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  1. TraumaICURN

    nurses, emabarassing question about body

    Please go visit your doctor.
  2. TraumaICURN

    BSN does not mean better... Sometimes education is overrated!

    I am a 20 y/o BSN-RN, and I have had a couple of patients tell me that they didn't feel comfortable with me being their nurse due to my age. One lady even requested a change of nurses, with a coworker. She had CHF and was taking Digoxin. Well, I walked in to ask my coworker if she had the PCA keys, and I heard her say "Ms. So and So, I've got your digoxin ready for you," and the lady's heart rate was in the upper 40's. I asked my coworker (in her 40's) if she was sure she wanted to give it, and she was positive. So I pulled her to the side and told her that it wouldn't be a good idea. So she asked every nurse on the floor....just to find out I was right. Just because someone is older doesn't necessarily make them a better nurse because they have more "life experience".
  3. TraumaICURN

    CRNA school

    Hi Steve...I stay in Memphis also. Are you going to UT or Union for CRNA school?
  4. TraumaICURN

    Union vs. U of M?

    I went to the U of M, and it is a two-year program. Union has a 14 month accelerated program, but you have to have at least 24 college credits, and be 24 years old to be considered.
  5. TraumaICURN

    Question about The University of Memphis

    I graduated from the U of M this past December....and I worked every semester. The key is balancing it out. Don't overdo it. The first sesmester will be hard for you to adjust to because you have SO many classes, and you may not be able to work as much because you will be in class almost everyday and will have a test almost every week. Make sure that you put school before work because if you do make bad grades or fail a class, Baptist will no longer employ you. Good luck to you!
  6. TraumaICURN

    Protecting the patient already died does not make any sense!

    Chuck, I have seen women get stabbed by their husbands. The family limits visitation where he can't come to see her. But when discharged, he is the one taking her home.
  7. TraumaICURN

    sexual jokes in the workplace

    If the person he's directing his comments to doesn't mind, then it's really not a problem, BUT the problem is that eventually he will direct his comments to someone who DOES mind....then the issue of sexual harrassment would come up.
  8. TraumaICURN

    How could she! Please read, need advice

    How could someone make a test that only certain students would fail?? Is that even possible? How could she know what one students knows versus the other?
  9. TraumaICURN

    Checking pulses with a lower leg cast???

    I wouldn't give your friend credit for the question either. Pedal pulses should be the first thing you check for. Even if the cast does extend to the foot, there should be an opening for you to dopple or feel for the pulses. Tell your friend to quit thinking so deep into a simple question. Knowing the P's of a full neurovascular assessment are important....and pulses should definitely NOT be left out!
  10. TraumaICURN

    Central Lines???

    Actually, 5cc is enough to flush a central line.
  11. TraumaICURN

    Boniva-Fosamax = atrial fibrillation ?

  12. TraumaICURN

    Collegiality- Bedside Nursing vs. CRNA

    I think she is saying that she only wants licensed nurses to answer her question....no nursing students.
  13. TraumaICURN

    Ok, here's another NCLEX-type question for you

    #3...Make sure the patient is safe first!
  14. TraumaICURN

    Care Plan help for "Impaired Urinary Elimination"

    Care plan for Urinary retention.... http://www1.us.elsevierhealth.com/Evolve/Ackley/NDH6e/Constructor/index.cfm?plan=51
  15. COPD patients need a high CO2 level...and a low O2 level. The CO2 is their drive to breath.
  16. TraumaICURN

    New syringe every day?

    Irrigation kit is changed everyday....every new bag/bottle of tube feed requires new tubing.