient whose home is infested. In hospice, because I have been willing to just deal with it, was able to get a patient out of truly deplorable conditions and into a safe clean place where she was able to die in dignity. In home health I have a patient who is dear to my heart, yet she has roaches all over her home, even in the daytime. She is worth every bit of my discomfort. I hate roaches. I am terrified of them. But I make sure I don't sit on the furniture and I never bring my bag in. I have even managed to arrange to bring a hard chair in from the front porch on the pretense that it allows me to sit closer to my patient, and not hurt their feelings by never sitting down. Heck, bring in a small portable stool if you have to. I realize we all have limits and boundaries and I respect that. But nursing does call for us to step out of our comfort zone.
  9. Suninmyheart

    Home Health RN Pay Per Visit HELP

    Live in San Diego. SOC $100 RV $65 .40 cents a mile Lots of drive time. It often takes me 30-45 minutes of driving between patients. This drains my average pay. I average about 30 an hour. Not good for SoCal.
  10. Suninmyheart

    Red in the Face

    Oh please tell me you are kidding? How horrible it would be to be a patient and have your nurse all of a sudden start speaking in another language. This is a big NO-NO taught in nursing school 101. Almost worse is when a co-worker does it on the unit. My hospital, a very reputable magnate hospital does not allow this at all. Starting up side conversations in a foreign language is perceived as "side-ways and unprofessional".
  11. Suninmyheart

    Guess what I am doing on this lovely day?

    I enter my clinical data during the visit - things like vitals, appetite, heart, lungs etc. Our software is online so I often use my iphone to enter the data right into the chart. Then I dictate the narrative into my phone right after the visit or enroute to the next visit and then email it all to my work email after the last visit. Viola! When I get home all I have to do is cut and paste the narratives into the charts. I use an iphone and Siri, but any voice recognition software will work. If I do 5 routine visits in a day, my charting takes about 1 hour. Now admits are another story... but dictating the narratives really helps me. I especially use that time if I have gotten stuck in stop and go traffic.
  12. Suninmyheart

    How Does an RN make more in Sacramento than San Diego????

    Makes me want to move to Sacramento. I live in SD and have been making 72K a year in non-profit Hospice which equals about 38 an hour.
  13. Suninmyheart

    computer charting is killing my career

    In hospice I tried to create a flow to the actual visit and assessment to match how the assessment charting was set up. But of course that would not always work because visits with patients are unique and certainly not cookie-cutter. Most importantly, I would never put the computer between me and my patient. I created an environment where I could be present to the patient and somehow include them in on the charting process. I would say out loud parts of what I am typing and if done well can become a valuable way of paraphrasing and charting at the same time. It really works! I have had patients who tell me they appreciate my thoroughness and they feel listened to when they know I am documenting all their concerns and needs. Ha! But of course there are those visits where nothing goes smoothly and charting even one word is impossible.
  14. Suninmyheart

    Job Hunting: Let The Games Begin!

    I have had the luxury of taking time to grieve losing my last job, (100% staff layoff, agency closed down). It really has been hard to feel excited about a new company. I was loyal and planning to retire from my last job. But I am plodding along in the job search and really appreciate your article. Thank you.
  15. On my Telemetry unit in California we have a 1:4 ratio with a resource nurse to help out, a CNA who has 12 pts, and a unit clerk for half the shift. It felt safe and manageable most of the time.
  16. Suninmyheart

    Recommended Reading for Hospice Nurses

    Thank you everyone. I have made a list of the many resources here and am excited to get started reading. I went into nursing with Hospice as a main interest and now after 2.5 years of acute care experience I have just been offered a job with an amazing Hospice agency. I am grateful for all the input.