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MelodyRNurse has 3 years experience and specializes in ED, Rehab, LTC.

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    New Grad ED internship interview

    Hey, it sounds like you have a lot more going for you then your competition. Most people do not have TNCC, PALS, ACLS until they are part of an internship or have been working in the ED for awhile. I think that is impressive in itself. My suggestion is not to say you have limited experience in the ED, but talk about what you have done that will contribute to your success in an ED setting. Do be ready to answer the "Why do you want to work in the ED vs the ICU??? " There is often a sibling rivalry type of thing going on between the two so it can be a tricky one. The ones that stumped me are the scenerios. What would you do if a more experienced nurse told you that you were doing something incorrectly? What would you say if a seasoned nurse told you she didn't think new grads should be working here? Tell me about a time when you went above and beyond. Tell me about a time when you saw another staff member do something you didn't agree with. Thats all I can remember! Good luck!
  2. MelodyRNurse

    Job searching & looking for inside opinions

    Don't get discouraged about how long it has been since you passed your boards. The nurse managers and recruiters understand its difficult to get a job right out of school and they won't hold it against you.