Personality Type and Nursing - page 12

If you don't want to read it all that's fine. Just take this test and post your four letters (the preference % isn't necessary but you can if you want) or just post your type if you already know it:... Read More

  1. by   dark_light
    Quote from mama_d
    me too! i always knew i was special
    haha! another intj here.

    i don't think we are as rare in the nursing profession, as people believe. florence nightingale was supposedly an intj as well. (you can google it. plenty of articles available articles/research online on her personality type).

    so we're in good company.
  2. by   Medic2RN
    INTJ here also.

    I remember taking this a while back, I was an INTJ back then too.
  3. by   pooshx2
    your type is
    [color=#d000a0]introverted[color=#d000a0]intuitive[color=#d000a0]thinking[color=#d000a0]judgingstrength of the preferences % [color=#d000a0]56[color=#d000a0]62[color=#d000a0]88[color=#d000a0]67
  4. by   Fonenurse
    I've done it twice today and varied between ENTJ and ENFJ
  5. by   crb613
    extraverted sensing thinking judgi i have taken this before don't remember the results, so i took it again......... my type is estj
  6. by   doe9181
    ENFJ here.
  7. by   Ginger45
    I am an INFJ. I guess that explains why I am currently studying to be a counselor
  8. by   Ginger45
    I am very frustrated with nursing at times so it makes sense that I am an INFJ.
  9. by   gentlegiver
    Interestingly enough, I am INTJ. I work LTC. I think the fit is good.
  10. by   Atheos
    masterminds tend to be much more definite and self-confident than other rationals, having usually developed a very strong will. decisions come easily to them; in fact, they can hardly rest until they have things settled and decided. but before they decide anything, they must do the research. masterminds are highly theoretical, but they insist on looking at all available data before they embrace an idea, and they are suspicious of any statement that is based on shoddy research, or that is not checked against reality.
    that explains almost everything. rofl!!!
    i knew there was a reason i like staffing three buildings, working 2 jobs going to school and keeping up with allnurses at the same time. [color=#d000a0]


    [color=#d000a0]introverted[color=#d000a0]intuitive[color=#d000a0]thinking[color=#d000a0]judging strength of the preferences % [color=#d000a0]44[color=#d000a0]50[color=#d000a0]100[color=#d000a0]22
  11. by   RunHard
    I was excited to see other INTJ's until I noticed I am INTP not J.
  12. by   Ginger45
    I read up on mine and it made alot of sense. Too bad I am not an actress since there seem to be alot of those with this personality type. But I cannot lie to save my life so that wouldn't work.
  13. by   curlilockz
    ENFP... hmm... we really are rare... I think there may have been 5 on this thread.